The following dialogue is excerpted from a conversation recorded at the Divine Lineage Healing Center in Laytonville, California in March of 2015. 

By Nityaananda (Clint Thompson MD), Chinello Haney, and Ramakrishna (Mark Jenkins)

Nityaananda:  I’m Nityaananda (Clint Thompson MD) and it’s my pleasure today to be sitting with two soul brothers, Ramakrishna Jenkins and Chinello Haney. We’re going to be recounting an amazing, mysterious and true story of two miraculous energy processes led by our guru, our teacher Sri Kaleshwar, affectionately called Swami by his students. The result of these processes that he did with his students was the creation of three supremely powerful healing objects that now reside here on this land.  It was an astounding demonstration of the miraculous energy in America.  Up until that time, we had only witnessed this miraculous energy in India.

It began in 2003 when Sri Kaleshwar came to America to give a program in Northern California, specifically in the town of Petaluma at the Noetic Center.  There were 75 people who attended that program and it was a very powerful teaching.  What was particularly unique was that Sri Kaleshwar created a process group that would do its work only in America.  Up until that time, Sri Kaleshwar had set up numerous miraculous energy process groups involving hundred of students, but strictly in India. 

This American process group would do a certain meditation and as a result of that meditation, Sri Kaleshwar would come back to America and fulfill that process; meaning, the miracle energy experience would happen and the blessings of that would be had. The group process involved a mantra meditation and also a sankalpam, an intention, and it had to do with connecting with the Shiva energy, the Father’s energy. From the beginning he called this group the Atma Lingam group.  An atma lingam is a supernatural object, usually made of stone, that contains the soul energies of a saint and/or a particular aspect of God.

Swami proceeded to schedule and cancel many different kinds of activities and visits that were related to this group in America.  However, the group process was still going. Finally, he came to America in 2005 for a tour.  First he was going to give a program at the Unitarian Church in San Francisco, then one in Colorado, and then his last stop would be a program in Los Angeles.  Immediately upon his arrival in San Francisco, he started talking about the Atma Lingam group.  He asked, “Is it possible to meet with the Atma Lingam group while I’m here?”  We said, “Yes, Swami, when would you like that?  Tomorrow?  Or the next day?”  Then he said, “In a few hours! This evening before my talk.” 

So Monika and I got on the phone and just started calling, calling, calling all the members of that process group, who were primarily from Northern California, but not everybody was nearby.  There were people like yourself, Chinello, who were living in Southern California during this whole time, but luckily you were in Northern California for that program.

Chinello:  Yes.

Nityaananda:  Swami said this meeting was a mandatory meeting to continue in this group process.  The energy would allow the people who could come that night to take part in it.  So we scrambled and a lot of people came.  What do you remember, Chinello, about that meeting at the Fairmount Hotel in 2005? 

Chinello:  I don’t remember the contents of the meeting other than the fact he met with us and it was nice. I just don’t remember some of the details.

Nityaananda:  Well, you could be forgiven for that because at the same time Swami was calling this meeting, he was changing his event schedule and you were the organizer for what he was doing down in LA.

Chinello:  Right, that was one special part of that tour!

Nityaananda:  So that might have taken your attention too!

Chinello:  (laughing) Yes, that was taking my attention.  Also because Swami was always asking how many people are going to come. After this meeting at the Fairmount Hotel, Swami pulled me aside.  I was so excited by the fact that I got a one-on-one personal meeting with Swami and then he popped the question: how many people do you think are going to come to the Los Angeles event?  Of course, I had no idea because at that time we were trying to get people to pre-register for a big public talk at Agape Church.   There was a small dakshina of twenty dollars. However, people don’t generally pre-register for an event like that.   So he was asking for a number and I think I said about three hundred people. I wanted to say five hundred, but I said three hundred trying to hedge my bet.   He said, “Are you sure?”  I said, “Yes, I hope so, but I think we’ll probably get more because people don’t usually pre-register.”  So he said okay and then I left.   Of course, later on he cancelled the whole event in Los Angeles!

