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Beyond belief you can know the nature and workings of the energies of creation and God/ Divine Mother.  This knowing allows you to move beyond Bhakti to a Shakti engagement in Spirituality.  By engaging the processes of observation, reflection and experimentation you can move through the stages of the illusion. With your knowing of the divine truth and energies you can co create a better world.


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Believing Is Seeing 

I am fond of saying that that the old expression “seeing is believing” should be understood differently from the spiritual perspective as “believing is seeing.”  Definitely, our beliefs guide our perceptions and how and what we can see.  When we believe in God, we can see the evidence of God is everywhere.  

But perception is tricky. So today I am going to argue against believing and into knowing of the truth. In our perpetual knowing, we can be walking along and see a rope or stick on the ground.  But then when it moves, suddenly we see it is a snake.  We believe it to be a stick or rope in one instant and in another we believe it is a snake. This is an example of when we think we know something, but it is just really believing in our perception of the moment. Perceiving it to be a rope then believing and perceiving it later it is a snake.  It is a perceptual experience. It is not the truth. It was not the truth that it was rope or stick, and we accept it is the truth that it is a snake once it moves.

This is exactly the reason that today I am going to argue that spirituality needs to go beyond believing to knowing. 

I will also argue here that there is a truth and it is guiding everything that we think we know.  It is an underlying set of rules by which creation works.  Even beyond creation, there is an energy and its principles that govern how all things are created. I will argue that that is a truth.  There is a law of nature that guides all things.  Even if we do not know it.  

But we can know it.

You may call that truth God or not.  But believing in God does not necessarily lead us to know this truth.  Believing is utterly unimportant to the existence of what is true and is a poor guide to knowing and using the nature of that truth. Believing allows us to see the possibility there.  It allows us to start seeing the patterns of God.  But unless we pay deeper attention to the energies of God in those patterns, we do not really know that truth and how it operates.

Certainly, belief in God can lead us to beautiful things.  But we are talking today about getting to knowing the truth.  Belief in God is not the same as knowing what is true.  There are many people who believe in God and have no idea what is true or not true beyond their personal belief in God.

Whether you believe in photons or not, does not affect their behavior.  Whether you believe in consciousness or not, does not affect its existence.  Believing effects our actions, but not the actions of nature or the truth of the energies of creation.

The Folly of Belief 

More troubling, in the modern world, it seems that believing is too often affecting our behavior in negative ways.  Believing so often leads to prejudice and hatred in modern times.  

My belief is right; yours is wrong.  I am supreme; you are lesser. It is a terrifying aspect of the results of perceptual belief. Those, who think they know, are just believing what they want to know and imposing that on others. Believing can become a kind of fanaticism based only in personal prejudice, need, or attachment. 

Winston Churchill once defined a fanatic as someone who “won’t change his mind and can’t change the subject.” 

It is the ‘can not change his mind’ part of this, that is most troubling for our discussion today.  Because our senses and mind are attuned to an illusion of form, which we believe to be real.  Thus, our everyday beliefs arise from persistent illusions of the human mind and its limitations of senses and perception.

We have to get past those limitations of senses and perception.  We must get past that way of ‘knowing’ to perceive the truth; to change our minds.

So, I am going to argue today for a knowing of truth.  Truth beyond our senses and our beliefs.  A truth that lies in an unseen world that guides everything.  A truth that even guides this illusion by which we are deluded. 

There is a truth of nature.  And our first approach to knowing this truth is through the scientific method.

Scientific Knowing

Knowing does not come from believing something is true but from a stance of observation and experimentation which leads use to discover repeatable and predictable patterns. This is a traditional scientific approach to knowing.  And the knowing of truth within the creation can come through this scientific method.  Science uses the mind to find keener and keener means of perception and experimentation to know about that which is unseen.  

Until we could experience the curvature of the earth through Magellan’s and Elcano’s expeditions of circumnavigation (1519–1522), some believed the earth to be round and others that it was flat.  As we advanced further in our scientific way to perceive we also found the earth is not completely round but an oblate spheroid – a sphere with a bulge around the equator. 

Our knowing changes as our ability to perceive and experience become refined.  We have to be able to change our minds. We understand the nature of truth in the unseen world through experimentation and careful observation of that which is repeatable and therefore predictable.  That is, can we reliably predict if we do x, y will happen.

Sri Kaleshwar loved scientists and what they were finding.  He said that at some point science and spirituality would find their commonalities of truth. That made sense to me immediately.  Because it is this type of delicate and deliberate observation and experimentation that leads to knowing of those invisible laws beneath the ordinary perception of illusion.  That is part of spirituality. That is part of the scientific method.

Sri Kaleshwar also told his students to observe carefully.  He said to observe him, the saints, the avadhuts, and our own meditation.  He said we should not just float away in trance, but in trance meditation to reserve some portion of your consciousness so you can bring the observation of that trance state to normal consciousness. He even said that after meditation or mantra repetition we should take some time to observe and recognize the energy there.  In doing this we bring to everyday consciousness the experience of meditation, mantra, and trance.

I think this was Sri Kaleshwar telling us to observe ourselves when we are beyond mind.  

In this way we allow the observer state to bring us information about those trance states.  And in that observation, to come to know that which is beyond mind and to find a repeatable truth there.

Spiritual Knowing

For spiritual knowing, there is something incredibly important about experiencing something beyond the mind.  The mind is that which believes.  The mind is that which attaches to the illusion of form.  But our knowing has to go below form to the very energies and principles that create and govern form.  And to the energies and principles before form. 

