by Nityaananda (Clint Thompson, MD)


Excerpted from 'Jesus Generation Group Meditation' Program
(originally broadcast June 2, 2013)


The stops and the starts, and the ups and the downs, and the speed up and the slow down of the teachings and of the activities that seemed to run around Swami, one part were there because he said later he had to spend several years studying the western air element, the western mind, the western belief system, especially the western blocks. Skepticism, doubt, selfishness, egoism, power control, these are all major blocks that we share as westerners.  

But Swami was always on his duty, he was always on his task, and he was given a beautiful gift early on by a wonderful woman, wonderful family, of a crystal cross, a crucifix, but without the image of Jesus.  It was a standard kind of asymmetric cross with the bottom being taller than the top and it was free standing (on a pedestal), but the edges, the three points on it were kind of that flowery design (Budded Cross a.k.a. Apostles’ Cross) which is the original cross that you see when you go to the Middle East, you see the early Christian sculptures you see what they used, what was undoubtedly the cross to those who knew Jesus.  And the cross that is carved near the samadhi of Thomas in Chennai, he carved that exact cross in a rock.  

Anyway, this crystal cross was given to Swami as a gift and it touched him very, very deeply.  It was really one of the first times I personally got in my gut the emotional connection.  I mean this was like 2000, it was really early on, the emotional connection, the depth of that love between Jesus and Swami, as Swami said he was, they’re soul mates.  And he put that cross for a long time, and he was in the midst of making the Jesus Temple actually, it was just being created.  And it stood for a while near Jesus on the Jesus altar, but for the longest time, for the majority of the years he had that cross sitting next to his chair in his living room.  And when he first got that cross he held it and he almost embraced it like a baby to his chest and he said, he looked very fiercely into my eyes and said, “You have to promise no matter what that when I take samadhi that this cross is on my chest, even if it’s in pieces, it doesn’t matter.” This was so many years ago and I promised, yes Swami.  It’s easy to promise Swami yes when talking to him directly, the power of his personality and presence, but also that moment was one that was unmistakable even to my clouded vision of that time. And he would remind me from time to time.  That cross was decorated with flowers in his living room for more than a decade, like every other sacred object in that room, photos, other sculptures.

Then Swami did take samadhi, and as so many of us around the world who knew Swami and heard him talk about it forever it seemed, no matter how much he talked about it, no matter how much we could see that he was getting ready to take off, there was still a part I think in each of us, there definitely was in me, that didn’t quite believe that I would ever see that day.  Of course, for sure I never wanted to see that day.  

But that day did come and in the chaos of the post samadhi ashram, absolute grief and range of emotions that was coursing through the veins of every single person there, western, Indian, newcomer, long time person, founding member, or stranger, the cross was for some time forgotten. I have to say, I forgot it because it was my job, it was my duty.  But by Baba’s grace before Swami’s body was buried, the day before suddenly it dawned, oh my gosh I have to get that. 

Well, at this time, already, quickly after Swami’s samadhi, because of laws and legal issues and things that don’t really matter to this story, it’s enough to know that the Mandir was locked and there was no way to get in and I didn’t even know where the cross was actually, hadn’t been back in the Mandir since we had taken Swami to the hospital a few days before.  But Baba’s grace, Jesus’ grace, we have to say Jesus, Swami’s grace, divine grace descended and the only way to get in to do anything in the Mandir, there were police everywhere, all the doors were locked, the keys were controlled by the police, nobody was allowed in.  If you had to go in to do something like clean or whatever it was, you had to be physically searched by undercover plain clothes police officer who was sitting right outside the door who had the key, and then accompanied in.  And the rule was nothing was allowed to leave the Mandir, which was a good rule.

So, I went with a couple of others over to the Mandir, and the police officer was very polite and doing his job and searched us and asked what our business was and I just told him, there’s something special in the temple, near Jesus, I thought it was near Jesus at the time, that we need for the process that we’re doing in burying our guru.  And this man, his eyes were clear and he looked straightly back at me and with a depth of understanding.  I don’t know if he broke the rule or not, but he allowed us in and he accompanied us upstairs.  And this crystal crucifix was sitting at the feet of Jesus and I picked it up and showed it to him, what it was, and wrapped it in a cloth and we walked out and we signed out and suddenly it was in our possession again.  It was a great boon.  

Crystal Cross on Shirdi Baba statue Penukonda, India (circa 2000)


That night, the rest of that day and way, way, way, way late into the night, the process that the students were doing in these last hours before Swami’s body was buried and forever interred there continued. And with a kind of energy that again, that would be a whole program to describe, the energy and the understanding and the knowledge grinding and the practice that was done in those immediate days following Swami’s samadhi.  

And then finally 3:00am, the appointed time, the time that we were told was the last possible time that we could wait arrived, and the inner room of the Dwarkamai was emptied. Monika you were there, he had also given you some final instructions and you had the privacy of that to complete that process, also by grace under those circumstances. And his body was already lowered into the samadhi that was built by his, according directly to his instructions, five feet deep, lined with white marble, already the hole in the north wall had been blasted, it was

Sri Kaleshwar’s Samadhi, March 19, 2012 Penukonda, India


just covered with a drape. The corners of the room, other than the stage, were completely filled with the dirt that had been removed to create that hole, the Dwarkamai was like a construction zone or a demolition zone or both.  

And in that quiet moment we put a ladder down into that hole and that crystal crucifix, I carried that down into the hole and his body was covered with a shawl from Shirdi that had been on Shirdi’s samadhi and I pulled back the shawl and put that crucifix beneath his hands on his breast. And just as we’ve described in Mother Divine darshan, there was a light that seemed to emanate from beneath him and there was no doubt there was a smile on his face.  And the cloth was replaced and his body was buried in that way. As Swami would say, he was, he was buried with his Lord.  

Swami did his job, and it’s time now for us to continue doing ours. And there is great work being done in the name of Sri Kaleshwar, in the name of Shirdi Baba, in the name of Jesus, in the name of Mary, in the name of this reality knowledge that is now all around the world. There is work being done. You mentioned Swami’s suggestion, command, begging, wish that all of us, all of his students, all of humanity ultimately, looks and cares for others more than themselves, and does good works as a priority. A priority greater than bank accounts, a priority greater than insurance policies, a priority greater than whatever vanity, whatever personal vanity each of us carries, every human being does. That was his wish and command and prayer.  We’re hearing now weekly of new works, new creativity, new services being done and it’s something to notice.  The negative energy it always grabs our attention, it’s much more easy to gossip about, it’s easy to regurgitate in your own internal dialogue, but turning to the positive means turning to the positive and this is a time to do that. 


Nityaananda (Clint Thompson, MD)

is a physi­cian who trained directly for 15 years with Sri Kalesh­war until his mahasamadhi in 2012.  He resides at the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter in Lay­tonville, Cal­i­for­nia and gives teach­ings, heal­ings and healing energy trans­mis­sions around the world.

Nityaananda is the author of The Awareness of Healing.



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