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by Kimberly Naujock-Hargrove, EdD


It is amazing for me to think about how much a language has the capacity to speak to my heart and change my life. I didn’t know this was possible until I started working with the ancient knowledge from India. The palm leaf manuscripts that hold this knowledge are written primarily in an ancient script of Telugu. The word for dawn, morning twilight, in Telugu literally means “white light is coming.” The teachings in the palm leaf manuscripts are bringing the dawning of an age of divine consciousness and love. Working with the ancient knowledge has brought greater hope, healing, and consciousness in my life.  

Fourteen years ago, I tried mantra meditation for the first time with a practice from the manuscripts called the Five Elements Process. While I didn’t know anything about meditation or Telugu at that time, there was something about the process that spoke to my heart and soul. I experienced such positive results that it is almost a decade ago now that I changed careers to be able to study and share this ancient knowledge and to help others receive its benefits in their lives.

There is so much we can do to serve the world by learning Telugu. The sacred sounds of Telugu unlock a priceless body of knowledge written thousands of years ago by saints to help bring physical and emotional healing, natural remedies, and ancient formulas for understanding how God’s secrets work.

I can’t describe the thrill I felt the first time I read for myself the letters and mantras from a manuscript in Telugu. The ability to read Telugu has expanded my consciousness. Teaching and healing sessions have come to life in new and beautiful ways. I never thought I would be going back to a university program at this point in my life, but Telugu is at the heart of the ancient knowledge and my dharma. Mastering Telugu is an important part of my life’s work.

There are divine solutions for humanity’s problems contained in the ancient knowledge of the palm leaf manuscripts. These teachings will create happiness, love, peace, and justice in our lives and the world.  We want to help translate, preserve, and share the ancient knowledge to help uplift humanity for generations to come. 

Your gift will be an investment in making this incredible knowledge accessible and available to everyone. Please donate to support our group of five women learning Intermediate Telugu.  We can’t do it without you.  We promise to use our Telugu language skills in ways that will heal and serve the world.  Thank you for your love, and for your support.  


Kimberly Naujock-Hargrove

is a full time volunteer staff member, and a Master Healer and Teacher (in-training) with Divine Lineage. She began studying the ancient knowledge with Sri Kaleshwar in 2002, and traveled back and forth to India to study at Sri Kaleshwar's ashram in Penukonda for the next 10 years. She attended and graduated from Sri Kaleshwar’s Soul University in 2010. Kimberly was certified by Sri Kaleshwar as a Sai Shakti Teacher & Healer, and spends time leading pujas, giving healings, and sharing the ancient knowledge at her home in Knoxville, Tennessee as well as at the Divine Lineage Center in Laytonville, California.

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