Sri Kaleshwar's talk to the seva crew in the Dattatreya Temple, Divine Lineage Healing Center, on evening of May 28, 2011 the day before the Trineytra Darshan Program.

(Video is from hand held camera during this impromptu talk.)




Nityaananda:  We just invited you for the arati Guruji. We're happy for anything. And we have something to give you first. These are all your Seva Crew and on behalf of everybody here, somebody made T-shirts for the event. (gives Swami one).


Finally your love made me to... you guys sucked me here. No matter what, yes, you proved it. You proved it. Good.

There is a reason why I came here. We'll see tomorrow. What else? Still in the trance? I had a little talk with her friends, and the elephants. They came in the skype, "At least ten minutes Swami we want to speak with you."

Thank you for inviting me. (Everyone: Thank you for coming Swami. Applause). It feels like completely home. And just I have my own place there, just relaxing, keep go. What's up? Hello? You want me to go back again? (Everyone: No.) I'm happy to go. What is the red tag? (Student: I'm participating in the program.) Why is everybody so tense?

David:  Swami, yesterday again you mentioned how we can make ten cycles of the kala chakra equal to ten thousand. And I was wondering if you could explain the exact mechanism of that?

Swami:  Why you all of sudden you entered in... let’s start with a little beginning. Jim any questions?

Jim: I was thinking did you have a nice trip?

Swami:  Kind of, yes. Pretty good I spet the time in Germany. It’s a kind of Vaastu tour how the people is living. It's non-stop driving pretty good, heavy driving. In a three days almost fifty six hours I'm in the car just keep early morning 4 a.m., 3 a.m. until 7, what is the final time?

Birte:  8 in the morning we reached the hotel again.

Swami:  8 o'clock. Again by 9:30, 10, a hundred people are waiting for the fire puja. Again I went to the fire puja, completed it. Now I want to hit the Japan, to go to Japan. Once if I"m there it's already pretty good typhoon already started. Wherever I'm going to be it very bad hit. Yes, we need to stop that. We'll be able to stop. Nityaananda was in the car driving, he's driving and just he asked. "Swami, I don't have any attachments, nothing else only to just be quiet and peace, know the truth. What do you mean Nityananda?

Nityaananda:  Well Brahma Consciousness stronger than the illusion. 

Swami:  What do you mean Brahma Consciousness?

Nityaananda: That's an aspect of our existence that's separate from our soul and is discriminating. Actually it's sending sankalpams to be implemented. And part of what we're doing through a lot of these processes is... I don't know if it's uncovering or strenthening or both, the clarity of Brahma consciousness.  But once we have that clarity then it means... And also the third eye is involved in that too. But not being misled by the illusion, seeing what She's doing. And seeing what's really running, and also knowing what to implement and when.

Swami:  The bridge is almost all finished. Bridge is? Almost finished. Then free highway.

For some time try to stop your monkey minds. Your monkey mind and you don't know your mind, your heart, your soul, what to take the decision, what not to take the decision. What is dharma? What is fair, what is unfair? If you started to think that you'll drive yourself crazy. Do you know what I'm saying? You have to have the strongest aim, "I want to win this." That's it. That aim will come through the practice, with the right trainer. With right? Trainer. Otherwise hun uh.

Ten years back I came to this place. It's completely dark. Okay Laytonville, I'm sorry to say, it's a beautiful souls no doubt on that. I entered in the hall. Just a kind of smell is very interesting. I thought it, "What type of dhoop or, or..." It's the first time I had experience. Then ten minutes they're fixing it, then ten minutes I started to get drowsy. "Oh maybe it's jetlag. No it's not jetlag, something, strange incense. I made it stop the incense. People is, yes this place and whatever it is and... the heart is most important - open heart.

One time I was in Mill Valley in Jonathan’s house somewhere, where is that? I drove Mill Valley with John Gray, anti-vaastu. A bunch of group came. They don't trust God. They don't believe in the meditation. To them, I have to teach them meditation. So it's pretty challenging issues I did it here in America, put it that way. Pretty? Challenging. Quite challenging issues.

Nityaananda is a driving last night and we're almost five kilometers and "Nityananda we're close?" Sleeping. "We're very close by?" "Yes Swamiji it's five minutes away, yeh." Okay wake up, right. Good. It’s a new atmosphere. Pretty good Vaastu and yes...

