Excerpt from Shirdi Sai Baba the Universal Master by Sri Kaleshwar


There is nothing permanent in the universe. There is no guarantee. Anyone can die tomorrow. You understand? There is no guarantee what will happen to this planet tomorrow. It doesn’t matter what we predict or what we see one hundred percent clearly in meditation; still God is the supernatural man. He can change anything at any time, any minute.

What we have to do is completely surrender to receive His (Baba's) love and energy through the practices. We don’t need to understand the higher mechanism level of His nature right away. Start step-by-step connecting to the souls, spirits and angels, then taking the people’s pain and healing them, sending the love. Through these sevas, step-by-step your soul can turn into a purely divine soul, like an avadhut. Then a certain time later, you can melt in Mother Divine’s energy. Once you start to melt in Mother Divine’s energy, you are in the satchitananda, Brahmananda, mokshananda, chinmayananda, anandananda. 

Saburi means patience, wait. Shraddha means practice. It is in your hands to do. That is the real purpose of human life. It is why we came to this planet. With the right practices, it is not a big deal to reach that stage. Open your heart and do it. Forget about Swami Kaleshwar. Forget about everything; open your heart to God or Jesus or Baba, whoever it is. He is there. His energy is there. He’s a big judge. He’s one hundred percent genuine. Once your heart is aching for him, through any direction, through any form, through any way his love will be there. He will come and he will take care. This is one hundred percent true information. 


Listen to full story of Shirdi Baba's mahasamadhi below (23:16)


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