From The Holy Womb - The Secrets of the Divine Mother's Creation, by Sri Kaleshwar

How did Mother Divine create Ganesh? How? How did Mother Mary heal Jesus Christ after his crucifixion using ash and make him come alive? Possible? It’s possible.

We can see through Lord Ganesh’s story, the real evidence and clear proof how Mother Divine prepared some yellow powder and made Her own baby (without Shiva). She created a baby, then She sent Her Womb Chakra energy – this is a very important point – then She gave life to the sandalwood powder. That powder turned as a baby. That is Ganesh.

She used Her Womb Chakra energy to create. That’s clear, that’s the same part as the crucifixion. Re-fixing Lord Ganesh is also kind of a crucifixion.

At the time, She was alone because Shiva had gone off to meditate and practice His yogas, enjoying the deep silence. Then She made Her boy, Ganesh, stand outside Her door while She took a really long shower so nobody would come into the home in Mt. Kailash. He was carrying a small knife, just walking back and forth, so nobody could get in.

Shiva finished His meditation and came home. Seeing the boy guarding the door, Shiva got confused, why was that boy not letting Him enter? Ganesh said, “No, my Mother doesn’t allow anybody to go inside the house.”

Shiva was completely angry thinking to Himself, ‘My wife had a kid without me? I’m not in the house for a while so how could She have a kid?’ He was under a huge illusion. He couldn’t recognize it was possible that She could make a creation without Him.

Then He started to argue, “Hey, kid, I’m your father. If She’s your mother, I’m your father. Believe me, I’m Her husband. Please let me in.”

Ganesh said, “No! She’s in the shower. She’s doing something peacefully, don’t disturb. That’s Her order. I don’t care who you are.” They started arguing endlessly.

Finally, Shiva got very angry and used His trishula to cut Ganesh’s head off. Nobody can kill Ganesh except Shiva because He’s the one who knows the Mother’s energy from always being together with Her as Shiva and Shakti.

When Ganesh’s head was coming off he was shouting, “Hey, Mother, protect me!” Then She woke up from Her deepest relaxation in the water. She came out crying, “You killed my baby! You have to give my baby back to me.” But at the time there was no chance. Once Shiva used His high frequency energy He couldn’t get it back immediately to re-fix it.

She was crying and crying but Shiva couldn’t do anything because He already used His high peak energy. She also could not re-fix it because She put Her high energy to create Him. She had no energy left. Then Shiva ordered His disciples and a lot of rishis, “Go and find any head sleeping to the north, cut it, and bring it here. We can do some process to make him come alive again.”

Shiva’s students went looking for any head they saw sleeping towards the north. Shiva didn’t mention it had to be a human head. ey brought the first head they saw sleeping towards the north. It was an elephant’s head. Brahma, Vishnu, and all the rishis joined their energies together to rejoin the new head to make the boy come alive again. The first Khandana Yoga started there. The mechanism started there with Shiva and Shakti.

Shiva’s wife was so upset, “My beautiful kid you are re-fixing him with this elephant’s head?” Then that boy woke up with an elephant head. That is Ganesh.

Then Shiva gave a boon, “I’m so sorry, please forgive me for this mistake. From now on, in the spiritual kingdom, when anybody is doing a puja, your son Ganesh will receive the first prayers and offerings. He’s the Vigneshwara.” That is why, in any Hindu temple in India, they first worship the trunk master, Lord Ganesh.

Brahma was there, Vishnu was there, all the saints were there. They fixed the elephant’s head. They started giving both the Mother’s and Father’s energies. e whole creation – Brahma, Vishnu, all saints, their creation energy came into one form like a Womb Chakra. ey sent that energy. That Khandana Yoga got super success. Then he came as a trunk master, Lord Ganesh. So what type of mechanism they used it, that’s the most powerful content subject what we need to discuss.



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