Satya is nothing but to win first the master's heart. The master's? Heart. That is the key point to win anything in the globe, (first) to win the master's heart. Even he put tons of illusions on you. Whatever stuff he put on you, "Thanks, fine" keep go, keep go, " Fine, right." Keep go, go, go. For example Eckalavya, simply he practiced bow and arrow with the Dronacharya master's statue. Unbelievable techniques he learned it. On the days according to the Vedic law you should not be able to teach to any persons, only to the king's family. But Eckalavya he's a tribal man. He's not allowed to learn that. (On his own) he learned it more than the Arjuna. Then what to do? Dronacharya gave the word to the Arjuna, "You're number one, that's it."

Dronacharya came to the tribal in the forest and he celebrated huge and everything. And Ecalavya asked a dakshina to the Dronacharya, his master. And Dronacharya got so thrilled, "Oh my statue is here?"

"You're everything to me. What can I offer to you?"

"Give your right thumb." It means he cannot hold the bow and arrow.

Then all the tribal people are super angry, "Why are you asking this? Why?" Just simply Eckalavya took the arrow and cut his thumb and put it at his feet, "Take it. You're only taking my thumb but you cannot take my soul."

Even same thing with the Jesus Christ, two hundred coins one of his student's got bribed, caught it. He told it, "Be awake everybody."

I given one opportunity to the Jonathan one night - I hope many people is sleeping in the Baba Temple (at the time). "Jonathan I'm coming at 1:30 a.m. the Mahakali I'm fixing in the bottle and I'm putting in the ground and whenever it wants to come out, I have that access pass word, pin number whatever you call personal mantra about  Her. You can be able to see and witness it. 1:30 a.m. sharply I will show up.” Jonathan, "No problem Swami, I'll be awake."


1:30 a.m. I came, and everybody, like forty five, fifty people is sleeping. And he slept and snoring. I’m holding the bottle and I’m going into the next - kings palace there, that is the right moment I can make Her (makes clicking sound) come here. It’s not safe to be around... Then I kicked the Jonathan “Hey, wake up, wake up.” He’s like unbelievable snoring guy... I’m telling you he’s the big snoring guy! (laughing) Hats off to the Alex. Then I put a ring next to his bed and I left. I completed my work and came out.

He said “Swami, you didn’t wake up me!”

“1:30 I told you you should be awake.” I putted a ring there, what can I do? So, certain moments, certain indirectly I mentions it. “Be alert.” Then no problem. Then there is no problem. But sometimes, whatever is making up and downs and the master is pouring the illusions “okay fine, fine, fine, fine, fine” then you can hook the master.

Like several months back the Patrick is how strong guy, and I have whole night meditating and I’m writing the book, and very strong body pains and (muscle) cramps and I made him to stand on my legs. Just he standed. Of course I’m also like you guys as a human.

I know something, you don’t know something. After you know something, what I know it, we are all equal. That’s it.  I really want to see you guys as strongest healers. Then I’m free bird. Completely free bird. Then my job is done. You guys you take care of it, no problem. That’s the key point. 

What else?

Monika: I have a question.

Swami: What is that?

Monika: You said winning the master’s heart is Satya. You also said it took you a while to win Baba’s heart.

Swami: It’s not a joke. Venkusa (Baba's master) simply gave the brick to him. “Go to Shirdi and stay there.” The village is now allowing him inside and he has to stay outside of the village. Big wind and rain, just he’s sitting under the neem tree and begging some food and some coins, anything.  Suffered eighteen years! Eighteen years! "With brick, What you do with brick?” they are thinking. (Venkusa told) “Everyday have to use that brick until your last breath as a pillow.” And he’s using. Half brick we have it in Penukonda.

Santa Cruz people they made it 50%. Pretty sharply they done it. Another 50% they might show up I thoughted. They didn’t show up even I given the instructions. “Well, time is done. Over.” Grabbed it, put it, done.

It’s quite important, whatever you received, even a small thread from the master, something, a thought is there, a sankalpam is there. That is important. That is important! It’s not the value, thread he given. Keep it. That simple.

What else?

Monika: Still I want to understand more, why it took so long for you to win Baba’s heart.