Nityaananda:  Right, he cancelled that whole event!

So, let’s go back to the meeting with the Atma Lingam group at the Fairmount Hotel. Around 30 people out of the original 75 were able to get to that.  That was grace, that was karma, that was blessing.

Chinello:  Yes, it was.

Nityaananda:  For some people it was just physically impossible to get there in that amount of time.  Other people though, well, it had been a few years and they thought nothing was really going to happen with that group.  But at that meeting he started detailing the next steps in a high-energy shakti process. He gave us a diksha and a list of items that we needed to get, and he said that instead of going to LA he was coming to Laytonville the following weekend and we needed to have all of these things ready.  It was like something out of Harry Potter, wasn’t it? 


Chinello:  That it was.

Nityaananda:  Do you remember some of the items?

Ramakrishna:  I remember three or four.  A piece of amber and a piece of ivory and sandalwood, right?  We had to have a block of sandalwood, which luckily someone had. And I remember snakeskin.

Nityaananda:  A naturally-shed skin.  Ash, too.

Ramakrishna:  The normal process things.

Nityaananda:  Right, Swami was a master at implementing the ancient knowledge and the formulas from the palm leaf manuscripts.  Using these materials, these elements from the nature, are very often a part of these formulas.  To the western mind it seems like alchemy, or maybe a better word is magic.  This process utilized the “magical” properties of these things found in the nature. When you combine them with group meditation processes following the ancient formulas, what happens are miraculous results.

We were to find these things and then also river sand.  We needed to have several buckets of the finest filtered sand from a riverbed.   For those who know about Sri Kaleshwar in Penukonda, and the power objects and the miraculous energy there, this reminds you immediately of the creation of the Emerald Lingam in Penukonda. There will be more analogies to that miraculous process as we go along in this story.

So, we had one week to get this all done.  But actually I say “we” in a generous way because the three of us went on with Swami to Denver to the next stop of that tour, and the others were left behind. I’m not sure who got all these things together.

Ramakrishna:  Shakti was really the point person.

Nityaananda:  Yes, she made it happen.

Ramakrishna:  Yes, and the hardest item to get turned out to be the snakeskin.  Remember we were walking all around trying to find a snakeskin?  I don’t really know where she got it finally, but somehow she did and that was the last item.

Nityaananda:  So Swami returned to Laytonville and he taught a program about Brahma Consciousness.  What was the next step? What happened with all those ingredients? 

Ramakrishna:  Well, we got the sand.  We prepared that.

Nityaananda:  Right, so that visit of his was still a preparatory thing. He worked with us and we had the items, but then he said ok, you need to do a process with the sand. The sand had to be filtered.  We were happy with the job we did, but then he said it needed to be a lot more fine.  I remember we ultimately used dust masks to filter it and get it up to standard. 

Ramakrishna:  Yes, in the end it was really powder.  We started with seven or eight buckets of sand and ended up with one bucket of dust.

Nityaananda:  The bucket had to be sealed and buried in the earth and then a process done with that. 

Ramakrishna:  We had a diksha that we followed.  We started a new meditation and a new process.

Nityaananda:  So let’s fast-forward to May of 2006 when Swami came back to America.  Actually, he had said in advance that once the process started then the guru leelas, for example him saying I’m going to do this and then not do it, that type of testing, it would stop.  And they did!  He said okay, I’m coming back to Laytonville in May of 2006, I’m going to meet with the Atma Lingam group, they need to be here and we’re going to complete this process.  Swami in fact did come as he said and we successfully completed the process. 

First, he held a public program and the Atma Lingam group was the seva, the staff for that. He gave a beautiful program again on Brahma Consciousness, no coincidence there, and he gave a Yoga Nidra process.  Then, the public left and the Atma Lingam group stayed behind.  It was later in the evening and we were gathered in what is now the Datta temple.  In fact, the Dattatreya statue had unexpectedly arrived during that program.

Chinello:  It had just arrived, “seemingly” out of the blue.

Nityaananda:  We were sitting with Swami and that statue.

