By William Song, co-editor of the new rendering of the Sri Sai Satcharitra

What would each of us not give to be able to be in the presence of Baba and to speak to him? To have him speak to us? When one enters into this book deeply, that is exactly what is happening. You are with Baba. This book is alive. His consciousness is in the words. And when you approach the book with stillness you’re not approaching the book through mental activity, rather you’re letting your entire body energetically absorb the life force of his words and the life force of consciousness. During these periods of sustained immersion with the energy of the book, I really real­ized that to open your heart and to be with this book is literally to be having your head at Baba’s feet. That you are literally, immediately in his presence, within his consciousness and allowing his consciousness to flood in, in place of your own egoic consciousness and that is a state of pure bliss. Listen below sharing to full talk below.


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