by Sri Kaleshwar in Guru Day Message, December 24th 2008

Look…we came here, my dear divine souls, for a reason. That reason we don’t know, exactly, we don’t know. The unbelievable, this life’s drama keeps running, growing. We are waking up, we are eating, drinking, sleeping, working…waking up, drinking, eating, sleeping…Some days just passing out, passing out, passing out, everyday just it’s running like fast. So we cannot pass the time and we need to be careful to use the time in a proper way—to fill our life happy and bliss. Whenever in our life we cannot make it a bliss, it is very painful.  

The Guru Parampara, Jesus Christ, is the most amazing, powerful soul in the planet. No matter what we do, no matter how much we are really going through the pain, how much mistakes you done in your life, he knows it. But the main problem is we cannot hide that. We have to express inside of Him what you done and asking heartfully for forgiveness. Once if you are asking for forgiveness, do not repeat that same mistake again in your life. Your heart is so light, your heart is amazing dazzling and enlightening.

So my dear, divine guys the forgiving nature is quite amazing, powerful. First you have to forgive yourself and then you have to forgive all others around you—no matter what, any mistake. Any negative karmas, even if anyone hurt you, anybody cheated you, it’s okay, just you forgive them—heartfully forgive them. Whatever you did, heartfully forgive them and ask forgiveness to Jesus Christ—He is for us here. His energy is quite amazingly powerful, flowing in entire the…the galaxies. Our duty is just to be loyal in the reality, to your self and to society.

My final golden statement, “Help ever, hurt never.” It is very important. And, at least in your life try to make a hundred people happy, really happy—you really take care of them. In a month, two or three souls, you really helped them. Even though you are super busy, as much as…any angle whatever you can do, try to help them. Do some charity works. Go to the old age houses, old age homes—do some service there. Go to mentally retarded children places and do some service there. If you don’t have the time, at least spend a little of your money and give them some fruits, some food, some clothes…

Look, this body is not permanent. One day we need to also get old. We don’t know what is going to happen. We need to love the humanity. If you cannot love the humanity, we don’t have the right to ask God for any gifts. God is nothing but doing the service to humanity. Once if you are doing the service to humanity, automatically God is taking care of you—all angles.

And heartfully I am blessing you guys. And my prayers are with you, each individual souls. I am blessing you with a peace of mind, beautiful health—such a full life in all angles. God bless you guys.


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