Swami: To be honest, if Baba had the physical presence, he’s alive and I’m his student, I’m there... whatever process he given it, “Thank you so much, I don’t want to do anything. Just I want to wash your clothes, giving massage to you, feeding to you, taking care, cleaning your Dwarkamai.” Happy. I don’t want to do anything. Seva. Give the seva. How many people get the opportunity in this planet to giving a massage to Swami? Nityaananda?

Nityaananda: Over all the time, a couple handfuls.

Swami: Say again, speak loud.

Nityaananda: Over the time I’ve known you, fourteen years, maybe ten or fifteen people all together, total.

Swami: That’s it.

Nityaananda: Yes.

Swami: One time he did a little... I need to offer something, some process, very strongest process. We are going to Hampi. I’m driving the car and he’s saying “Swami, no, its not necessary, better to relax.” You know the Hampi road (bumpy), and I putted the clutch. I’m little rough driver and all stitches is broken. Like a wet is coming, the blood. I didn’t even feel it, just I’m talking and laughing and just going. “What is this wet? Look at this reddish?” All the pant is completely red from the blood. “Nityaananda, something wrong.”

Nityaananda was saying, “Wait, wait, wait, stop, pull the car over.” Just I went there and he saw that “Oh, Swamiji, it’s pretty good infected."

Then he started giving the antibiotics. He said “I don’t know what you are, I need to do my job.” And he loaded it and he injected it. Seeing a needle and just he given the shot, putting, okay right.  “Just relax, relax, relax..” Just I layed down on my couch, I never ever had experienced that. It was really painful shot.

Whenever he did the painful shot, at the time the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is on the line and my secretary is knocking on the door. "It's very quite important, he wants to speak." Hardly I'm able to make my dress properly and it’s super painful. I opened the door, and I took the phone “Yes? What can I do?"

"You should take care of these people."

"Right, right." I don’t know what I answered... “Right, right, right, we’ll talk later.”

It means whenever you are in the painful time, again giving more pain. Then I look at Baba’s picture, in my living room, just sitting there. “Thanks Baba. Thank you so much. What else you can do? Do it!” I’m not joking.

He’s the best person to making the testings. I’m personally witnessing it, somebody is really suffering, “Baba, why can’t you forgive this guy? Leave him, I’ll take care of it. Let it, I’ll take care this problem. You concentrate on different things, you have lot of works to do!” Hun un, no chance. That is Datta leela. To understand the Datta leela, that is a challenge. Complete surrenderity is not a joke.

I went to Nityaananda's hospital in Laytonville. In front of his office he put Ganesh picture there. And the problems started there! (Laughter) Instead of removing the problems, the problems started with that picture! I remember that! And he showed, "This is my staff, this, this, this, this." I'm sitting there, “Good, good, good.”

Then we driven here and, "Hey Nityaananda you're living out of nowhere in the blue. Of course it's beautiful souls you need to take care.  Diseases taking care one part. Heart broken people is 90% is here. Disease people only 10%. You need to be specialized doctor on that, not this doctor.” From that hospital he came to this hospital. That is your dharma.

What else? Gary? Are you confused?

Gary: No Swami.

Swami: Good. Brett?

Brett: Yes Swami.

Swami: What do you think about your computer if it’s okay. Do you have any questions? Be straight, otherwise I'll come very.... (laughter)

Brett: It’s a spiritual question Swami. Jesus said that his students would be greater than him. If he came into the world, pure crystal soul. So how is it possible that we can become greater than that?

Swami: By the way, did you apply for the Immortal Enlightenment? Are you apply and you got agreed? It’s approved? It happened, Birte?

Birte: Yes, he got accepted.

Swami: He got accepted after that. Law is the law. Even my wife, a couple times I dismissed her. One time, finally I gave permission. “You can come to the Shivaratri course, ok, come.”

She said “I have no idea what you are talking about, what is this?”

"Takes time to you to understand."  It’s fun to be with her in the kitchen. It’s really fun. What else?

May: How can we permanently put our mind under the control of third eye, and then the third eye under soul, and soul under Brahma Consciousness? How can we permanently do that?

Swami: Just karmically, who really applied for these pujas, “I’m going to see Swami and this energy to enjoy it." Already I released the energy. I walked and I saw the dhuni and I blessed it. That thing is done. Karmically, whatever you paid it, whatever you wanted, it’s pretty good done. Final touchings I need to finish it. That’s it.