Chinello:  There was a guru leela, though, right at the beginning of that meeting, remember?  We were sitting there on the edge of our seats and he got really quiet and he said, “I smell failure.”  Remember that?

Nityaananda & Ramakrishna:  Mm-hmm. 

Chinello:  Yes, he said “I smell failure,” and there was a silence that went around the room. It had been about two years from when we started that process and I recall for most of those two years we hadn’t heard anything from Swami, so people didn’t know if we still even had a group.  I remember hearing people in the past question him about it.

Nityaananda:  Exactly.

Chinello:  So then using that as a backdrop, he threw a leela right before we were ready to finish a process.  We’re all on the edge of our seats ready for the next step after all this time, and it’s one of the first things out of his mouth: I smell failure.  After hearing that, I just got so determined.  There’s not going to be any failure tonight!  But I could see how that statement affected the people in the room by looking.  Their faces were saying, “Oh my god!”

Nityaananda:  Well, there were many people in the group who had not been to India, had not been in a high process energy. Actually, that high process energy had not happened outside of India, at least not that we’re aware of, with our fellow students and with our guru.  Of course, it’s always the guru’s energy that’s doing it; without his energy, there is no process.

But one of the beliefs that is being broken in this story and this experience is that even if you believe in miracle energy, you believe in the siddhis, you believe in those channels of the Eastern tradition, it’s still in the East.  So, how about in America? It challenged a lot of people, but luckily the story goes on in a beautifully successful way. 

Chinello:  Yes. Next he split the group into three.

Nityaananda:  Right, and he gave each group separate process instructions, which were very difficult. All of a sudden it was rush! It was a lot like Penukonda, running around, a three-ring circus.

Ramakrishna:  Everything had to be done in nine minutes!

Nityaananda:  Exactly.  The whole process had to be done in nine minutes from start to finish.  We had to get that sand and it was way down on this land.  It’s 135 acres here and we had hidden it with all the paranoia that the siddhic energy channels can bring up.  There were rules, like nobody can touch it, nobody can stumble on it.

Chinello:  Right.

Nityaananda:  We went to the farthest extent of this land to bury it.  Then all of a sudden Swami says you need to go get it now.  Swami said that Ramakrishna and our late and great friend, Glen Perry, should go down and get it.

Ramakrishna:  Yes.  I’m laughing because that’s another example of…we have been in that “hurry up and wait” mode, that intense process energy many times, right? So when you finally have to do something, there’s that determination and focus.

Chinello:  Right.

Ramakrishna:  So I drove my car down there to get there as fast as possible, and Glen is just talking about this and that and I’m not paying attention to him. I’m thinking, “How am I going to get from the car down to the bucket and back up again as fast as possible?”  Glen was kind of peacefully enjoying the energy and I was in type-A frame of mind.

Nityaananda:  Mm-hmm, you were on the job.

Ramakrishna:  So I screeched and skidded on the dirt road, jumped out, and he’s asking me questions about this and that and I just said, “Stay here! I’ll be back in a second!” Digging up that bucket I must have looked like a cartoon character.

Nityaananda:  I bet.

Ramakrishna:  Leaves flying up in the air, and then I pulled it out. At first, I was really nervous that the seal was going to be broken because one part of the diksha was that if any air got inside the bucket, the process was crashed. I remember that feeling of dread.

 When I went down there, that was my doubt: maybe Swami knows that this has been cracked or something, and we don’t know yet.  So the first thing I did is check that the seal was tight because we bought those special buckets for that, and it looked perfect.  So I was really happy and I just ran up the slope, and Glen was still outside the car and I said, “Get in the car!”

Nityaananda:  So you guys came back with the sand and then Swami wanted it brought to his chair where he was sitting, and then he touched the sand. We’ve seen him do this with ash when we’re making ash, we’ve seen him do it with sand and other miraculous processes.  He was touching the sand because the sand has to be the right smoothness. Then he said yes. Then we knew the process was on! Then the subgroup, including you, Chinello, went into a different part of the temple.

