From the Teachings of Sri Kaleshwar


They wrote the clear information with authentic proof. The same information is being passed to you. I wrote the book on the Big Boss, Jesus Christ’s life, about when he was in India studying these ancient formulas. Even in the Bible they wrote he disappeared for some years. We know that after the crucifixion, he also disappeared to India. From that period his life in India is very interesting, what he did and what channels he did. The crucifixion was a kind of Kandhana Yoga. Shirdi Baba also did Kandhana Yoga and Dhauti Yoga. The Maharshis in the Puranas also did the yogas. Also, now the Guru Parampara made my students reach a certain stage to demonstrate certain yogas.

Finally the conclusion came. Any person on the planet can do it. The Big Boss, Jesus Christ, made the comment that his students would become more powerful than him. That’s true. Even many students here can do some amazing things more than me. A certain block I got stuck in responsibilities. My time is getting short.

But, so far, for thousands of years, a lot of the ancient information has been hidden and got crashed. Let it come out. I’m a small peanut to pull that information out. Of course, I have the grace of Baba, and Jesus, and Mother. I’ll pull that information. I’ll get it in front of your feet. Let it be available to everybody in the nature, everybody on the planet. Let it be an open challenge to any scholar, any professor, any intellectual, whoever it might be, any religious person. I’m ready to answer, to stand there to speak the reality that I know on their content. Your Swami’s giving you powerful nectar. That nectar will create the victory. The victory will create the history. The history will create the unbelievable wisdom for the world. It will remove the darkness on the planet. There are a lot of divine channels that your Swami is researching. What I’m researching, I’m putting in front of your feet then you’re the right judge – each individual divine soul. Whatever your judgment is, is my divine blessing. Please pray for this divine blessing to come out on the planet. It’s coming.

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