May: Thank you.

Swami:  Nityaananda thinking “Maybe Swami leaving tonight? We set up microphones and decorations and everything (Laughter), whoa." I should have said, "Pack your luggage twelve o'clock, I want to see with my eyes." No I won't go. I'll stay and...

What else?

Juleanne: Can you teach us how to with the Datta leelas?

Swami: After Immortal Enlightenment.

Chinello: Before, you mentioned something about Shiva leelas, a little while back, how is a Datta leela different than a Shiva leela? And how can we understand both of those mechanisms?

Swami: Datta is pure beyond the Mother leelas. If Mother is going one direction, Datta can go before ahead a different direction more than.

To me to give a ten hours speech, ten seconds if I had a look, done. It’s equal. Thousands of hours I’ve talked. Already, information I’ve given it. Thousands of hours. I’m not joking.

Then like a crew we traveled to the Shirdi, and Sri Sailam, and campings, Tirupati, Kalahasthi, and back to Penukonda and each place I stopped and I teached them the Vaastu, this way, this way, this way. Power objects, this way, this way, this way." Unbelievable information I’ve given it. It is there, it exists. All my talks are your property guys. I’m your property, you need to protect. To Guru Paramparas you need to protect. And it is my duty to protect you guys too. No matter any circumstance, I have to jump up and, "Stop!. No more." Even though it's falling off, just holding it.

And out of the blue, Nityaananda, he done some process in Dwarkamai. He fixed everything and late midnight, 1:30, 2:00 a.m. Is energy is proved?

Nityaananda: Yes Guruji. Absolutely. Absolutely, no doubt about it. 100%.

Swami:  "And you do this way, this way, click it." I am only your driver. You have to do the battle. You tell me which direction, I will turn it, that’s it.

Then he came and I told him, “Nityaananda, you are leaving tonight.”


“You are leaving tonight!”

“Oh my God, maybe Swami don’t like me?” All his doubts and questions and everything is popping up. “He don’t like me?”

I don’t know what you do, you have to little time. Then lot of things he’s taking care. Lot of things he’s taking care.

Yes, very soon there are several thousands of ancient palm leaf books will be existing in this place, in this area. And some great professors, whoever is available, they can translate it, put in a good format and available for upcoming generations and generations. We’ll see. That’s all everybody’s responsibility to protect and take care of that knowledge. You have no idea to protect and take care of that knowledge how much hassle I been through. Unbelievable hassle.

Until to morning, 5 o’clock, I’m awake and I need to drive 600 kilometers. I took the Paul and me in the car, and I cannot able to trust any maya, any drivers, anybody, just forget it. Just okay, I’m jumping and driving. I sent these both guys a little ahead, "You go first guys, and might be I will show up." Well, they went. After that me and Paul and, how many accidents we missed it? Paul?

Paul: A few. Came close.

Swami: They came on us. Exhausted, for days no sleep. Then we pulled the car near some lake and just stopped and we slept somewhere. We pushed back (the car seats) and he’s a good sleeper, hats off to the Birte. Oh my God, he’s a big snoring guy. (Laughter) He’s like that! One and a half, two hours, I pulled my car out, hitted it. We completed our job and we came back.

From each part my journey I didn’t waste my time. I utilized in prompt way. Very precious way keep making it. Means directly I’m telling you, your lifestyle, and your health style, and your practice style, and consciousness style, everything you should make it organized. Your family life, your business life. Everything you have to make it clear. Otherwise, I’m sorry, hun-uh. You do your job, then I will do my job. I know how to take care you.

Brett might think “Since years I’m working for Swami, how can I be survived? Where is my final destination? All this sitting at computer and typing and everything pops out and I’m taking all of this work.” Many times I told him “Brett, look at that, near my swing who is cooking the food.” You know the Das and Narayanama, this couple (husband and wife who cook in the hut). Beginning of the ashram foundation they are working with me. “Swami, we love you, we don’t want to interrupt coming to the homas and sitting and bhajans and aarati. You do your job, we’ll do our job. We love you, we’ll take care of you. We’ll do our best service.” Done. That’s it. And everyday when I’m in the swing she (Narayanama) has opportunity to do the aarati to me, and the different things, and Das he does the aarati. They're happy. They’re doing their jobs. The

Bhahadurs outside near the gate, the security, since sixteen, seventeen years they are with me. “We are happy, you take care, we'll do our jobs. Whole families around the ashram working. It’s not how much I’m paying salaries, this and that, it’s pure love, they’re dedicated. They’re total dedicated. That’s it. They (the security) smell (sense) anything, they hear anything, they are awake. Very super awake. What else?

