by Kirsten Thompson (Shakti)

For 3 years we have been attending “Sip Some SOUP”, the main fundraiser for Willits Daily Bread. This event is a highlight in our charitable works every year. We create a new recipe for a special soup every year. The preparing and cooking of the soup normally happens over two days. The finally perfected soup is then put on our Dattatreya stage before we leave with it. In this way, it becomes a blessed soup. This year we created an organic “Roasted-Chicken-Soup”. Everybody really liked it very much. Every year we also bring items for the silent auction that happens at the same time of the soup contest. We go as a group from the temple and arrive in Willits at the Community Center a little early to get a nice table for our soup set up. Kaasi comes along to be our photographer. For the first time Taylor, Maurine, Candice and Lynn came along to sip some soup. They enjoyed it all around. Christinea and I set up our table and decorated it with a beautiful sari and a nice picture of Baba cooking His huge pot of food. Cindy Savage, the executive director who organizes this event, came around to say hi, and to see if we needed anything. We have built a very nice relationship with her over the years. Eric Glassy, the Board President of Willits Daily Bread, came over to me to thank the Divine Lineage for helping them get so much food each month. He said that without us they would not be able to keep feeding the homeless.

Every year the soup contest is a nice event where the supporters of Willits Daily Bread come together to raise some money. People have to pay a small entry fee and can go around and taste all these delicious soups. It is not really about winning, but about helping a good cause. It is a special energy when so many people come together to feed people, just like Baba does. Everyone at the soup competition wants to support Willits Daily Bread so they keep on doing their good works for the homeless. I could see in the faces of the people their happiness to help. 


Read more about "Sip Some Soup" and the Divine Lineage Healing Center's charitable works in Willits News.



Kirsten Thompson (Shakti)

Kirsten Thomp­son (Shakti) began her stud­ies with Sri Kalesh­war in 2000 and served full- time at his ashram in Penukonda, India for many years. Fol­low­ing Sri Kaleshwar’s instruc­tions, she moved to the US to help man­age the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter in Lay­tonville, CA and has been help­ing take care of the Cen­ter ever since. One of Kirsten’s many dharmic works is over­see­ing the Center’s char­i­ta­ble out­reach pro­grams in Men­do­cino County which pro­vide essen­tials for those in need within one of the poor­est coun­ties in Cal­i­for­nia.





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