Chinello:  Right.

Nityaananda:  While the other groups went off to different places.

Chinello:  Right, and each group had a particular name.  The group I was in was the Creation Group. We went with Swami to a private room in the temple and then later to a deck outside, underneath a gazebo near the water.  It was really a surreal night. Swami gave us some mantras to chant. He was standing and I was sitting. Then he said, “Put your hand in the sand.”  So I put my hand in the sand and he asked, “Is there anything there?”  I was still chanting the mantra and I felt around in the sand and nothing was there.  Then he said, “Move your hand.”   Suddenly, within seconds, a split-second, I could feel the lingam in my hand. Then I pulled it out.

Nityaananda:  What did you experience?

Chinello:  Right before I felt the lingam in my hand, I saw a blue light that was Shiva’s energy coming from the heavens down through my crown chakra, through my whole body, and into the ground.  The lingam was a by-product of that.  As that light went down into the sand, instantaneously I knew that this place was the power spot for North America.

Glen came to me later that night and said he saw Shiva standing above my head when the lingam manifested.

Nityaananda:  Let’s talk about what is it that materialized in your hand and came out of the sand.   We know, but let’s describe it.  You’re the first person who saw it of the three of us.

Chinello:  When that lingam came out, Swami said look at the lingam, and he started pointing.   He said this is identical to the Emerald Lingam in Penukonda. He said, “See, there’s the same crack.” There’s a crack in the Emerald Lingam in Penukonda. 

Nityaananda:  Exactly. The Emerald Lingam in Penukonda is Swami’s soul object that was also manifested out of river sand in a miraculous energy process.  It’s also called a Dattatreya lingam.  If you look up Dattatreya lingam, that is the form you’ll see.

Chinello:  Yes.  It is a Shiva/Shakti lingam (male/female).  Swami didn’t speak a lot, just pointed saying, “Hmmm,” as if he was surprised. 

Ramakrishna:  We call it an Emerald Lingam, but Swami said you can’t find that substance on earth.  He said if you tested it there’s no way that it is an earthly substance.

Chinello:  Right. 

Nityaananda:  Let’s go back to that miraculous moment.  I was in a subgroup of three. It was myself, Ramakrishna and Shakti.

Ramakrishna:  Yes, one of my roles was to get a bucket of fresh milk from the cow that we had been taking care of. 

Nityaananda:  One of the process items was cow’s milk.  It needed to be fresh so that meant we needed to have a cow on site.  We had to rent a cow.  In India that’s not a big deal, but here, how in the world, where do you find a cow?  But we did.

Ramakrishna:  That night, our job was to get the cow and milk it, and get that milk to the deck within nine minutes.  The process would absolutely fail if it wasn’t there in nine minutes.

Nityaananda:  You and the cow were kind of friends already.

Ramakrishna:  It’s a long story.

Nityaananda:  But really you were taking care of it.  Having a cow around is not just like having a cat or a dog; you’ve got to take care of that cow every day, twice a day, and you had that duty.  You were taking care of our cow for the week leading up to that program.

Ramakrishna:  I knew how long it took to milk; it took me an hour to milk that cow.  That cow was used to machines milking it, so to get a bucket of milk in nine minutes, I just…

Nityaananda:  Shakti ran to where there was grain.  She grew up on a dairy farm so she was the perfect person to know how to take care of a cow fast. She went and got a bucket of grain and you went to where the cow was. Somehow we found each other in the dark over there in the field.  When I got there, you were just milking like crazy. 

We had no idea what else was going on while this is happening.  We didn’t know about the lingam.  It’s important to see the energy of this, it’s not just isolated events; everything is linked. Let’s go a little into the Shiva/Shakti, Mother/Father points here. That fresh milk coming into the creation, milking that cow, was the Mother’s energy. I picture that happening the same time that Shiva, the Father, was coming into the sand and materializing, transforming into the new Emerald Lingam.  This is such a complex story illustrating the ancient knowledge.  It captures the flow in this creation of the Mother and Father’s energy. 

