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ōm lingāSHTakam nĪDam puNyam

yaḥ-patēśhiva sannidhau

śhivalōka māvapnoti

śhivēna sahamōgatē

To find Her illusions, or to break Mahamaya illusions, the Shiva energy is the biggest. Sahamogatay is very important. Whenever you are chanting it, whenever you connect to Mother Divine, the words in your heart, Sahamogatay, is the most essential. After you’ve had two darshans, the third darshan you have to pray, Sahamogatay. You don’t need to pray all of the Sky mantra, it is good enough just to say Shivayna Sahamogatay.
Anytime you’re facing a lot of problems, some high, intense vibrations are around you, you can consider it a big challenge. You have to face it. It’s a big challenge. You have to go in the nature, sit, simple ten to fifteen minutes, quietly, calmly, just chanting the Sky mantra. Keeping on chanting, and chanting, and chanting Shivayna Sahamogatay. ‘Shiva, I’m totally surrendering to your feet. No matter whatever it is, you’re the person to take care of me’.
The Sky mantra is one of the highest, most powerful Shiva prayers in the universe. Once you connect with the Sky mantra in nature, it’s a high melodious connecting to the angels. You have to be alone in the nature. It doesn’t belong to anyone, only you, alone, keeping on developing that energy.
from the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar  


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