Excerpted from Sri Kaleshwar’s video teaching sent to DLHC in Laytonville before the Mother Divine Maheshwari Initiation in September 2008

So, my dear divine souls, as human minds, what you feel coming to Laytonville right now is a lot of hope and expectation that you'll have darshan of Mother, you'll have darshan of your Swami, and quite amazing experiences. You came with an open heart. I totally understand.

No matter what religion you belong to, which philosophy you believe in, and which religious feelings you like, it doesn't matter. Nature is Nature. Mother is the Mother. She is unconditional love. Same time, testings are there. You cannot expect, all the time, positive.

…What I really wanted was to come to America, to Laytonville, to have a great time with you guys, and share some amazing Mother experience. You know from the beginning your Swami's style––your Swami's life with the Mother and the Nature. Your Swami is not a normal, ordinary master, in comparison with many masters that you've seen in your life, period. Your Swami has his own style––to make Her reach and approach, and make you able to receive shaktipat and many strokes with Her. That's my style.

Even if I make a small slow journey, finally you'll get the results, no matter what. No matter what, those whose hearts are open to receive spiritual enlightenment will be able to receive amazing experiences and abilities. That is one of your Swami's greatest talents, and the greatest boon that I received from Mother.

When Nityaananda and Monika started giving initiation in Laytonville, the big thunder hit, a tree got burned. It means, the Mother––Her Nature––is playing there. Her Nature is––once She starts to relax, She starts to receive that place, reach that place. First, She shaked it a little bit. …It is Her nature to give a little shakiness––to me, too.

What you need to note down are several points in your life - golden statements.

Point One: No matter what, let's follow the Mother’s Nature. Whatever She gives in your life, accept it.

Point Two: Practice and patience. No matter what, keep holding that.

Point Three: Never, ever lose your determination and your dedication. 

Point Four: Put your monkey mind far away from you. You are doing spiritual sadhana. You're doing spiritual sadhana. No matter what, if you practiced 30 years of meditation, 40 years of meditation, 10 years of meditation, 5 months of a strong process, it doesn't matter. She wants to give you something. She will approach in your life, and give whatever She likes to you through different forms. She is coming, and She is entering in your life. She's already entered you. She's entered in your soul. She's started working with your soul. That is it, period. She has already started.

…I know how to make Her to come in your life very strongly to deal with your soul, to approach with Her in front of you. She will come. She is coming. She's already with you.

My strongest advice in your lives: whatever She wants to bless in your life receive that. 

Once you touch your third eye to the feet of Dattatreya, the Mother’s energy 100% is with you. You really merged with Her. Then you’ll start to get visions. The next day, or the same night, or the next night, then it keeps flowing.

When you’re doing the process, your Swami's also putting amazing sankalpam here. Swami's dropping his body (taking samadhi) in Dwarkamai and on a soul level he's entering the Datta statue there. That Dattatreya statue sitting there is the most powerful statue. A few people can see me there, too, in the Datta statue. Whose has certain chakras really open, will really be able to see that your Swami’s presence is also there, and the Mother’s presence is also there. Even if you think it's kind of your illusion, it's kind of hypnotizing yourself––it's not. The energy is there.

I will give my word 100%, by the grace of Mother, yes, you will complete all Her strokes. You'll complete every stroke of Mother Divine initiation. You will complete all Her strokes in your life. Then the next step is Shiva, the next step is Jesus, then Buddha, and Baba; you're entering in all divine souls' processes.

My dear divine souls, Jesus Christ was quite an amazing and powerful person. I knew him personally. I walked with him personally. I gave a promise to him that his knowledge, the information that he gave, the divine channels that he practiced, needs to go to the planet. Every spiritual student so far on the planet got a small break (in their process). Again, my mission is to tie it (connect) to that bridge.

You are stepping in the great wisdom of Her amazing beautiness. She's amazingly beautiful, amazingly kind––an unbelievably strong mercy lady. Unbelievable mercy. Of course, if She wants to make us to be strong, we have to able to understand Her Creation; we have to learn from this end to this end. Sticking all the time only in daytime, without knowing the nighttime, you cannot recognize the value of daytime. Dark and light. So, let it happen. 100%, be very open hearted.

Life is short, make it sweet. It’s quite amazing knowledge we have. It still exists, we need to spread that to the globe.

Your Swami's not asking anything from you guys, except your love, your open heart, your helping nature, to create wisdom and heal the globe, and create and spread peace.

All my love. Have a wonderful time. Good luck. Take care. 

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