But we had no idea that any of that had happened; we’re just rushing around.  Actually, we didn’t know anyone was on the deck.  Then somebody’s yelling, “Hey! Over here, over here!” I remember Pam and some other women were going down to get water from the big pond and lugging it up in the dark. 

We came over to the deck with the milk because that lingam needed to be abisheked immediately with fresh milk, otherwise it would not have survived.

Ramakrishna:  Yes, that’s what Swami said. 

Nityaananda:  As soon as we arrived, Swami said, “Okay do it now!”  Everybody was shinning flashlights on the area.  At this point, the lingam had been transferred to a soup pot filled with the sand from the bucket. This newly born lingam was sitting in the middle of the pot on top the sand.  Then, Swami needed some of those other process items. He said put this in the sand, put that in the sand, put this in the sand.  Then he said this all has to go in the pond now. So Ramakrishna and I picked it up. We were lucky because the soup pot had big handles on either side. So we just picked up a handle each and walked, literally walked straight into the pond.

Ramakrishna:  Yes, it was dark.

Nityaananda:  With our clothes on, our shoes, it didn’t matter, we just went in.

Ramakrishna:  It was wet and slippery.

Nityaananda:  We didn’t know how much time we had, Swami was just saying go now, go now, go!

Ramakrishna:  I was thinking okay, I do not want to drop this, so I’m going to take my time.  I was in flip-flops, I was partly sliding down a little slope.

Chinello:  Yes, right. 

Ramakrishna: I was trying to keep up with you.

Nityaananda:  I was thinking let’s just get it in.

Ramakrishna: Then we just both walked in to the middle of that pond.

Nityaananda:  Right, and then we’re in the middle and the water was over our heads.

Ramakrishna:  Of the small pond. 

Nityaananda:  Of the small pond that was here at that time. There is another mechanism here using the water element.  Before we let go of the bucket, Swami said remember the ivory.  We had to make sure it was still in the container with the lingam, and then we lowered it to the bottom of that pond. Then we came out of the water and all went back inside the temple.  Chinello, you were massaging his feet. 

Chinello: Yes. After the birth of the lingam, Swami said okay, come into the temple, and he kept saying, “Those hands, those hands,” and I’m thinking, “What’s he talking about?”  He said, “Follow me into the temple.” So I followed him into the temple and then the rest of the group came in too. Swami sat in his rocking chair and he said, “Massage my feet.” The feet are where the Guru’s energy and power is.  It was an unforgettable moment and blessing in my life.  Just moments earlier, a lingam had manifested in my hand and now with those same hands, I am massaging my master’s feet.  This was an extra special blessing. I don’t remember how long that lasted, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or something like that.

Nityaananda:  Swami was ecstatic; the energy was off the wall.  He talked a lot then about the fact that this had never happened before and the link it made to Penukonda. He talked about the special energy of Nature around the temple grounds.  However, there’s no recording, there are no notes; everyone was blissed out in the high energy.

Chinello:  Yes.

Nityaananda:  This is what we can recall, but we should remember that there are 22 other people who can add to this story.

Chinello:  Absolutely.

Nityaananda:  We’re really looking forward to that. This miraculous story is now being shared in a public way.

Chinello:  Right. 

Nityaananda:  So then he gave a diksha and that was that every group member needed to come on every full moon and do a meditation around that object.  We came and we stood around the small pond that had the newly born emerald lingam inside and we did a process.  I remember we did it one time in three feet of snow. 

Chinello: The weather patterns around the temple changed while that lingam was in the water.

Ramakrishna:  Yes, that’s true. 

Chinello:  It snowed more.

Ramakrishna:  Yes, a lot.

Nityaananda:  Hats off to all of you who came up every full moon for that process.

Chinello:  Yes, coming to Laytonville every full moon from wherever we were.

Nityaananda:  Also part of that diksha was that each person had to pay $50 a month to the temple as dakshina.  That was a godsend.  That’s how the temple survived during that time.

After the birth of that lingam, Swami promised that the next time he came to America, we’d complete the process.

