Sri Kaleshwar sent a video message from in the Baba Mandir in Penukonda, India, to us at the Divine Lineage Healing Center, Laytonville, CA. This was before the Maheshwari (Divine Mother) Initiation.


My dear guys…quite amazing students.  I really can say thank you. Really thank you. I know, guys, all you group leaders, how much you really want to carry this mission of the Guru Parampara to the globe. I really am seeing how much hard time, how much pleasant time you’ve really been through in your lives too. Of course, we know each other very well. It’s true.

We’re all in the same boat. It’s a quite amazing same boat. Let it be, let it happen and be strong. He’s (Baba) the king. We’re all soldiers. We have to lead this mission in a beautiful way whatever he likes it. Without his sankalpam, without his grace, we cannot move, we cannot play any small incident in our lives. Even what you want to create, there’s a big reason behind it that he’s making it to stop. Certain thing he’s making to move, very fastly moving it.

One thing you have to know, guys, thousands of hours we spent with each other. I really appreciate it. And I really enjoyed your presence, and I’m really missing you, guys, too.

A tiger before it’s going to hunt, it’s very quiet, and it’s very calm. Soundless. Very peaceful. Before the tiger is taking action, two, three, four, steps going back. And it’s very quiet. Don’t think the tiger is stepping back, if it is stepping back it means – it is going fast – it is attacking fast. It’s the same story with many masters. So far, stepped back, stepped back, stepped back. Since thousands of years, a delay happened – that’s stepping back. No problem. We cannot step back anymore. It’s pretty good stepped back. Now we are going to hit it very fastly, very soon. 

Every spiritual student on the planet, every spiritual master on the planet, will watch you. They will want to know your life stories, your life journey to India, your experiences with Swami, your experiences with India, and with Baba. You need to create your life in a beautiful way and present it to the globe. The memory is very evaporating. As much as, whatever you can remember, the experiences, in a beautiful way your life journey so far. Coming journey try to present to the globe. The process wise, energy wise, the Guru Parampara will take care through you guys.

My only one desire, as guru dakshina I’m asking you guys – straightly guru dakshina – today I’m asking you. Try to be unity. Try to respect if I in-charge work to somebody. Try to respect them. Let them lead that work. Don’t disturb each other. Once if you are in unity, you really can take amazing action on the globe. In a beautiful way, you can create amazing…your unity makes amazing success.

This physical body, I don’t know how long it will be on this globe, or exist on the planet. Since years I’m telling this. I don’t know. It’s the Guru Parmapara’s grace and order. I don’t know how many times I can come to America. It’s your mother country; that’s your nation. And the globe is so hungry. You need to take care of that society. Create the peace and wisdom there. You watch Swami’s lifestyle too. In India, how many thousands of people came? How many thousands of hours I really sacrificed my time and I worked. How many thousands of nights I was awake. I sacrificed; I dedicated nonstop. I’m working, working, working. Don’t think your Swami is a workaholic. It’s the order from the Guru Parampara. It’s a mission. We need to take care. I’m working. I’m doing. The same thing I’m telling to you guys, too. Each person, I will make you to work. I will make you powerful. You are powerful, guys. My support and blessings will be with you no matter what. The time is coming, one by one, one by one, everyone needs to stand and take off to teach and to give the messages.

And I'm really grateful and thankful to you, guys. Of course, our master's with us spreading the blessing to everybody through you guys. Try to give the amazing immortal love to every person, each person who is attending there as a unity. Show the globe you are the students of Swami Kaleshwar.

And try to cooperate everybody and with the serious students who are working right now there, Clint (Nityaananda) and Monika. And I really appreciate Shakti and Isa ... and everybody there. My greeting to everyone there. It’s a beautiful.

Right now I’m really missing the Laytonville. But your Swami’s soul presence every Full Moon for thousands of years – it’s my sankalpam – I’ll visit on the soul level to the Laytonville place. In the future, whoever comes to that place, every Full Moon they’ll receive the blessings; they’ll receive the initiations. That Center(1) is going to be most powerful, most powerful, most powerful and Shakti-full place. Try to keep the vibrations beautifully. That’s everybody’s – the whole of America’s job – to protect that place in a beautiful way. Thank you so much my dear divine souls. I’m really looking forward to seeing you as soon as possible, by the grace of Baba.  All my love, good luck. Have a wonderful time. Bye.


(1) Divine Lineage Healing Center

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