Student: How can newer students best understand and know who you truly are?

Swami: Senior students will explain. You are asking alphabets to me.

Chinello: Swamiji is there a mechanism between the Trineytra Darshan process and understanding and winning the Datta leelas?

Swami: Yes, mechanism is nothing but purely fixing and opening all chakras and recharging your Brahma Consciousness. Completely charged your consciousness stage. And it will command on your soul. And it will kick the mind and heart side – direct link. You know exactly what your are doing it pretty good.

Student: My heart wants to say something to you, but I have no idea what it is.

Swami: What is that meaning? I have a ring, sorry.

Catalina: Swami what is the connection between the sixth element, what you said is a coconut and our ability to open the chakras and command on the soul?

Swami: That’s why I am here. I am here, that’s why. That’s why I am here! Baba, Shirdi Baba, he always says, “Practice and patience.” If you’re impatience he make you be in patience, until you turn as a patient! (Laughter) He won’t give up! He’s like a tiger, once he caughted a flesh of meat, is it possible to make that tiger lose that flesh, whatever it is?

In the future, whoever they look, even my book, my picture somewhere. “Who is this guy?” That's done; they're hooked. In the skype, two guys are big characters, and one is sweet, one is ok. Then I know where need to really to switch on. Just I switched on, I left it them. Gary?

Gary: Yes you did Swami. You knew exactly where to switch on.

Swami: He’s sweating and he’s taking his tea and just he’s drinking it. “Oh, wait a minute! Nobody didn’t ask this type of questions to me.” I’m sorry. Spirituality is not a joke. To understand the consciousness levels, it’s not a joke, I’m telling you. It is nothing but completely confusion. Nothing but? Confusion.

In Germany I went to one person's house. He built a gigantic Center. Me and Tatyana and Tobias and a few guys we went. In southwest huge slope he built it, like with music and all drums. Millions of euros he spent it. “This is my dream project, Swami, pretty good completed.” I'm seeing, well his northeast is gigantic height and he’s going to southwest slope (down). Simply I said, "Better if you sell this." 

"What? I invited you to come and fix the vaastu anything else to make it more beautiful."

In front of his wife, "Sometimes I’m sorry, I talk straight forward. You take care whatever he has desires, as soon as possible and try to fulfill it. Goodbye." And I jumped in the car and left. Several months later, the picture came, he died. He died! Ok, put picture near Jesus. To his wife, "First get out from this place."

What can I do? It is the knowledge. It is the knowledge!  I told you, science is going like that graphically (direction on the graph. For a certain stage they will definitely get stuck. Again they’ll return back to the spirituality. They will practice like you guys amazing what is any information and talks  and how to do practices. What is inner mechanism?

Once science and spirituality come together, that's it. You really can do the wonders but you have to find the way. Now I’m coming to your question. Jesus he done, he taught. He taught amazing techniques. It’s lost! Again its coming in front of you. Again its coming! Already pretty good things came. Some more very clarity way everything. Don’t underestimate Immortal Enlightenment. “Swami, you keep saying it, but it never happens! I came seven times! I did thirty Special Pujas! What is the benefit?”

Sometimes a coconut never breaks at one stretch (on first try). You need to keep breaking it until it got (open). I’m sorry, you have to – you have to break it. There is no other alternative. Killing the ego, killing the impatience, and practicing whatever process the master is giving, really, you really believe in it and have hope, and concentrated doing it. That’s it; you will win it. No matter what, you will win it.

Yes Jesus' energy spot is existing in Penukonda. It is existing in Penukonda.

What else?

Student: Swami you had predicted the earthquake in Tokyo, in Japan, and you had listed California as next after that in the list. And you had given the first earth mantra for us to do for Japan, and I’m wondering if that or some other process we could do make that not happen here, or do you see that still happening?

