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From every destruction there can be a new creation.  But times of destruction do not guarantee that the next creation will be higher.  We have to do that.  We are the hope for a higher outcome.  This is our chance to combine with God/ Mother Divine to create a higher state of our own souls and for humanity. The time is now. The work is eternal. The reward is grace. It is in our hands. What will we choose?


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From every destruction, there can be a new creation. But times of destruction do not guarantee that the next creation will be a higher one. 

We have to do that. But How?

Many different spiritual leaders see this time of pandemic world destruction as a time to let go of old personal and world patterns and attain higher consciousness. One of my favorites is an Elder from the Andes on . But Sri Kaleshwar also gave predictions of such times and we will be speaking from that tradition today.


Datta Kriya, Surrender, and Faith

Certainly, we are all experiencing some kind of destruction in these trying times: lost loved ones; lost health; lost jobs and careers; lost income; lost freedom; and more. This, I believe, is the hardest part of envisioning a time of destruction as a creative possibility. Letting go is hard. But letting go, nonattachment, to what is leaving is the first step.

Creation, maintenance, and destruction are the cycles of all things in form. In the tradition I learned from Sri Kaleshwar. this is known as Datta Kriya—the actions of Dattatreya. Dattatreya is the combined energies and forms of Brahma/ creator, Vishnu/ maintainer, and Shiva/ destroyer. All of the manifest forms go through these cycles of Datta—creation, maintenance, and destruction-- birth, life, death, and rebirth into another cycle of life. It is the auto mechanism of the creation for renewal, rebirth, and change. 

So how do we ride these cycles to a higher creation after destruction? First, we have to understand that destruction is a necessary part of the cycles of change. As unwanted as it may be, the destruction of old patterns is what allows for new beginnings. 

We must learn to surrender what Datta Kriya takes. We need to learn about its cycles. And we need to see the destruction and negative aspects it makes apparent to us. Destruction can even feel quite noble if we see ourselves as giving up old blocks, negative emotions, and negative behavioral patterns. We can see this as a good act. We need to ask ourselves in these times of destruction, what aspect of our own inner selves and of the world, could really use some release; anger, fear, hurt, unworthiness, greed, violence? And when we have our answer, we need to work within ourselves to release these old negative influences and their roots in us. A very powerful mantra process for releasing blocks can be found in chapter two of the book: “The Real Life and Teaching of Jesus Christ” available on Amazon.

Ok but, I can hear you thinking: ‘That is all well and good. But how is losing a loved one, a job you loved, or money you need to survive, somehow a noble release?’ Though giving up our negative patterns requires facing ourselves with fearlessness and love; giving up what we love requires some added faith in the process. Faith that what has been taken can have a positive meaning. Faith that these are divine cycles for our growth and growth of humankind. Faith in our own connection with God to help us through. Faith in ourselves to become greater somehow from this loss. 

Let me give you an example. 

A number of years ago, a long-term client of mine lost her daughter to suicide. My client was of course devastated and in unimaginable grief. She was also confused and wondering what she could have done, or what she missed. She had no way to make sense of why her daughter had committed suicide. It felt like a profound and senseless loss, that she was now helpless to stop.

But this client of mine had always fearlessly faced her own inner journey as purification and learning. 

So, that is how she approached it. We worked on those feelings in her. We also did a ceremony to make sure her daughter was not caught as a negative spirit (stuck in the creation from suicide). My client was thorough, open-hearted, and hard working at her inner exploration. But this was not enough. She needed faith.

So, we started her on a spiritual process to just tell her daughter whatever she needed to say or ask. She had her own daily spiritual process, so we connected it with that. After a short time, my client began to have signs in nature, dreams, and visions of her daughter. Over time they found a way to communicate in those dreams, signs, and inner visions. These experiences built her faith in the inner peace her daughter was learning after death, and in the existence of life afterlife.

My client was so empowered by this that her natural curiosity took over and she began to interview others about having had contact with their loved ones after death. She found some interesting trends and commonalities and some amazing, heart touching, stories. She wrote it all down and collected them into a book. Several years after her daughter’s death, the book was published by Hay House. 

To promote the book, she began doing workshops. I attended one. It was amazing; heartwarming, transformative, deeply touching to all who came. She was now a healer for others on what she had found in her own tragedy.

My client now has a new life. At a time in her life that she was long retired and not expecting to do anything new, she became an author, workshop leader, and healer. We have chatted several times about this new meaning for her life and for the death of her daughter. As she said, there was just no predicting where this took her. She just followed her heart and found herself in a new meaning of life. A meaning that is helping scores of others to find meaning from the destruction and death in their lives. (Her book is on Amazon: .


High States of Consciousness Satya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema, and New Life

Still, destruction or misfortune does not guarantee that the new creation will be higher. No really new creation can come without a change of consciousness. The consciousness that created the old way, has to give way to a new possibility. We must seek and hold high states of consciousness to fuel a truly new creation. As Einstein said: 

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

We have to change our consciousness to change ourselves. We have to embody and become that new consciousness to change the world.


Satya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema

Faith itself is a high state of consciousness. But there are a few others we can also use. They were left as pathways to enlightenment (four flames) by a Dattatreya incarnation known as Shirdi Sai Baba. They are Satya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema. Each of these is a practice in our lives, but they are also the divine states of consciousness of God.

As Sri Kaleshwar said:

“If you don’t have a hook in your life, then the destroying starts. You hypnotize yourself, you are not good enough, you are not the right person, “I’m not, I’m not, I’m not. I’m a crazy guy. I’m an addicted guy. I’m not clever. I’m an idiot.”... How to avoid the hurt? 