Chinello:  Right.

Nityaananda:  And we did.  Sure enough, Swami came back in the fall of 2006. Again, he did a public program here and again the Atma Lingam group took care of the program.  After the program was over, everybody left except the Atma Lingam group.  This time it was in the dusk light, in the late afternoon, when Swami said ok, now is the time, and he had us go in that pond again.

Ramakrishna:  Actually, first he did something outside.

Nityaananda:  That’s right. He had the two of us do a process outside when the rest of the group was meeting with him in the Datta temple. Then he had the entire group stand around the pond.  Then we went into the water and you had to go down and get it by yourself.  I can’t dive that deep.  

Chinello:  It was over your head, Ramakrishna.

Nityaananda:  But somehow you got it out of the mud and you brought it to the surface by yourself.  That must have been 100 lbs of sand.

Ramakrishna:  Yes, but I handed it to you.

Nityaananda:  We got it up, and the rules were it couldn’t touch the ground.  We were thinking, “Don’t slip and fall!”  We were dripping wet, we were muddy.

Ramakrishna:  We were cold.

Nityaananda:  Yes, really cold. 

Ramakrishna:  I remember after the whole process was finished, there were people who literally thought that we went into the big pond to get the pot.

Nityaananda:  Yes, they thought that we did that. That’s a symptom of the high energy; it really plays with our minds.  Our minds are not able to stay fully alert, there’s just too much to take in.

Chinello:  Right.

Nityaananda:  So, we had the pot and we had to just walk it straight up to the temple and put it down in front of Datta. Well, then it’s another miraculous story, right? What happened next was a surprise to Swami.  Swami expressed genuine surprise at events on this land several times.  One was the arrival of the Dattatreya statue itself, and the next was what happened to that original miraculous Emerald Lingam, that Dattatreya lingam, as it was being incubated in the womb of the Mother in the water.  He said this was the proof of the Mother’s power, that She had done this.  Shiva had given a miraculous energy to the Mother and then the Mother did something with that.  Why don’t you tell us what She did with that?

Chinello:  We had the pot of sand that had been under water for months and months. Again he gave a process to chant some mantras and he told me, “Put your hand in the sand again.” I brought out that one lingam, the Emerald Lingam.

Nityaananda:  Exactly what we expected.

Chinello:  I showed it to him and he said, “Put your hand back into the sand.”

Nityaananda:  I thought Swami put his hands back into the sand and said there’s something else in there.

Ramakrishna:  Yes.

Nityaananda:  See, that was his surprise.  He went in and said there’s something there, there’s not just one.

Chinello:  The way I remember it was that after I pulled out the first lingam, I put my hand back into the sand and he said, “Well?” I said, “Nothing else is there,” and then he said, “No, keep feeling, keep feeling.”  I kept feeling and then I felt another one come and then I gave that to him and he said, “Again.”  So I went back into the sand. He told me to put my hands in the sand, so I went back again and there was a third lingam.

Nityaananda:  Right.

Chinello:  Each one was identical in form and size, but not in color.

Nityaananda:  Right, they are made of different stones.

Chinello:  Yes.

Nityaananda:  That one had become three.

Chinello:  The one had become three as Datta is Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva all in one.

Nityaananda:  Right.  The seed of energy had come and the Mother made that one into three.  Swami called that Tryambakeshwara. That was the first time I ever heard him say that word.  He said this is Tryambakeshwara energy. There’s only one other place with this energy on the planet and that’s in India.  It’s in a place called Nasik, which is one of the Kumbha Mela sites and also turns out to be two hours from Shirdi. The Tryambakeshwara temple has one of the 12 jyotir lingams in India. The amazing thing about the lingam there is that on it there are three lingams, three faces representing Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, which is Dattatreya.

To see our Guru surprised is something.  That night was like standing with our Guru in front of the Mother.  In those experiences you experience a side of him that is indescribable. He paused.

Ramakrishna:  He stopped.

