By Alexandra Song


“The goddess has the energy.”

~ Sri Kaleshwar


The Shakti Peeths in India, or divine seats of Shakti, were said to have been formed as the body parts of Sati, the first incarnation of Parvati, a form of Mother Divine, fell from the heavens.

Sati’s father, King Daksha, would not accept Shiva as Her husband and refused to invite Shiva to a fire ceremony he was holding. Sati was so upset that She sacrificed Her life by throwing herself onto the burning fire. Shiva, grieved by Sati’s death, held Her body in his arms and began doing the Tandav dance, destroying the creation with His movements. Vishnu was sent to calm Shiva down and used His Sudarshana Chakra to cut Sati’s body into 108 (or 51, depending on the source) pieces which then fell onto the earth.

In each Shakti Peeth, there is a different form of the Mother and of Shiva that is worshiped. Shiva can often be seen depicted as Kala Bhairava. Kala Bhairava’s energy has the highest control over the negativity and is always at The Divine Mother’s side protecting Her.

The Kamakhya temple in the Nilachal hills in Guwahati, Assam is where Sati’s womb is said to have fallen on the earth. There is no formal murthi (statue) of the Divine Mother in this temple. The main object of worship is a naturally formed yoni shaped crevice in the rock. A stream runs underneath the temple, and the worshiped womb is constantly in contact with flowing water.

Every June during the monsoon season and the fertility festival known as the Ambuwasi Puja, when Mother Divine is said to experience her menses cycle, the water level of the stream rises to flood the temple. The stream turns red from the earth washed into the water from the heavy rains. This phenomenon is a beautiful reflection of the connection between Nature and ancient spiritual knowledge and worship. 

It is said that if you visit this temple even once in your life, all of your suffering (karmas) will end. The Divine Mother’s womb is the source where we all came from – Her energy can bless, heal, and create anything. The Kamakhya temple is one representation of Her womb in the five elements (this world).


“Once you understand the Nada Bindu (The creation point in the Divine Mother’s Womb) You can understand where all healing energy comes from.” 

~ Sri Kaleshwar


For more information on the Kamakhya Temple visit HERE



Alexandra Song

is a full-time student and volunteer staff member at the Divine Lineage Healing Center in Laytonville, CA.






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