Special Moments with Sri Kaleshwar at the Trineytra Darshan Program. Sunday, May 29, 2011 at the Divine Lineage Healing Center, Laytonville, CA.




Swami:  Discipline is the most important, my dear divine souls. If you lost the discipline you will be in trouble. Whatever you want to win it, until to you win it, keep try, keep try, try, try, try, try, try, try. Everything is possible in the planet. You have that capacity, capability. I didn't come here as a master. I came as your friend. I know something. You don't know something. Once if you know that what I know it, we're equal. I want to see you guys the most strongest powerful healers. Especially the America land, the soil of the land, it have that power. But you're not recognizing that.

Leave it to Baba. He will make you reach your destiny. Have a faith. If you like the Jesus Christ, okay, thanks no problem. No problem. You follow him. Candles is different but light is the same. Plants is in the forest, different different trees. But each tree is drinking the same water. Same? Water. … That's only I can say. There's no religion. The religion of the love. Create as much as you can the peace in the planet. Try to make around you people happy. That is your dharma as much as you can. Don't be too much yourself as a selfish. Whenever you created happy around you then the Divine knows how to make your life very happy. How to make it? Very happy.

Swami: Do you have any questions guys?

Question: Hi Swami thank you coming. My question is, can you have made too many mistakes in your life to really change it? 

Swami:  What?

Question:  Could you have made too many mistakes in your life to change it now? Meaning me, not you.

Swami:  Just you came from the beautiful shower. Why you need to worry about. You did it. You did it. You're all my kids, friends. No matter what, how many mistakes you done it, yes, I'll be with you until you reach your destiny. I'll prove it, this American soil as a strongest healers, as a unity you will work no matter what and you'll make it blooming this ground and spreading this vibrations entire the globe. Good luck. Take care. (Huge Applause) 

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