From the Teachings of Sri Kaleshwar


If you really want to enjoy your life and also you want to do great works – huh-un. You can enjoy but only to a certain stage then you can’t go more than that. You cannot. After a certain stage, you’re for the society, the globe. After you receive certain abilities in you, then you really need to take care around the people. You have to have that type of strong commitment in your life. Doesn't matter even if you have the big knowledge, healing powers, whatever you have, you need to love humanity, serve, help as much as you can. As much as you can, serve the humanity, hugging them and caring for them, then, yes, you are a divine person, you are a divine soul.

It is quite amazing. Peoples’ hearts are opening worldwide to create peace and harmony. And, they’re taking care of each other with unbelievable healing abilities. I appreciate it. My main concept is, for at least two to three hours a week to do some charitable works. Give your free service, and provide some food, even a piece of bread. And, if financially you are well enough, try to give whatever your heart says. It helps your soul. Try to create joy in the needy people around you. The Guru Parampara, and especially my soul, loves that concept. You have no idea what thirst looks like, no idea what hunger looks like, you have no idea how much you really need your eyes, you have no idea how much God has given you all the parts of the body as a healthy person. A healthy person needs to help needy people, spend time with the mentally retarded, the sick, the depression and heartbroken people. If you make them smile and laugh, that is winning the first step to the Divine. If you cannot win the humanity, it is highly difficult to win Mother Nature. Forget about your selfishness, try to think about who is around you, too. Don’t neglect this. Take my message seriously. Try to find a way to help the needy people.

Help ever, hurt never. Care about the tears. With intention or without intention, you should not give a cause, give a pain to somebody’s heart, to create tears in their heart; tears in their heart, not in the eyes. That is a most dangerous crime that you can do. Intentionally, without intention, be very careful how you’re going to handle the humanity, any divine soul, any creation around you, in whatever the circumstance.

Our Guru Parampara, Baba, said, “All human beings are one. Our religion is humanity. God is one.” If you can, try to do seva to who really needs help around you. Bring them food, spend a little time with them and make them happy. Share your love and friendship, and the fragrance of our divine lineage. Make a strong commitment to help wherever you can. Lead your life as a beautiful message.

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