Nityaananda:  Then he talked. He said this is linked to Tryambakeshwara and then he gave a diksha for those lingams.  The group had darshan of those lingams and then they basically went back into the water.  They had to be covered and submerged always with rose water, not touching the air. They were that way for a while.  Remember the Atma Lingam group kept coming back for a little while, we would be able to have darshan of those lingams then.  They were in a glass jar filled with rosewater. 

Chinello & Ramakrishna:  Right.

Nityaananda:  But no one could touch them.  Then later he gave instructions about how to take care of those power objects here on this land.  Right now they need to be under water until they can be brought out and put in a temple that will be built specifically for them.  In this future temple, there will always be a continuous abishek of those lingams with the natural water here. When the one lingam split into three, Swami said it was the power of the water element here that did that.  That is the Mother’s energy. He said, “On the planet today, this is the top water element place.”  The objects are Shiva and the nature is the Mother.

The miraculous energy was proven here.

Chinello:  When I saw those three lingams come out, it was confirmation beyond any doubt that I have a very intimate relationship with Datta, with the Datta energy.

Nityaananda:  It is personal.  Any experience of the miracle energy is personal.  Swami used to describe miracle energy as private, like what a husband and a wife do behind closed doors.  That’s his metaphoric way of saying that the miracle is between the soul and God.

Chinello:  Absolutely.

Nityaananda:  You must have been walking on clouds!

Chinello:  Yes.  There are no words to really describe it!  I replay it over and over again.  The first lingam, I could feel that energy was really resonating throughout the fabric of my soul.  Even now I can still feel it growing.  In fact, from the depths of my soul I feel a connection to all four of those lingams, the Emerald Lingam in Penukonda and the three.  I also feel my soul is totally connected to the nature, to the Mother’s energy here. I can’t really put it into words because it’s a soul mechanism. My soul is totally one million percent linked to here.  It doesn’t matter where I am on the planet.

Nityaananda:  That’s right.

Chinello:  It’s totally linked.

Nityaananda:  Once given, it’s given. That experience cannot be touched or amended.

Chinello:  I think like any other power objects any of us have received from Swami, we have to know what’s the power in it for us? What is the inner mechanism and how is it resonating? It’s vibrating. I can totally feel that even more since I came back here.  I can feel more of a resonance taking place, but I’ve also felt it when I’m not here.  This is what a powerspot can do for you.  There’s no time and space.  It’s totally vibrating and connecting to you all the time.  It’s only a matter of time before we know even more.

Nityaananda:  The chapter where we start sharing more about our experiences is opening now. This is just beginning.

Ramakrishna:  This story is so important because it illustrates how special it is for a powerspot to be created by a soul like Sri Kaleshwar in America, in the West.  As far as we know, this is the first time it’s happened. 

Chinello:  We cannot leave out the significance of who Swami really is, that he came here and he did certain processes, and he walked this land just like he did in other places in Penukonda, etcetera. Hundreds of years ago, the great saint and seer Virabrahmendra said just getting a glimpse of Sri Kaleshwar will bless your soul forever and ever.

Nityaananda:  Yes.

Chinello:  For students who maybe never saw him in physical form, Swami is coming in their dreams. So he’s still here, his energy is one million times more powerful now that he is in Mahasamadhi.  It’s amazingly significant that that soul came here.  It says a lot!

Ramakrishna:  He not only came here, he created this place.

Nityaananda:  It’s his place. It exists to be shared.

Ramakrishna:  Exactly.  The benefit that having a personal powerspot here can have in someone’s life is beyond our imagination.

Nityaananda:  Yes, the miraculous energy is real and possible, and available through the knowledge and the channels and the formulas that Sri Kaleshwar shared with the world, and that is now residing in the students of Sri Kaleshwar. This place exists as a proof, as do the lives that Swami touched; our lives and the lives of so many others.

We will continue telling the story.  It’s a long story.

Chinello:  It’s a long story.

Ramakrishna:  Yes, that’s right.

Nityaananda:  Let’s say Jai Guru.

Ramakrishna & Chinello:  Jai Guru!



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