by Anasuya Oyarzabal

I remember the day so well. It would be my first time meeting Sri Kaleshwar, the Indian teacher who gave the beautiful mantra that I practiced during my pregnancy. My son Toby was about 5 months old when Swami came to Seattle for an intimate teaching program at my parents house. I had never meet a Guru before and aside from the list of instructions my mother had given me, I did not know what to expect. I had been instructed to ask him a question when an opportunity arose. I had no idea what to ask. It was suggested to ask about my karma, or my son’s karma. There was a buffet and many people milling about eating and chatting. I was standing on one side of the room when I noticed that Swami was sitting by himself on a big chair at the other side of the room. I thought, well here is my chance, here goes. I made my way over to him. I knelt down next to him as he was picking lightly at the food on his plate. I said, hi. He sort of took me in, after an awkward silence, I said, “Can I ask you about my son’s karma?”

"What do you want to know?" he said.

“Is it good or bad?” I naively asked.

“What do you think?” Swami replied.

I contemplated for a second then said, “Good.”“Um hum..” he nodded. Not knowing what else to say, I thanked him and walked away.That was that. I felt a little empty as I had wished that I had been more clever and had asked a better question. I asked a question that I knew the answer to which wasn’t even really a question at all.

As we all sat waiting for Swami to start teaching, I remember looking around the room and it seemed as if everyone knew what to do except for me. I had my squirmy baby on my lap and couldn’t close my eyes to meditate.

Then came the moment when Swami gestured for me to bring Toby to him. It happened quickly and I didn’t know what I should be doing. I sensed that this was a special moment, but I did not really understand what he was giving. When I watch this video now, I can see so much more. I see the moment when Swami transmits energy to Toby; it is so clear to me. I can see Toby become quiet; it lasts an instant, but it’s so beautiful. Even though that time was awkward for me, it struck a cord in my soul. After that first meeting, I was drawn to learn more about the teachings. I continued to chant the mantra that I had been given, but I started to want more. A coupe of years after that, I had the opportunity to go to India, to Sri Kaleshwar’s ashram. Toby and I traveled alone on that first journey; he was 3 years old. I remember being on the plane for so many hours, and feeling as if I was escorting my little boy to India. I was just an escort! He was the reason we were going. It was during this first trip that I learned there was so much more to the ancient knowledge about parenting and raising conscious children. I realized that I wanted to know it all. I wanted to know the truth about who we are and why we are here. I wanted to heal others. I wanted to heal myself. I wanted to help other mothers bond and experience the deep love of their relationship and empower them to help and heal their children. I wanted to help them understanding the depth of the gift of mothering.



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Toby and Swami have had a deep relationship right from the beginning. It really feels like they have known each other for many lifetimes, I have seen them share knowing looks and when Toby was just 3 years old, it was like he knew exactly how to be around Swami. Three year olds can be very disruptive and demanding. Toby was never like that around Swami. He always had a respectful attitude that was far beyond his years. His soul just knew. Toby is still very precocious, both he and his brother are deeply compassionate thoughtful people. They are highly empathetic and self-aware. While they do become down or sad or angry at times, all of these things are normal. They also know how to get off of it quickly, they don’t hold onto negative emotional states. It is very rewarding to witness the fruits of those years of practice in each of them, 18 years later. Swami said that becoming a mother, giving birth was 50% of your spiritual process. That says a lot about what is available in that natural yet supernatural act. Not every woman will become a mother, but every woman holds that potential within her and it is that potential that we tap into when we connect with our Womb Chakra. The potential that is the point of creation.

I feel very blessed to have this video (below, click the image to watch) and more so to be mother to two divine souls with such an amazing master guiding me. My heart holds infinite gratitude for Sri Kaleshwar.


Anasuya (Ami) Oyarzabal LMT

began studying and practicing the ancient knowledge of Divine Parenting since 1999. She is a Sai Shakti healer and massage therapist working primarily with women on their journey in motherhood. She gives the Divine Baby Blessings, Divine Parenting workshops, and personal coaching for parents. 

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