From the Teachings of Sri Kaleshwar


Whatever I’m playing is a drama. I have to play my role and go. You have to play your role. You have to go. How long? What is your part? The director won’t explain it to you before the next step of your drama. You understand? But I’m 100% sure you will discover the director’s mind vision very clearly. The simple experiences you’re facing with Guru Parampara will make sense to you. Then you can reach that point. Small testings, incidences, small experiences here and there, you keep catching them. Then you’ll reach there.

Understand me here. Your commitment is important. It is necessary. Be patient to learn this knowledge. Be patient to practice this knowledge. It's good karma. You’ll see the results. It’s everybody’s responsibility to bring the truth, the ancient information in the globe. If you’re really concentrated to bring out the ancient tradition, you’ll do it. But the dedication and the belief system and surrender is very important. Be in a dignified and loyal way, whatever the consequences, regarding taking care of the truth, standing for the truth and always winning through peace. I am humbly respecting you guys, all the divine souls, to bring the divine knowledge from the ancient palm leaf books to the planet as soon as possible. Be in unity; take care in a loyal and dignified way, no matter what. Stand for the truth. Truth always wins.

Unity always makes more strength. It's like a beautiful thread. One small thread joining with several threads to make a strong thread. Even to a big wild cobra, if small ants turn around it, it can easily kill it. But one ant cannot. If they're all gathered together and attacking the negativity it will automatically stop. For example, what Baba is doing from his samadhi, many, many saints are doing. So far, all the students who learned the amazing knowledge, one thing, yes, your souls will be amazingly useful to the planet.

So I need complete your support and strength and unity. Once if you're in unity, certain things I can do. If you really have patience and cooperate and each other like brothers and sisters and good friends like teamwork, you really can create history and victory. It's not my success; it's your success guys.

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