By Evdokia Gundolf

Before I met my master Sri Kaleshwar I had been working as an energy healer for 15 years, dedicating my life to serving the Divine Feminine and the Divine Mother.  Though a part of me wished to meet a master I never searched for one because of a deep fear I had about what would happen if he or she died, how would I deal with the pain?  How would I survive when he was gone? It was my brother who came across Swami Kaleshwar and after a big inner ordeal we decided to go and meet Him on his ashram in Penukonda, India.  Before I actually met Swami I realized he was my master, but I was still overwhelmed and anxious about my fear of eventually being separated from him.

I arrived at the ashram during the Mother Divine Program in 2010.  I saw Him for the first time at His daughters Navya’s birthday party. I have never seen such a beautiful person in my entire life. He looked in my direction and I felt seen, truly seen for the first time in my life. This feeling of being seen had nothing to do with how you look, but who you truly are from the beginning of time till eternity. His seeing me was the best blessing I could have on this earth.

My brother and I had a beautiful room on the ashram and I was so happy.  Soon my brother had to leave India and then one night I was awoken and told that Swami was in Samadhi.  I was a new student and did not know what that meant. I did not know that Swami was in something called Yoga Samadhi, which is when a person takes his soul out of his body and clinically dies. Then after a certain period of time - sometimes hours, sometimes days - he brings his soul back into his body and is alive again.  While the soul is out of the body it can do enormously powerful work in the creation.  It is also an extraordinary blessing to be near the body of a saint while they are in a Yoga Samadhi state.  At the time I had no idea that somebody could go through such a miracle, so for me it meant that Swami was dead and my greatest fear had happened!

I had only seen Him alive a couple of times and recognized Him as my master.  My heart was broken. I was in a room all alone with nobody to talk to and while crying I said to Him in total desperation, “Please, you made me come here even though I have this fear, now you have to give me a present to recover, I want to hear your voice in my heart!” And then what a miracle! He was there; his actual voice was there in my heart! When I came out of my room people explained to me that this was not His final Samadhi, but for me it did not matter where He was anymore, because He was in my heart. Ever since then I hear Him loud and clear. When Swami truly left His body in 2012, I was already in peace and have understood that there is no separation, when one loves one hears love speak, my heart is free.

Soon after I returned from the ashram in 2010 I learned Swami’s Full Sai Shakti Healing Technique and began applying it in my healing practice.  It was so great to hear Him guide me through the sessions. For the past twenty years whenever anyone asks me what exactly it is that I do as a healer, I say I consider myself a beggar. I beg God fiercely for help. I have an entire assortment of doors to knock on; doors to the holy saints, also a door to, as Swami calls him, the “big boss” Jesus. But after I met my beloved Swami, it seemed His was the only door to knock on, because He opens all the other doors for me!

Before I begin giving a person a Full Sai Shakti Healing I look at Swami’s photo and start begging! My entire being is filled with only one focus, “Please you see this person, don't let them suffer any longer, please tell the Mother and all the divine souls above to stop this nonsense!” I am in a way fiercely angry that this person is suffering, I am fiercely passionate, I am like a mother that does not want to see any of her children having any sickness or problems.  Then I start doing what Swami taught us to do in the Full Sai Shakti Healing technique. I am already in a parallel reality, I am in the room, but I am also in front of Swami asking for help.  He tries to console me at times, saying “Don't worry all will be okay, the person will recover soon,” or sometimes he gives me direct instructions like, “Stay stay stay with it, keep your hands longer on them... go go,” and then sometimes, “It's done.” I never totally accept when He says it is done, I always ask, what do you mean?

I don’t think it is very important who I am, I never take myself too seriously, but if I see a beggar in the street I feel like we are the same kind. I especially like the criminal beggars, the ones that are organized in every corner of the city.  Somehow I identify my work more with them! I belong to this family of beggars, my sisters and brothers and I who want to do good in the world, we all try to ask God for help, we try from this corner and the other corner.  The Divine cannot escape us somehow, and then some energy relief... a little coin from heaven comes and my patient leaves the room feeling better.   Sometimes even bigger donations are given!

I have somebody whose cancer is slowly disappearing even though the doctors could do nothing more for him and said that he only had three months to live. I also very much like to help women who wish to become mothers, but are unable to become pregnant. I myself had a strong wish to have a child, but that did not get fulfilled in this life.  In healing sessions like these, as I apply the techniques Swami taught to help a woman conceive, I say to him, “Please, there is no way you can let her suffer this pain, she has to be free of this experience!  Please give her a baby!”  This is really, really working! I give them mantras, I give them everything he taught us and the women are receiving their babies.  They are so happy and I feel blessed that He listens when I call for help.

One day I was working on a person and fiercely begging.  The person was lying down and when I was holding the bottom of their foot suddenly the room filled with an incredibly beautiful smell of something like sweet amber.  And then an angel, a very big angel appeared in front of me. I was so overwhelmed, this had never happened before. I was so very shy... I could not look at its face, I could only look up to the blue cloth belt that the angel was wearing.  This was during Shiva Ratri 2013, a year after Swami permanently left his body.  The angel spoke to me and said, for every one of his students Swami Kaleshwar has now created an angel, whenever one gives a healing the angel will be there. Days later in my meditation Swami spoke in my heart and confirmed for me the gift he had just bestowed on all his students.

Ever since then the angel’s presence is always there in the healing room and we have developed a very silent relationship.  I don't even beg anymore! Also with time, slowly slowly I have been able to look at its face, but I rarely look directly.  The angel has made things so much easier, because the angel knows my wishes before I even say them. It is the best assistant one can have, and it is here because Swami created them. I am so grateful for this help. Every student of Swami’s now has an angel, it is the most powerful present Swami gave His students, it is our divine inheritance.

I have deep gratitude for his presence in my life, but also for his entire student kingdom, all those who practice these incredible energy channels.  I also feel him in every one of his students’ hearts.  When I speak to them it is as if I speak to him, and when I listen, I really listen!

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