A Story by Sri Kaleshwar on How Ganesh Outwits a Demon & Teaches the Importance of Purity of Intention in the Shakti Channels

From Shiva Purificaiton Process, by Sri Kaleshwar


Number one block is jealousy and feeling left out, unworthy, guilty, torturing yourself. You have to give it back to Baba, to Shiva. It all came from him. Give it back to him. 

That’s why Shiva character means detachment. Shiva means detachment and unbelievably loving soul. It’s easy to win him but especially the rakshasas, the asuras, like Ravanasura, Bhasmasura, all the supreme characters worshipped Shiva. They pulled him and had a conversation and received his Atma Lingam. I told many stories.

Ravanasura was one hundred times more powerful than Rama. He was not an ordinary character. He was the powerful guy. What mistake he did, he wanted to be the number one most powerful on the planet. He wanted to be more than the three characters - Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwara (Shiva). Shiva is the top character. Ravanasura meditated on Shiva. He shook him.

Finally, Shiva appeared, “What do you want?”

He asked, “Whatever energy you’re holding give it in my hands.”

“That’s impossible.” Shiva asked, “You sure? You really want that?”

Ravanasura answered, “Give your Atma Lingam, that energy you’re hiding in the form.”

Shiva gave his Atma Lingam, “Take it.” Then he put one condition, “Before sunset you should put it in your puja room in your palace.”

Then Ravanasura ran back to his palace. The sun was setting. The tradition of Ravanasura was that evening time he had to take a bath and do the Shiva character puja. When he was running through the forest to his kingdom, Vigneshwara approached him in a different form, as a cow herder.

Then Ravanasura said, “Hey, my dear boy. Can you hold this Shiva lingam for a few minutes. Don’t let it touch the ground. I’ll go take my bath and come back.”

The boy said, “No problem. I’ll hold it.” Then that boy put a condition, “It’s already getting sunset. I’ll shout three times Mr. King, King, King (Ravanasura was a king). Then you have to come. If you’re not able to come I’ll put it on the ground.”

He said, “No problem. I’ll come within few minutes.”

Then just as he was entering into the water, Vishneshwara shouted, “Ravansura, number one. Ravanasura, number two. Ravanasura, number three.” Then he put the Atma Lingam on the ground. He put it on the ground.

Then Ravanasura came with the huge angry face crying. He wanted to lift that Shiva Lingam. It was impossible. When you went to shake it, it kept growing. Still you can see that Shiva Lingam in Ramaeshwaram. It’s like a nine hour journey from here. It grew.

Then he’s looking at that boy, “Who are you?”

Then Vighneshwara turned his normal form - Lord Ganesha. Ravanasura said to him, “Hey, Ganesha, why did you do this mistake? What did I do wrong? I love your father. I’m taking his energy to put in my puja room.”

He said, “You’re doing it with a negative mind. You’re doing it with the negative thought.”



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