by Candice Stein


Last year I had the honor of studying Telugu at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s South Asian Summer Language Institute.  With your help I would like to continue my studies there this summer. At the heart of this desire to study the Telugu language is my understanding of its sacredness. The Telugu alphabet alone expresses the seed vibrations of creation; These simple sound vibrations are what pull cosmic energy into physical form. Studying the sacred language of Telugu has deepened my understanding of my spiritual practice and of my knowledge of the culture from which Telugu was born. It is a beautiful language that is founded on the human relationship with the five elements. It is the language of the Divine Mother and my study of it has brought me closer to Her.

Telugu is recognized by India as a national heritage language and is still the primary language spoken throughout many parts of Southern India.  There are currently over 80 million native speakers of this language. Yet despite this and being one of the top 20 most spoken languages on the planet today, it is rarely taught to native English speakers. Over the past 6 years the study of the Telugu language has become part of my meditation practice. Learning any new language requires dedication, commitment, and a re-ordering of the way in which you structure your thoughts and sentences. All of these things, discipline, commitment, and changing the nature of your thoughts are also parts of learning meditation and mindfulness. The goal of meditation is to move into higher states of consciousness.  We do this not for personal gain but for the benefit of the soul and in turn for all of humanity. To say it simply, the results are exciting and this body of knowledge is alive, which means you can learn to interact with it. “The whole creation is within you” is what my dear teacher liked to say.  These teachings and this knowledge is a way of accessing the real reality things. This knowledge is from a great lineage of masters of which I am modern western student. It is a knowledge that takes root in India but belongs to all of humanity. Our beliefs are that of Love and Oneness.

For me these teachings have been the solution to personal problems, the source of the healing I was seeking for many years, and I believe, for many, many lifetimes. They have been the solution to the feeling of lacking and displaced internalized frustration and anger that seemed, within the lived experience, to have no end. All of these symptoms I can rationalize and find root of in the current systemic injustice and militancy the world over. In my own healing, an important connection to make has been my own relationship between self and society and to the responsibility that we each have to one another as members of humanity. Yet if these connections are made purely on intellectual level, no deeper than the mind, they are empty and in my experience have only led to a deeper sense of loss and injustice that then brought up more anger and a need to reject so many aspects of myself that I could no longer recognize me. And so is the death of true awakening. Resiliency is a word often used to describe the modern experience of awakening, but resiliency without forgiveness or authentic humility is of no help to humanity.

At the very heart of this knowledge, is the study of the Telugu language. Sri Kaleshwar was a true liberator who wanted his students to look and experience the truth for themselves.  This is one of the reasons he wanted us to learn Telugu.

My real dream is when you’re able to read Telugu, to know what’s inside the palm leaf books... take the time, learn and translate the knowledge, release that quite amazing information to the globe.

These meditation systems, purification processes, and healing techniques are living proof of a great history, representation of an understanding of the mystery of god’s love which actively illuminates the age old understanding of the oneness  This understanding has been lost by humanity in this modern age. Kaleshwar’s knowledge represents a knowing that transcends all religions and dogma.  It is knowledge that is founded upon the pillars of Truth, Right Action, Peace, and Love. It is my understanding and experience that this knowledge carries the real power, Shakti, to transform society by empowering us as authentic divine expressions of our true essence in a livable way. This knowledge is a tool kit, one key that unlocks many, many doors. Unlocking a new untapped capacity which brings us to the threshold of true experience that leads to a life lived beyond fear, anger, oppression and self inflicted soul injustice. 


Candice Stein

is a full-time student and volunteer staff member at the Divine Lineage Healing Center in Laytonville, CA. She has been studying the Telugu language since 2010.





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