Swami: Don’t worry. Don’t worry. I’m here. I’m here. Underneath there is a big reason why I came here. No damages. Just relax. Just relax. We’ll see. Are you happy Marci in your life?

Marci: Yes. Yes.

Swami: Good. You Marguerite? Are you happy in your life?

Marguerite: Yes, I am. I’m very satisfied because you came into my life. It’s made my life wonderful.

Swami: Whose statue that is?

Marguerite: That’s the Datta Statue.

Swami: No, who paid for that and who made it to bring that?

Marguerite: Baba!

Swami: Of course! Who made it to come to here?

Marguerite: I gave it to you to give to the temple.

Swami: One early morning, just I’m near the window there in my bedroom. I watched the statue. Whoa, here you go, he’s a little ahead to me. Okay, who belongs to that statue let him fix it. Just I put a little sankalpam, "Bring it, fix him here!” Some process I done. Left.

Without his permission you can't be able to come here today guys. Take it for granted. Including me. We're all like sitting in front of him. You think it's a beautiful statue or whatever it is. Don't see in the surface. Hun un. It's a special knowledge. You'll understand in Immortal Enlightenment. What else?

Mutyam:  Swami is there a special dharma that the souls in America have that we need to fulfill for the globe?

Swami:  Special dharma means?

Mutyam: Special service, special anything we need to develop in America.

Swami:  Try to kill your majority your own selfishness too much. That's what I noticed. Then you can come up with good hearts. Then you can do the good works in the planet. It's not a joke to doing the good works in the globe. Hun um.

(to Monika) What are you thinking?

Monika:  I'm thinking about that, that it’s not a joke to do good works on the globe. You need to have abilities; you need to have to know the right thing to do for someone. You need a lot to be able to really do good on the globe, and a good heart.

Swami:  Absolutely.  To get that ancient palm leaf books from me, how much troubles they created on me all angles to divert my attention. Hun un. One group, hats off to the Elephant Group, they're the really powerful like a bullet proof around me guys. No matter what, they make their own schedules and they're covering me all the time – what's going on, what is this, anybody is coming this way they know how to bypass that. They're not even bringing it to my notice. They're taking care themselves. Then sometimes I go in the office, "Hey, any news?" Brett's expression, simply just he's putting his shoulder a little up, "No, nothing." I know how much weight he's really carrying on his shoulders. And Birte she got tired and exhausted. Paul he's going on screaming in front of the gate to the security people and all the guys and chasing everybody and fixing everything. So they're well trained. To be honest, I never... you know my style, how many years back I really touched and counted the money, Birte?

Birte:  To be honest I've never seen that.

Swami:  How many years you're with me?

Birte:  Since 1999. 

Swami:  Like taking the money and just counting it, "Oh well this much. You throw that wherever you want it. Put it wherever you want it." Just simply Brett he gives his report, "You have this much. You spent this much. This much. This many people. Can you approve it."  I'm in London, what is the hotel?

Louden Hall. They worked, they filtered huge amount of people. Some months they worked. "These people little psychiatric people, trouble makers, all these types of people. And who cannot afford it, want to come to seva, poor people just they're very dedicated, cause I have some connections and I seen it. They put it in the laptop and I click, click, click, click, click – ten minutes entered, done. Whatever they said no, I putted 99% majority 'Yes.' We'll take care, it's okay, they're strong guys. Patrick how many people you can carry easily? Not Jim, you know.

Patrick:  How many people I can carry? Maybe one or two for a few steps.

Swami:  That's enough. Your luggage is packed? (Patrick: Yes) Chinello? (Yes) You did a good shopping but not yet packed. They did a good clothes and preparing all the stuff. Good. Any final five minutes?

Chinello:  Swamiji, from all the grinding we've been doing in all the groups, what's really coming out it seems like the whole group in the U.S. really wants to be the most powerful group of healers on the planet. I think what you wanted us to be. What can really do to accomplish that, to really win that to help the planet?

