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by Maurine Renville

I arrived at the ashram several weeks before the Immortal Enlightenment program in 2011 for Seva (selfless service). I was to work in the Welcome Center and head registration for the program. It was decided the room the Welcome Center was in would be used as housing since the program was bursting with participants. Swami offered his parents’ apartment as a temporary location for the Welcome Center saying they wouldn’t be visiting until after the program. It took a couple of weeks to move the heavy furniture and all the document storage and computer equipment out of the Welcome Center and into the apartment and to run cables and hook up all the electronic equipment and get it working in its new location.

About a week after everything was functioning Swami called from Europe and said his parents would arrive at the ashram in an hour and a half and the apartment needed to be emptied out and ready for them by the time they arrived. Had he said “tomorrow,” or “in a few hours” I might have thought this was possible and shift into high gear, anxious and driven to please my guru. But an hour and a half ? No way.

I laughed, looked at his picture hanging on the wall, and said “Okay boss, if you want this to happen, you’ll have to make it happen.” I was filled with such love for him at this obvious Guru Leela (divine sport or drama). I picked up the phone and began to make calls. Everyone I called for help said “Sure! No problem.” However, there still was no place for the Welcome Center to move. I took a deep breath and walked down the corridor to the Office of Program Management (OPM). It was still a few weeks before the program was to begin and only one person was there. I told her my problem and asked if we could move into the OPM office temporarily. After a quick phone call the answer was, “Sure! No problem!”

The issue of pulling the computer cables and getting all the computer equipment moved and working in the new location remained. I put in a call to the ashram computer center and told them what Swami had said. Staff showed up in a few minutes and began to disconnect the equipment and pull cables. Everything that happened after that was a blur of activity with boxes being moved and huge pieces of furniture hauled out and either into the OPM or into the bookstore. At last it was all finished. The computers were connected and working, the cables pulled, the furniture out, the boxes stored. The maintenance staff was cleaning the apartment. I looked at my watch. It was ó hours nearly to the minute. Swami’s parents arrived a few hours later. 

My heart was full of love for this lesson and this opportunity to trust and just do my part. I didn’t experience high anxiety because I knew there was no way I could ever accomplish this task in 1 ó hours. Unity and trust in the Guru were the mechanisms that resulted in success. I have had to relearn this lesson in situations where I think “I” can make a difference, “I” can accomplish something, “I” can get something done. Over and over I am humbled and remember who the “Doer” really is. Jai Guru!

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