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Om Suklam Bharadaram Vishnum 

Sashivarnam Chatur Bujam 

Prasanavadanam Dhyaye

Sarva Vignopa Shantaye





That is His beautiful prayer:


“Hey Ganesh, Hey Trunkman, I’m doing this work. Please, you have to sit in front of me. Whatever obstacles are coming, whatever negativity is coming, please you have to remove it with your huge trunk, you have to protect me.”  

It means just this. My deep meaning here is whenever you’re beginning any work by praying to Ganesh, it’s very, very good. Wherever you go, even if you can’t remember the Ganesh mantra, just simply thinking one time, “Hey Trunkman, Oh Ganesh, Oh Ganeshwara, Oh Gananada, Oh Gajavadana, Oh Ekadantha.” These are all his names.  “Please, I’m doing this work, try to protect me. No more negativity, no chance. You have to protect me from my negativity and the negativity from the cosmic.”
That’s why in India, if you go to any temple, it’s 100% true, the first temple is for Ganesh, the Trunkman. Even here, in this ashram, we can see Ganesh before you enter the Baba temple. So, Ganesh is a very good symbol. Even in your home, if you put a Ganesh picture in the entrance to your house, or put a clay, marble, or stone statue in front of your garden, whoever enters has to watch Him. Their eyes have to see Him, “Hey, who is this person?”  
He looks like a man, with hands and a human body, but He has a trunk. That form sucks all the negativity, zzziiitt, like that. That is very, very important. Any temple, anywhere in India, 100% there will be a Ganesh temple. That is His beautiful prayer. Even when they’re starting to do a yagyam, any puja, first they start with this prayer. 
It means once you start any process in your life, first you worship Ganesh to remove the obstacles. He can remove all of the obstacles around you, whatever they are. There's no way any obstacle can disturb you in your life, in your process. That's why anywhere in India, in millions of temples, in every village temple, they first put Ganesh in front. The first priority is Him. In any puja, first they do His prayer, then they go to all the others. It is very, very good to do His prayer first. 

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