by Marek 'Satchitananda' Majchrowski 

Story One

I was living in Chicago in 2007, working as a healer and focusing on my spiritual process. At the time, I had a friend who was struggling with an alcohol addiction. When he was drunk, he would play his electronic piano very loudly.

One night, as I was walking by his apartment, I heard him playing the piano. I wanted to check-in on him and make sure everything was ok, so I went up to his apartment. After being assured that he was fine, I sat on the sofa while he continued to play, and noticed all of these spiritual Polish magazines on his coffee table.

One German magazine lay opened on the table, showing an article with the headline, ‘A Young Saint from India’. It was a story originally written by Monika Penukonda, translated and re-published in German for this publication.

I started to read it and became inexplicably excited. There was a huge magnetic draw to the the young saint in the article. This was my introduction to Sri Kaleshwar.

This all happened in late August of 2007. Through the article, I came to know about the Divine Lineage Center and an upcoming program Sri Kaleshwar was offering in America: The Maheshwari Initiation.

In a one - minute decision, I decided to attend this initiation in Pasadena with Monika and Nityaananda. I called the Divine Lineage Center for assistance, booked a plane ticket, a hotel room and a rental car. I used all of my savings to go without any hesitation - this was the beginning of my new spiritual journey.

After the initiation took place, unbelievable challenges and changes happened in my life. It was and still is, a rollercoaster. That is Sri Kaleshwar, my divine master and friend.


Story Two

During the Divine Lineage’s 2012 Navaratri program, I was back in Poland. I joined the process as a distance participant. The experience I want to share happened during one of the energetic transmissions from that process.

During one of the longer group meditations, the energy was so strong that I feel asleep. I had a dream that I was in my small kitchen sitting at the table, when Swami walked in. He was holding a large pan of scrambled eggs. He offered these eggs to me, giving me the opportunity to eat with him.

At this time in my life, I was really asking the divine, “What is my next step?” I felt this dream was an answer. In the Polish spiritual tradition, the egg represents new life, new changes. It was very symbolic that Swami offered me eggs!

At the end of the Navaratri program, we had a group call, where Monika asked if anyone would like to share any experiences. This is when I told my story of Swami visiting me in my kitchen in Poland.  


Marek ‘Satchitananda’ Majchrowski

has been on the spiritual journey for close to 30 years in the USA. For the past 10 years he’s taught meditation and helped others to learn about Sai Shakti Healing techniques. He now lives at the Divine Lineage Healing Center full-time, with a focus on sharing the Ancient Knowledge from the palm leaf manuscripts with his Polish speaking community.





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