by Alexandra Song


I’ve been studying Telugu for the past two years. Last year a group of us attended the beginning Telugu Language intensive offered through the University of Wisconsin.  It was an amazing experience where we received the highest level of teaching expertise. Through the study of spiritual practices from India I learned about the Telugu language. This knowledge was originally written by saints and sages in a form of ancient Telugu thousands of years ago in palm leaf manuscripts. The healing knowledge within these palm leaf manuscripts is not widely known, and yet this knowledge carries the solutions for the emotional and physical diseases that every person holds.

When there is a group of people who can read and successfully translate the Telugu formulas in these manuscripts, a major step in making this priceless knowledge available to the people who need it will have begun. This is a huge undertaking much bigger than one individual or group. It is about doing something something real and lasting for humanity. As the knowledge in these palm leaf manuscripts is implemented and becomes a part of everyday life, we will see a real positive shift of consciousness in the world. This will be the beginning of what saints have predicted as the ‘Sai Yuga’, a golden age of consciousness, mutual understanding, and love. Please help send us to the University of Wisconsin to learn Telugu.  It is our contribution to the extraordinary efforts of many to bring positive change into the world. 


Alexandra Song

is a full-time student and volunteer staff member at the Divine Lineage Healing Center in Laytonville, CA.







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