From a New Series: Conscious Parenting; Creating Exceptional People 

by Anasuya Devi Oyarzabal

It was 2002. I was sitting in a temple in an ashram in South India, it was late at night, my 3-year-old son squirming on my lap, nursing on and off and unable to rest or sleep. At the front of the brightly lit room was a colorful altar dedicated to Jesus, Mother Mary and Dattatreya. A young, beautiful saint, Sri Kaleshwar, was talking to a group of western students. His English was minimal and his voice carried a cadence that made my ears strain to understand the teachings he was trying to impart to us.

I sat on the marble floor tangled in my sari, my son wiggling on my lap making noise with his little toy. I worried that we were being disruptive, wishing my son would get bored enough to fall asleep so I could listen more intently. It was hot. The sweat dripped from my forehead and settled in the creases of my breasts. Suddenly the chaos stopped, the scene stood still, my son, the heat, and the sounds of the fans up above. Everything stopped. All I heard was a crystal clear voice saying these words:

"Such type of babies will come if the mother implements this knowledge from today onwards on the planet. After fifteen, twenty, thirty years, such loving characters will come. Again a new yuga (time cycle will come). I'm serious. A new yuga, with a very friendly nature. They can stop amazing crazy violence. The children can stop it. From the birth, they will come like that, charming. That part the mother has to do, some small steps."

The chaos resumed just as quickly as it had disappeared, but not before I had been transformed by these words. I was certain he had spoken directly to me. The concept that the world could change in 30 years by mothers doing small meditation practices. These words churned in me, stirring something so deep I couldn't think of anything else. I felt that my soul had heard it's calling.



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In the months and years following this experience, I have developed my life's work to explore and share the meditations and knowledge that I learned about that day. The children that benefit from these meditations are naturally mindful and sensitive to the world around them. Raising my children with the practices the principals of ancient mothering has brought me profound peace and purpose.

As a healer and massage therapist, I have chosen to specialize in pre and perinatal massage, offering unique access to these powerful meditations, helping to guide women in their process of birthing and raising their children in a conscious and divine way. I believe that together we will change the world.


Anasuya Devi Oyarzabal 

is a Sai Shakti healer and teacher, a licensed massage therapist and a mother. She practices in Portland OR and offers both in person and distance healing and spiritual counseling. You can find out more about her and her work at

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