Excerpts of Sri Kaleshwar's comments during a conference call with members of the Maheshwari Mother Divine Darshan process group just days before the Maheshwari Initiation at the Center in September, 2008.




Several points I want to discuss with you before we jump in to some experiences. Whenever it starts to happen, you need to be alert. Where do you need to be alert and (realize) what precautions do you need to take care of yourself with your soul and your mind? It's very important for you to spread this to all your friends in the student kingdom who are attending (upcoming Maheshwari program) to Laytonville, and, moreover to the globe to handle the Mother's Nature.

Mother is a part of the Nature, the Nature it is a part of the Mother. 

Point One: It’s very important, you can write it down or if you have a recording that would be great. Mother is amazing, quite beautiful, a tremendous loving character. The same part, another side of (Her) are some disturbances; it’s what She gives as testings in our lives. She’ll give testing to see if we can stand and are able to receive Her or not. That testing can be anything, She will provide any form of testing to each individual person according to their own personal character and personal behavior, some personal feelings they are really linked on (attached to). She easily can throw each individual person in the deep illusions,  maya. You can really get stuck easily there.

So what you need, (what is) required, whatever She blesses, whatever She is giving to you, whatever She is showing you, the best way to handle it, is simply open your heart and accept it. No problem, ‘Okay Mother, whatever you're giving, I accept it.’ There's nothing we can do, there's nothing we can do to stop the flowing of Her illusions on us. Let Her play whatever She wants to. She is the kind nature. How far, how long can She make you confused, make you divert and make you disturbed? If you keep accepting it, accepting it, accepting it, after a certain time the doors will start to open. Then She starts to come into your life very fastly and prepares you as strong as She wants to for the globe. That's Her beauty.

Point 2: You don't decide what you want. Let Her decide what She wants your life to become, and what your character is on the globe. Let Her decide in which way She wants to present your energy, in which way in which form you will be useful to the globe. Let Her decide it. 

Point 3: You need the Guru Parampara’s blessings, no matter what. In the first earth element, the first prayer I gave was the earth element, Om Guru Guru Parmama Guru. I told you, “You don't need to chant the whole five elements mantras. Just chant Om Guru Guru Parmama Guru.”  And if you remember your personal mantra, it's equal to if you strongly charged the five elements’ energy. These two prayers are quite amazing to stop and protect from the illusions and you'll receive the amazing divine cosmic energy of the Mother's blessings in your life in a very positive way. 

So whenever you approach the Guru Parampara, whenever these masters, the master and their master are giving shaktipat, especially from this day onwards in your life, stop every prayer guys except chanting Om Guru Guru Parmama Guru plus your personal mantra. That's it. Make sure once you are in Laytonville you have a piece of paper with the Nine Arrows prayers with you. The Nine Arrows protection prayers that I have already given. It’s a small list. Monika, Clint (Nityaananda), and those guys can provide you with the Nine Arrows prayers. At least one Arrow prayer you need to remember in your mind whenever you are receiving shaktipat, whenever the experience is happening in front of you, or when you're confused, or when you are receiving any type of cosmic blessing, supernatural divine blessing, in your life. At the moment, make sure. Why you need to remember at least one Nine Arrows mantra? It makes you well protected and makes your soul consciousness, your Brahma consciousness, to be very smart so you can receive what Mother wants to give to you. Then you can implement those blessings and you can step up to the next several strokes and receive and reach some abilities in your life. That is the most important thing. 

Another thing is Mother didn't relieve even the Guru Parampara; She took every individual character of the Guru Paramparas so far on the planet. For example, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Shirdi  Baba, (Ramakrishna) Parmahamsa, any divine spiritual soul accepted, surrendered, and loved to be in Her illusion net. It's a surprise; it’s something great and thrilling to be in Her net. Enjoy whatever She is giving. That is the most, most important thing. Even our mind’s concept, even a sankalpam, a thought, whatever it is — the blamings, the depression, the heartbroken, the suspecting (mind), the crazy (mind), all types of illusions that are happening in front of you in your life at that moment —push that out. Whatever the Guru Paramparas and whatever the Mother is giving to you, accept it. That is another way that I'm telling you.

Even to Jesus Christ, the most amazing amazing miraculous person, even (as) he was getting crucified he could have changed the nails into flowers. He could have stopped whole story there. He didn’t need to accept that whole drama. But he accepted (what) the Mother gave in his life. Even Buddha, even Shiridi Baba, even (Ramakrishna) Parmahamsa… The key point is… For example, when Clint (Nityaananda) and Monika started to give initiation in Laytonville, then quite amazing thunder started to happen around Laytonville. A huge thunder and lightning hit one tree and it got burned huge. Nature is reacting. It means She is looking at that place. She is already in that place. She is existing there. She is very quiet right now observing and waiting to give the amazing blessings. Those are the clear symptoms. After Penukonda, the next most powerful spot so far what I've seen, what I'm really feeling, the most powerful spot in the Western countries is Laytonville. I accept it. She is there. Because I know that ground capacity, I know how strong that earth element is there. It is another small pot of Shiva energy.

