by Victoria Grace


Swami: Good afternoon. Everybody's so hungry?

Victoria: I think we’re more hungry for your words.

Swami: Ohhh. I have a poem, somebody wrote to me. (Swami then reads Victoria’s poem aloud)



Prayer To My Guru


Walk with me, all the days of all my lives.

Uplift me, support me, as water floats the lotus.


Talk with me, whisper prayers throughout each night.

Nourish me, teach me, as water feeds the lotus.


Surround me with harmony, fill my days with peace.

Calm me, care for me, as water protects the lotus.


Accept me, redeem me, take away all my blocks.

Wash me, cleanse me, as water bathes the lotus.


Be with me, always near, so I never have to call.

Lead me, watch out for me, as water surrounds the lotus.


Sing with me, harmonize, never leave from my heart.

You see the best of me, as water reflects the lotus.


Give me strength, an open heart, a soul of huge capacity.

Fortitude and grace, as water uplifts the lotus.


Swami: It’s the greatest poem I've ever read in my life. I’m sorry, Gary, I have to implement this poem. Would you mind?

Gary: No, Swami, I wouldn’t mind.

Swami: Your voice went a little low!

Gary: I’m so happy.

Swami: She signed it. I can make a triple meaning in each sentence but I will do privately. (laughter) Good.


Victoria Grace

has been a student of Sri Kaleshwar since 1999 when she and her husband were privileged to meet and host Swami in their home in Seattle WA. From late 2001 to 2005 she spent most of her time at the Ashram in Penukonda doing Seva, writing poetry and learning from Swami through his programs and his guidance. Swami made her promise to continue to write poems and make them into a book someday. In the US, she played a leading role in planning and implementing Swami’s west coast programs. Professionally Victoria has been a Registered Nurse, a Licensed Midwife, a business owner, a business consultant and an executive coach. Her current professional focus includes working with seniors at or near the end of their lives and her heart focus is furthering Swami’s mission. Victoria lives in Portland OR along with her son and daughter and their families, who all are active supporters of the Parashakti Center there.



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  1. Thank you for giving me this beautiful glimpse into the playful and profound quality of your relationship with Swami. Thank you for painting a word picture of a perfect way to walk with the Master. Pranams.

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