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Everyone wants a miracle healing.  With soul healing that is possible, but how do we get to that miracle.  Then, even more importantly, how do we make that last?  How do we turn that miracle energy of a healing into living a miraculous life?

For a miraculous life, let’s talk a bit first about the web of things in which every person finds themselves, that is currently creating their life and their disease. We could talk about this many ways, but today let’s take three levels of the causes of disease.


The Personal Level:

Intra and interpersonal dynamic and experiences are the embed structure that constitutes the personal emotions, personality, interactions, and life.  We can think of that as all the life patterns and personal pattern that keep an action and reaction cycle going a person’s life:

  • Their childhood and adult experiences
  • Their interpretive system of experience
  •  Their personality
  • Their mindset/worldview
  • Their emotions
  • The structural and energetic system in which a person is embedded
  • Social structures
  • Family, Family history, Ethnicity, Work, where they live and the Governing bodies they are subject to    
  • Kala Chakra (the energetic structure of time) is the embed web of timing on their lives and soul
  • Astrology—birth timing
  • Timing in family and family line
  • Time of the progress of the earth
  • Timing of your own soul across lives

The Soul Level:

At the soul level, we are here to gain enlightenment. We are here to advance our soul energy through the play of karmas and lesson of divinity.  These can come with us across lifetimes as this play of the illusion in the body. This depends on:

  • The timing of the soul
  • The lesson the soul is working on for it's enlightenment
  • The Karmas that are layered on the soul to bring us those lessons, which are created and recreated by our actions and reactions
  • The larger arch of the soul journey
  • The Chakras:
  • All this, the personal and soul level, shape our experiences, actions, and reactions. All this Interacts with the energy of our chakras.
  • Chakras are the wheels of light which govern the flow of the divine energy in us.
  • Disease in life at any level is marked by a blockage in the chakra, blockage in our divine flow    

How to Affect all These Levels for Full Healing?

A good healer is interconnecting all these levels and working with a person to intervene on all these levels. They are working with a person to gain the knowledge, and awareness, practices of action and reaction to intervene and release, the embedded patterns of a person’s life. But there needs to be more than this. There needs to be a shift of the energetic. 


We Need Shakti Energy: The Energy of Change

In Soul Healing  (also called Sai Shakti Healing), the Healer connects to specific sources of divine energy and invests that into the chakras and soul to effect change on all levels of the being. They can also teach the person to do that for themselves.

This energy is Shakti; pure divine life force energy that has the potential to create and recreate everything that is. If everything, including us, was created from this shakti energy, to recreate ourselves fully we must engage that shakti. It is the Shakti that can bring the Miracle level change.  It is the investment of divine energy that creates a potential for quantum change at all levels. 



The spontaneous remission of cancer or other physical diseases 

A profound awakening of consciousness

An opening of the heart that creates a profound shift in the mind and emotions

I have seen all of these happen. Jesus raised a man from the dead. Miracles can happen. Miracles do happen. But they happen from access and investment of divine energy.

But we are not done yet. To create a miracle life we must: 


Perpetuate the Miracle Energy 

In order to live a miraculous life, a changed life on all the levels, one must perpetuate the miracle moment into a change in the embeddedness of the life

If you've ever seen a miracle, have you noticed how quickly doubt and natural explanation begins to erode the supernatural? You feel, smell, hear symptoms of angels and then wonder if the smell was from a candle near-by. Or wonder if the sweet sounds you thought you heard you just imagined. A great saint manifests something in front of you, and a perhaps even at the moment you are wondering if it is some slight of hand. Or even more tangible, you have a spontaneous remission of cancer, and a few weeks later you are back to the worry that it will come back. You say to yourself- “Doctors say.. my history is…”,  and the miraculous energy begins to dissipate.

Even Lazarus has to wonder. He comes back from the dead. But what does he do with his life after that?   How does he make sense of being dead and whatever experience he had in that state of death?  How does he digest this experience? How does he incorporate into a change of his life structure, a change of his action and reaction cycles?


For That, We Also Need Soul Healing

You cannot have a profound awakening or healing and just go back in the same old family and social structure of work where no one else changed.  Your new state will be challenged.  You will likely have that miraculous awaking be pushed on, bullied, and potentially fade away.  You will go back into the old patterns of life that created the need for healing in the first place.

The action and reaction cycles of our lives have to digest and incorporate the miraculous. We have to go back to those levels. We must go back to the personal, the soul, and create a new embeddedness of our lives based in the miraculous. When we do, we start to live a miraculous life. In that life, we view, experience, and act and react from the energy of the divine. Then we experience small and large miracles each day. Each miracle moment teaches and informs our lives.  

We are on a journey of soul development to awaken to the supernatural energy of God and Divine Mother that lies hidden within the natural. We must see beyond the illusion of the embedded structure of our lives and bodies, into the true nature of God.

To do that we must not only experience healing at all the levels, we need to experience the miraculous. Further, we must incorporate that miracle energy back into all those levels: personal, soul, and chakras.

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Cindy Lindsay Rael

has been an energy healer and teacher for 25 years. She has studied with Sri Kaleshwar since 2001. She is a graduate of Kaleshwar's Soul University in India and is a certified teacher of the ancient mantra and yantra systems. Prior to her work in the Vedic tradition, she studied, conducted healing, and taught in the Inca traditions of Peru. Cindy also earned a PhD. in Psychology and was a university professor and consultant.

Cindy conducts both distance and in-person healing sessions and teachings. To read more on her approach to Sai Shakti Healing see In addition, Cindy offers Divine Baby Blessings to pregnant mothers and works with many issues of the Holy Womb (

For more information on Teachings, Blessings, or Healings you can contact her at:


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