So my dear divine souls, it's most important for you to remember the Guru Paramparas and your personal mantra and the Nine Arrows prayers, at least one. Another point is be very careful with whatever She's giving. Even tomorrow She (can) make you stop to not come there. Even tomorrow She can make me not to go anywhere on the planet. She might stop me. No problem. Still I know how to reach you, guys. How to make Her to reach in your souls. No problem, let Her play Her drama, Her leela. Her illusions. Your Swami so far since millions of years I'm handling Her, I know Her. 

On the planet the first place is Penukonda to receivedand achieve some high enlightenment stages place on the globe the first is Penukonda. Then the alternate, of course, is the Himalayas, Mount Kailash, the high cosmic Shiva energy is there. But Penukonda is also there, with 365 temples. It’s very, very most powerful. The Mother's first birth place, they manifested Her, hundreds and thousands of saints used all their power, their supernatural energies, to manifest and create Her divine soul. They made a pledge with Her and She made a pledge with them to give amazing experiences, especially on this Penukonda ground.

So why Penukonda links, to you guys, is the earth element. It doesn't matter where you are. Your power spot and your Guru Parmapara, your PIN number — your personal mantra — is linked with very strongly with Penukonda. That will take care of all your spiritual path. 100%. Today this morning I looked at my passport, and I took my tickets, and everything I packed my luggage, already I sent 80% of my luggage all my dresses and clothes, everything to America with Paul and Birte. Then I took my passport and I put it in my bag, “Okay, clear, in a few days I'm taking off to America.” And a few hours later, just a few hours from now 6 PM Indian time, I got a phone call. “Swami, where are you? A bomb blast has happened in Delhi. So far 25 people have died. Several hundreds of people are injured. Whole India is on red alert. Airports are super tight and everywhere is super tight. Be careful and don’t travel.” I smiled to myself, “Ooh oh. Okay.” She started to playing the illusions giving a small kind of a panic. But I'm not panicked, it's okay, no problem whatever She does, let Her do it.

Why I'm saying this: from your side guys, be open-hearted, nothing to worry (about). Come to Laytonville, start your journey to come to Laytonville. From my side, your Swami until the last minute and second will also try. In case if She strongly forcefully stops it, I will try my best by using my big bosses’ (Shirdi Baba and Jesus Christ) energies. If still then, it doesn't happen, I will find a way to make you… She has to approach you guys, step-by-step. When you are in Laytonville I will send how to approach Her, how to deal (with) Her, and the layers of the Nature. Still a lot of time is there. It's not like, ‘Okay I feel like I'm paying and I’m spending a lot of my time and my money and my presence. How come I'm can’t be sure, there's no guarantee I'm going there? We don't know yet if Swami’s coming or not, is it really happening or not? Why, what is this, what is this type of energy?’ In this type of spirituality, if you start to get confused it's a drawback. So you need to open your heart no matter what.You need to be strong enough to be able to achieve and able to receive the cosmic energy very strongly from Her to face Her illusions, to accept Her no matter what. I know how to handle, don't worry. I'm not giving any negative feedback here, still time is there. 

In the ancient days, to get a great blessing and receive a blessing from the Guru Parmapara, they used to meditate under the trees years and years and years. They spent, they sacrificed, their life and they really dedicated their lives to receive some blessings. Even Monika and Clint Thompson (Nityaananda) and Philip and Chinello and Jonathan and all these guys, the majority of major students who worked with me and trained with me, they spent tons of their time, years of their time with me and they studied and they learned. They practiced thousands and thousands of hours they really learned and they approached with your Swami. They got trained. 

After a long time my heart is really strongly open to come to the United States no matter what, and be able to give the strong amazing blessings in your life to give wisdom and carry amazing peace, amazing blessings to the whole globe. The globe is essential, it's necessary to take care of peace on the globe. Everywhere, wherever we see, there is a lot of depression, a lot of anxiety, anger, poverty, a lot of headaches and stuck problems. So you guys need to take care of the globe. Your Swami can come every three years once, five years once, maybe not to your country. Your job is to take care of your country and the globe. Whatever you learned so far, the great wisdom from India, the Eastern countries ancient knowledge, as brothers and sisters, you need to share that knowledge, the experiences, that wisdom with each other. Clarify a lot of suspecting characters, monkey minds. It’s natural, accept them too. And train them very strongly with the strong belief system that God is great and some supernatural cosmic energy is flowing on the planet. All these types of illusions and prayers, are very, very important to understand. If you are not able to understand the illusions, you are not able to deal with illusions anymore on the planet. So far only a few saints, we can count on our fingers only. Why are there only a few saints? Why can’t we make hundreds of thousands of strong powerful healers with a strong Eastern wisdom link to the whole globe? These channelings can take care and remove this darkness from the globe.