We have to learn to go beyond our normal senses, to see and touch with our hearts and souls.  We must learn to hear beyond our ears and the sounds of the illusion into a silent pulsation of energy. We have to learn to experience the vibrational from direct engagement.  Not from its translation to light, color, and form of this world, but from the vibration itself. 

How do we do this? We do it in meditation and in other states of trance during healing and devotional and energetic practice.  But we still must observe this and experiment with this, to have knowing beyond just experiencing.  Otherwise, we are just in the midst of a fun experience.

Other Benefits of Knowing

I was talking to a dear scientist friend of mine and he was telling me that the mathematical equations predicted the existence of black holes long before the scientists could find a way to observe them.  Similarly, the idea that time is linear does not match the mathematical equations.  So, mathematicians know time is not linear, but we cannot perceive that yet in any other way yet.  As Einstein said: “The distinction between the past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”  It is a stubbornly persistent illusion.

Whether we believe time to be linear or not, what difference does it make to know that?  Here I am making this large argument for knowing rather than believing.  So, what is the point of knowing?  

You may argue that if we could perceive or believe time as something other than linear, all of everyday life would be different.  Do we have to know it?

And you may argue, if we just believe in God or in loving other people, believe in tolerance, believe in all these positive human values, that we can stay away from the prejudices created by simple belief.  Can’t we just live by positive principles?  Yes, we can. We can follow a bhakti and dharmic (right action) way of being in the world and that would make the world a better place.

But to show the difference in believing and knowing as a way of guiding our actions, I want to go back to the notion of nonlinear time for a moment and give an example. If we know how to access the state of consciousness that experiences time as nonlinear and know how to operate within that state of consciousness, we have an amazing Shakti healing tool.

I had a wonderful woman client who had been repeatedly abused by her mother.  One early experience of that abuse with her mother was a focal point for her constellation of her feelings about her mother and herself.  Because of this event and subsequent abuse, she had no relationship with her mother now and was not willing to have one. She and her mother had not talked in many years.

We worked together on a number of things before we did this approach.  We needed to do some underlying work to clear her emotional energy, womb chakra, etc. We needed to make sure that if we took her back to the time of the primary abusive experience that she could remain untriggered and choose differently.  I would not recommend doing this without that prior work. 

However, when she was ready for this experience it was life-changing.  In the experience, I helped to attain a state of seeing and experiencing the prior abuse; a state of being in that moment. In a sense we were accessing the nonlinear time state to be in that moment.  We wanted her to act and interact at that moment.  

Her instruction was to meet it differently.  She was to try to observe and hold love, compassion, forgiveness in that moment of that abuse.  To do this she needed to try to see the pain driving her mother to act as she did.  But also, for my client, she needed to hold her own self-respect/ self-worth enough to stay in her own power even in those moments of abuse. 

She did it beautifully.  She went back to that early experience and could see it clearly. She could even see and hear things she had not recalled before.  So, we had some sense that she was there at that moment. 

She could also see her mother clearly.  She could feel the abuse her mother must have endured as a child that had led her to abuse my client.  My client felt a sense of compassion for the first time.  From that compassion, she was able to offer her mother love and forgiveness.  In response, her mother broke down into tears and wept uncontrollably.  In her inner awareness, her mother stopped abusing her and just cried.  They eventually embraced.  My client felt a profound lifting and then came out of the experience. Clearly a healing and beautiful experience.

We could just end it there.  We could see it as a lovely psychological experience.  We could say that my client imagined the past in some way that allowed her to hold her own self-respect and loving nature.  This in itself is healing.  Further, we could say she was able to hold the memory differently and see herself and her love as powerful. All of which is psychologically healing. And we could explain it from that psychological perspective.

Even Krishnamurti said: “Real change can only take place when the mind comes to the problem afresh, not with all the jaded memories of a thousand yesterdays.”  So perhaps that is all that happened.  She got her mind free of the old painful interpretations of a thousand yesterdays.

But how do we explain that 2 days later her mother, whom she had not contacted nor heard from in years, reached out to her in an e-mail? At first, my client was afraid to open it.  But she felt from the inner experience she had had that she could stand in love no matter what was in the email.  So, she read the email.  The point of Mother’s email was to admit, honestly, her wrongdoing and abusiveness and to ask (even beg) if there was any way they may find a relationship with one another past this.  

The daughter called her mother, for the first time in years. The discussion was long and difficult, but ultimately it was filled with love and forgiveness.  They have continued a relationship since then.

A mere psychologic change in the internal workings of my client cannot explain her mother contritely contacting her. The only explanation there is, that from accessing and using the nonlinear state of consciousness, things could be changed in all times for all players. From that time period, there was an influence on this time period because she touched nonlinear time.  From this, everyone in that scenario experienced something was different.  Even her mother.  It was not just an internal psychological experience of my client.  Something prompted Mom as well.

There is a great power for good in being able to know how to access and use the truth of the energies of creation. As healers, we need to know.

Being a Creator

Of course, we can live our lives without that deeper knowing of the unseen.  We can live just responding to what we see and believe. But when we do know the truth of the energy and its actions and interactions, we can create with that energy.



Cindy Lindsay Rael

has been an energy healer and teacher for 25 years. She has studied with Sri Kaleshwar since 2001. She is a graduate of Kaleshwar's Soul University in India and is a certified teacher of the ancient mantra and yantra systems. Prior to her work in the Vedic tradition, she studied, conducted healing, and taught in the Inca traditions of Peru. Cindy also earned a PhD. in Psychology and was a university professor and consultant.

Cindy conducts both distance and in-person healing sessions and teachings. To read more on her approach to Sai Shakti Healing see In addition, Cindy offers Divine Baby Blessings to pregnant mothers and works with many issues of the Holy Womb (

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