By  Kirsten Thompson (Shakti)

On New Years Eve will be the 2nd time that we gather for a 26 hour peace fire. This is the time for love and peace. Peace Fires is connecting people of all faiths, backgrounds, and cultures to create positive energy of love, peace, hope, and unity flowing strongly in our hearts, minds, and communities as we close this year and welcome 2018! You can participate just from home lighting your own candle for some time or you can go to one of the locations where the fire ceremony is done by a group. It is a global event and in 102 locations in 18 countries people will connect with their Lights on New Year’s Eve in the 26-Hour Global Healing Event. If you would like to join a group or just want to be part of the Peace Fire community please go to the website “” to see the details. We can all be part of this movement to shift the consciousness for peace.





Kirsten Thomp­son (Shakti)

began her stud­ies with Sri Kalesh­war in 2000 and served full- time at his ashram in Penukonda, India for many years. Fol­low­ing Sri Kaleshwar’s instruc­tions, she moved to the US to help man­age the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter in Lay­tonville, CA and has been help­ing take care of the Cen­ter ever since. One of Kirsten’s many dharmic works is over­see­ing the Center’s char­i­ta­ble out­reach pro­grams in Men­do­cino County which pro­vide essen­tials for those in need within one of the poor­est coun­ties in California.


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