Donate Now And Help Feed the Hungry for Years to Come 

Let us love and serve each other and be happy. 

- Shirdi Sai Baba 



Please consider supporting a fundraising effort for a beloved non-profit organization, Willits Daily Bread. Willits Daily Bread serves four meals every week to whomever comes to their door, no matter the cirdumstances. They provide the opportunity to eat a healthy meal cooked with love, without judgement.  

Divine Lineage Center has supported Willits Daily Bread with monthly donations for many years, witnessing their challenges when 2 years ago they had to move to a smaller location, sacrificing the ability to offer a safe and inviting indoor dining experience for those who come to them in need. 

With their current kitchen set up, Willits Daily Bread doesn’t have enough work space or the right facilities to cook warm meals, so they do their prep in the dining area and hand out cold foods like sandwiches in the parking lot. 

Your donation will go towards upgrading the Willits Daily Bread kitchen, allowing diners to eat warm meals like soups and casseroles family style in the dining room, supporting a real experience of care and community.  

With the fall and winter months beginning soon, there is a real sense of urgency to support the success of this effort however one can. 

Your donation will help ensure struggling men, women, children and families can enjoy a hot meal inside in the warmth, when they otherwise may be denied these basic privileges during the winter. 

Any money offered to this cause will positively reflect back to you through the thousands of people who are fed through upgrades to the Willits Daily Bread kitchen and the punyum your soul receives in exchange

Feeding others was Shirdi Baba’s favorite seva and through supporting this fundraiser you are honoring that. Please give. Any amount helps and is received gratefully. Jai Guru, Jai Ma!   


Divine Lineage has helped Willits Daily Bread survive over the years. Their monthly giving has made the difference between staying open and having to close.  They have also helped us in so many other ways.  We are most grateful.

- Eric Glassey, Board President of Willits Daily Bread

Important: When giving, please include in the memo field your donation is for the '2019 Willits Daily Bread Fundraiser.'

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