So my dear divine souls, be strong, be openhearted, and your Swami is always with you, and Baba, Jesus and the Mother’s blessings are always with you. Don't have any expectations. Once you're in Laytonville, what type of blessings you're going to receive, how many strokes of the Mother’s darshan you're going to receive, whatever you have in your imagination and your visualizations, just stop everything. Let it happen, whatever the divine grace that is going to happen, (let it) flow in your soul. The flow is going on in your chakras, Sat Chakras. For example, Monika since 30 years, 35 years, she  is in spirituality. Clint (Nityaananda) is a great doctor and he's linked amazingly in spirituality. 

So many students keep practicing and practicing the spiritual wisdom. But I'm not disgracing (putting down) anybody here. Many students are using your own blocks and implementing unnecessarily in your personal life. With your monkey suspecting character you're disturbing your spiritual growth. You need concentration, dedication, pure discipline, and patience. Who has this, matter what, they will achieve the real enlightenment. God is always with us. Divine grace is with us. These are all the testings and illusions. They’re waves, they come and they go. It’s not permanent. Today we might have financial problems, tomorrow maybe not. Today you are a super wealthy person, but there's no guarantee your wealth will stand with you. Today you're a super healthy person but there's no guarantee your health is permanent. There are no permanent things; material things, you cannot count on them. You have to count on the real things, what you are not able to see. That is the reality. Whatever you're seeing in front of your eyes, everything — this is my house, this is my car, this is my money, this is my wife, these are my children, this is my name, this is my palace, this is my property — ALL these are kinds of illusions. It's true! But we need all these things too, to a certain stage, up to a certain level. If it is too much, then life gets disturbed. If it is too little, the mind, the life, also gets disturbed. It is essential to have enough money, right friends, good hobbies, disciplined life, disciplined life, disciplined life. You will achieve an amazing enlightened life. 

So my dear divine souls, it doesn't matter what profession you belong to. I know each individual person’s problems who is listening right now, listening to my voice. Leave them to me. Give to me all your problems. You don't have any problems at all. Give your problems to your Swami, I'll take care of them. You have financial problems, pain, depression, heartbroken, don't worry. Just give them to me, I'll take care. Right now, I'm taking care of every depression person. Every financial problem, don't worry. It comes, it comes. It goes, it goes. Let it happen. 

But the reality thing is you have to fall in love with divine love. You have to strongly attract and fall in love with God. Once you fall in love, very madly, very strongly with the Mother, the real Mother, it helps forever and ever to your spiritual growth. Be very strong, determined, like once you see a girl, or a man, something made you attracted very strongly. Like that, something you have to know what it is. That is the spark. Where is that spark coming from in you and making you to fall in love with that woman or that man? Or you have strong ambition that you want to make money, and a strong ambition did you want to have name and fame. It's all like that. Your heart needs to strongly fall in love with the Mother, with God, to know who you are. What is this story? What's going on here? What's really happening here? Who are you? Where are you going? You have to know. You have to research. Where are you coming from? After all this (lifetime), where are you going out (at death)? One day you need to sign off, one day you have to take off, you know that. I know that. Everybody knows that. But still we're fighting, fighting, fighting. We don't know why we are fighting for something. That fighting needs to be unified for the reality things: satya, dharma, shanti, prema.

You have to know the truth, satya. You have to know your duty, the dharma. You have to receive the peace, shanti. Even if you have millions of dollars, billions of dollars, it doesn't give peace of mind to you. Prema — love, immortal love, pure divine love —you have to receive that in you, you have to hold it in you. Once you have the wisdom of strong love in you then there is no difference between you and the Guru Paramparas. The Guru Paramparas are nothing but satya, dharma, shanti, prema. Who has these qualities, these four abilities, who are carrying them will be able to achieve and receive to any extent, to any level. You will enjoy the divine blessings, guys. Moreover, I'm sure everyone's heart is very open and very beautiful. Be very strong. Be confident. Throw your monkey mind aside. Take all these points, what I’ve said, and be prepared. Your Swami knows what to do in your lives to make you to grow in spirituality, to give strong amazing experiences. Good. Be prepared. 

All the best. I’m really looking forward to seeing you guys and giving you experiences. Be in clarity in your mind and try to pray to the Guru Paramparas. Once more thanks to everybody. All my love. Happy time and have a good day, guys. Love you to everybody. Bye.



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