from the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar

Everyday in my life I think, ‘how many friends have I got today? How many people have I helped today?’ Whenever I'm going to take sleep, the first question mark is, ‘how many people have I helped today?’ I'm also human with a body, I get sick, catch cold and traveling, not having enough sleep. Even though I’m pretty good sick I keep checking, ‘okay, who is there?

You need to develop a helping nature to do charitable activities, not just thinking on gaining power all the time. No, that’s absolutely wrong. You need to simultaneously develop both, the helping nature and the power, then God will really cooperate, and the nature will also cooperate.

If you're helping a few people to be calm and happy, it makes you feel good and happy too. You're not only here for yourself. You are here for a spiritual reason all angles, to help the people around you, however you can.

Everybody should develop this quality because one day you‘re going out as a master. As a master, just going up on a stage, talking some mantras and knowledge and walking out, no way. A master means you need to see how people are really suffering. Try to feel their pain. Try to show your love to them. You don’t need to do anything, just simply sit and listen to them. Let them cry. Just listen. They feel so touched. Share it. If you care, you have to share. That’s a great blessing to them and to you.




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