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Thanks to all our Christmas Basket donors! This year was our most successful year yet, thanks to all those that made it possible. On the morning of the 21st of December, the Divine Lineage Center crew plus a handful of wonderful community members came together to feed more than 37 families, consisting of over 150 adults and over 109 children! Woohoo! As the current economic state has allowed some unique individuals to soar, many, many more have fallen even further below the poverty line, mostly due to occurrences that were/are beyond their control.

With each year we rejoice to bring a new light, a new chapter. We are all so fortunate to be able to reach a hand to those who currently have less. Thank you to Jayma, who let us use the Harwood Hall, and to Nikki and Lucy, who made all the calls to the families. This year, once completing the Christmas Baskets, we all went to our local food bank, where we aided their monthly mission of feeding those in need. We lovingly donated 52 gallons of milk and 52 loaves of bread to their cause. 


Zac Thompson

has been a part of the Divine Lineage Healing Center since 2005, taking part in numerous charitable activities in the local community, helping manage the temple grounds and providing program support. Zac is a dedicated full-time father and Bowenwork healing practitioner. As a healer, Zac integrates Sai Shakti healing techniques from the ancient knowledge into his practice. Passionate about both healing and charity work, as Charitable Activities Special Projects Manager he also helps oversee many of the Divine Lineage’s charitable activities including: Supporting Families in Need during the Holidays, and the Center’s year-round programs supporting local food banks and homeless feeding programs in Mendocino County, CA.

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