That’s why Datta Kriya always says, “Satya, dharma, shanti, prema. “Satya––truth. Dharma––duty. Shanti––peace. Prema––love.”

Satya is wisdom, eternal truth. It is not my personal truth. It is not the truth of facts and lies that seems to be in profound confusion these days. It is the truth as known through the Brahma Consciousness and the connection to the infinite. It is the kind of truth that is found in ancient teachings and in silent meditation. It is the truth of God that comes out of the great silence that created all things.

Dharma is duty, right judgment, and right action. It can be the actions that come from high states of consciousness like love, charity, forgiveness, and compassion. It can also be one’s life’s work of right action— doing good with non-attachment to outcome or reward. 

Shanti is peace. It is the inner peace in our actions and thoughts. It is the peace of the silence. 

It is the peace in us that allows us to receive and respond in peace no matter what comes in the illusion.

Prema is love. Not romantic love, but the divine love that is God. They say God is love. They are right. But are we that love? Even though we are pieces of God, are we filled with an experience of love? The illusion is created by forces of repulsion, separation out of the great oneness. Prema/ Love is a power that helps us transcend duality and illusion and pull back together with God. As Yogananda said:

“…Love is the divine power of attraction in creation that harmonizes, unites, binds together. It is opposed by the forces of repulsion… The attractive force of love counteracts cosmic repulsion to harmonize all creation and ultimately draw it back to God”

Therefore, Prema is an overarching consciousness and embodiment of love which binds us back to the oneness of God. From that state, we can be love in all our actions and reactions, even within the illusion full of repulsion and separation.  

By embodying these divine states, we find our way back to the oneness of God and the divine Mother’s Womb. It is from this oneness before creation that all creation came. When we approach this oneness through these states, we can find the place before and beyond the old patterns. We can find, in the silence of that oneness, the possibilities of all creation and recreation. These are the “hooks” we need to pull ourselves up from destruction to a higher creation.

Sri Kaleshwar in 2011 also gave a wonderful yantra and mantra process that propels the attainment of these high states of consciousness: New Kala Chakra. This yantra shows mantras of Satya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema, and reaching the Mother’s Womb. The yantra also illustrates that through the practice of these mantras we can learn to bring peace and love to the friction and destruction points of our lives. By doing that we gain nonattachment and inspiration with respect to the experiences of the illusion. This then leads us to Brahmananda (bliss).  

If you are interested in this teaching you can look at the original transcript of Sri Kaleshwar’s teaching from Shiva Ratri 2011, or you can write to me at to find how you get this teaching.

But before this teaching, Sri Kaleshwar often spoke about these states of consciousness. His suggestion was to catch one of these states and embody it.

“Look, once if you open your heart for the truth––satya, dharma, shanti, prema––it will be with you, it will support you. It brings you to the Almighty. First, catch either one, be truthful, satya. Or be a fair judge, dharma. Or be shanti, whatever the anger, whatever the blocks, be quiet and calm. Or be accepting, whatever it is be a loving person, prema. First, take one in your hand, practice that. The remaining things automatically will come to you.”

Let me give an example of this. A friend and client of mine who is a beautiful loving person had a difficult (but loving) marriage with a man who passed away when their children were young adults. A few years later she married again. However, that marriage had its own difficulties and they divorced. During her divorce, she came to me to work through how to meet her divorce with love, even though there was animosity on both sides. She really got it. She already understood that if she wanted to have a relationship of love in the next creation, that she needed to enter the destruction of divorce from a high state of love. 

She worked hard at it, using each experience of the divorce to find her way back to love and loving response. She did rituals and practices from her tradition to grow the divine love in her and connect with the divine. She watched herself and noticed what threw her out of love. She dug into those friction points in her as they became apparent through the friction of the divorce.  

Her goal was to become a person of love. She did this marvelously. To be clear, she was not trying to manifest a new love relationship, nor a partner. She was focused on being love within herself and with her God.

However, after making it through her divorce, with more love than I have ever seen someone achieve under such circumstances, a new love relationship did come. They have been together for three-plus years now. Happy, playful, and loving, it is a new kind of relationship for them both. A new life from grabbing and being Prema/ Divine Love. Everything did indeed follow from this as Sri Kaleshwar said.


Life After Pandemic 

We too can have a new life after pandemic, loss, and isolation. We can create a higher existence out of this destruction. We are the only ones who can choose that. We must do the work to achieve that. We must: 

  • Look at ourselves;
  • Release our blocks;
  • Have faith to let go of what is taken; and
  • Work to attain at least one of the higher states of consciousness that draws us to unity with God/ Mother Divine.  

From the high state of consciousness, we connect to the place of all creation and possibility. 

From that, all else will come.  

We are the hope for a higher outcome. This is our chance to combine with God/ Mother Divine to create a higher state of our own souls and for humanity. The time is now. The work is eternal. The reward is grace. It is in our hands. What will we choose?



Cindy Lindsay Rael

has been an energy healer and teacher for 25 years. She has studied with Sri Kaleshwar since 2001. She is a graduate of Kaleshwar's Soul University in India and is a certified teacher of the ancient mantra and yantra systems. Prior to her work in the Vedic tradition, she studied, conducted healing, and taught in the Inca traditions of Peru. Cindy also earned a PhD. in Psychology and was a university professor and consultant.

Cindy conducts both distance and in-person healing sessions and teachings. To read more on her approach to Sai Shakti Healing see In addition, Cindy offers Divine Baby Blessings to pregnant mothers and works with many issues of the Holy Womb (

For more information on Teachings, Blessings, or Healings you can contact her at:

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