Swami:  That day is very soon. That day is very soon. I didn't give up. Twelve years back I came to this place. Now again I'm here. I'm seeing the graph and yes. I didn't give up. Until I winned it, it's a Guru Parampara's stage, put it that way. But one technique to Baba to win it, to please him, it's really easy guys. Feed the poor people, feed the hungry people and do the good charity works wherever you are to the needy people. Spend little Sunday timings, whenever you have free time, you go and you do physically and clean the bathrooms or you bring the flowers and put in front of them. Get some fruits, get some bread and just feed them. And mentally retarded children. That is the really good karma. Old people, supporting them. Imagine if you don't have one leg in your life. You're handicapped. How much painful you going through?

Today also I screamed at my ophthalmologist, the doctors at the eye clinic. They're little delayed, late thirty minutes. I'm screaming on them. For the old age people and they're not able to go to the bathrooms and everything, you have to fix it. 7,000 people so far unbelievably succeed cataract operations free. They can do their works very happy and simple hospital but non-stop night and day. Several doctors and drivers go and pick them up from their village and operation and drop them back. You were there.

Nityananda: Yes, Guruji I saw them. It's a remarkable thing.

Swami:  Something you need to do. Something you need to do. If you started to feeling you're rich, you're poor, you're ignoring, then there's really trouble. If you're not loving the society around you, you cannot win the Divine. I'm sorry. There's a slang in Sanskrit, Manava seva madhava seva – first serve the humanity, then God.

Somebody brings the big garland to me to breaking my neck and wanting to put it. "Wait, wait, wait. How much the garland costs?"

"Well it's a special garland, Swami, very elegant and smells nice."

"How long I can keep on the neck?"

"Ten seconds, five seconds for your satisfaction for your photo."

"Never do this mistake again. The same cost of the garland you buy food and give to the poor people. That's the way to do." Pretty good you win the Divine there. Pretty good you win the Divine there. Final question?

Nityananda:  I don't have a question now, Guruji. This program is happening tomorrow and I want to say thank you actually, as a final comment, for coming and everything you've been doing and a lot of us here have been watching for more than a decade up close and personal. Like you said it's no joke. And we can also say it's not exaggeration, no hyperbole, it's reality the things you're talking about and things we're learning. 

Swami:  It's my duty, I'm doing it. Any spiritual final questions? Anyhow, thank you.

Monika:  How can we create true love?

Swami:  When you start loving around you, then you can create it. When you're making the people happy around you, then automatically you'll be happy.

Paul is thinking, "What subject tomorrow I might talk. And he's covering all angles this and that." I know him since long time, very long time in Los Angeles. And Monika, she hated to see my picture, she turned it around, forget it, no way. “Who's Swami Kaleshwar?” Well Monika doesn’t like me to see my picture, fine, thanks, no problem. Now she's in this position. It's a compliment. How long have you been in spirituality?

Monika:  Over thirty years.

Swami: Thirty? It's quite a lot. You don't need to waste the time but it's quite an amazing process you learned. I wish that you will be very useful to America and to the globe. It's very important. As a strong healer, as much as you can, create through the knowledge, I only need that for Guru dakshina. After me, next you need to take care. Then next, create it, create it. Beginning it might be one seed. Once it's blooming tons of fruits, those fruits again making it. That covers it. Pure Consciousness Yuga – that I'm looking forward to. Pure? Consciousness Yuga. That's it.

Good luck. Have a nice time and I look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow. First we'll start the talk and fire puja or fire puja and talk? You decide guys.

Question:  Swami what's the best way we can prepare tonight for tomorrow? What can we do?

Swami:  They will tell it. First you tell which one you want first?

Everyone:  Fire puja then talk.

Swami:  So everybody has all the things?

Nityaananda:  We'll prepare in that order. Yes we have enough.

Swami:  But you need to generate as much as you can the vibrations chanting the Sky Mantra or Shakti Gayatri. Or Shakti Gayatri but I prefer Sky Mantra.  (Swami chants Sky mantra). Very quiet, turn off your phones, sit down and quietly you meditate. Whatever you recommended certain pujas, lot of pujas many people I been through. Tonight also I'm going to hold their pictures and meditating it. All puja items tonight I'm going to meditate and complete to bless it. Just attend near to the fire pit. Create as much… minimum two to three hours keep chanting, chanting, chanting, silence. Even though you're doing your seva time. Okay you take care of the people remaining time you're chanting it. Clear?

Everyone:  Yes.

Swami:  Done.

Everyone:  Thank you, Swami.


End of Talk


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