From the Teachings of Sri Kaleshwar


It’s the time to change the globe’s belief system so the coming generations know these ancient formulas from the Mother. For millions of years the Kala Chakra has kept running. Billions of souls keep coming and going. How many people are really recognizing, ‘What is the real truth, satya?’ We need to know the real truth of why we’re here. Recognizing the truth – what is permanent and what nobody can change. To recognize the reality is important, otherwise it is a waste of life. Once you are born, the truth is, one day you have to die. After dying, where are you going? Where did you come from? Know where you came from and where you’re going. Once you know where you came from you will automatically know where you are going. Between that easily you can understand all the illusions, this great dream.

I hope very soon the globe will change in a beautiful way, beautiful way, and can really understand the depth of the healing techniques. This is the time all of you have to stand strongly, to have the stamina and stability and be capable, really capable, to take care each of other, and create peace and harmony, and bring unbelievable wisdom on the planet. No matter what, you have to stand for the truth of what they told on the ancient days in the palm leaf books: the yantras, prayers, mantras, all the channels. That’s your duty to bring it to the globe.

My mission is to make powerful healers and spiritual masters. Each city must have more than forty to fifty healers, powerful masters to awaken people, to magnetize the truth in people. The people are sleeping now. Everyone is just coming and going, being born and dying. Why did we come on this Earth? Did we come just to make a good life, to have a wife or husband and children, to make money and enjoy ourselves, and finally to die? Is that the reason? What is the real purpose? To know the truth is why you came on this planet.

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