Shravana Showers Blessings

by Devi Marie

Sometimes, nature reflects the presence of the real Shiva Shakti energies. When this happens, it is always very powerful. There is no way to doubt it. This happened on the Shravana Moon. 

In the beginning of August, we had no expectation of rain and had enjoyed warm, sunny weather for all of Shravana weekend. 

The Divine Mother Center residents have been doing the Kala Chakra Self-Healing process for one year now in an outdoor bathtub (electrically heated, thanks Terry!).

One of us had the 3:30 am shift, and noticed that as soon as she began the process, heavy fog rolled in. Suddenly, the entire atmosphere was wet and the air smelled like rain. A very unusual occurrence at the end of the summer!  

After an hour in the water and back at the main house, it began to rain. It felt very clear it was the Mother and Father, giving all of us their blessing on the Shravana Moon.







Shiva and Shakti, The Sun and the Moon

By Laxmi (Kim Naujock, Ed.D)  

It was 4:50 am on Shravana Purnima when I woke up from our Yoga Nidra (divine sleep) process.  It was still dark and just about time for me to get up for the day, so I didn’t try to go back to sleep.  I’d looked out the window wanting to see the moonlight and was so surprised to see raindrops on the window and that a thick fog surrounded the Divine Mother Center grounds.  Rain was not in the weather forecast and we hadn’t had rain for weeks.  I’d been in such a deep sleep, I’d not heard the rain and was grateful for the Divine Mother’s blessing. It felt like a blessing for everyone in our group process, and that the fog was a powerful sign too, remembering it being described as miracle energy, darshan, weather. 

I’d had a little pinching feeling too, knowing the peak Shravana Moon night was over and, while I had a dream that I remembered, it wasn’t particularly spiritual.  I had been looking forward to Baba’s Abishek this morning after our process and, thankfully, quickly shifted out of that feeling. I was grateful to be going to talk with Baba now and to use the mechanism of the holy bath (abishek) to wash away any negative thoughts and open up to new possibilities of divine experiences.

Before leaving the Dattatreya Temple, I took a moment to connect with the Dattatreya murti and receive his blessings, and had a very soft, tender moment.  Then quickly, with a laundry basket of abishek supplies in both hands, I started walking as quickly as possible to the Baba Temple.  I didn’t get far, maybe 30 feet, just past the Mother Mary garden, and was completely stopped in my tracks by the beauty and energy of the Shravana moon. I gasped out loud, and my heart felt like it jumped out of my body. It was incredible. I was totally mesmerized and had never seen the moon look so spectacular – and, amazingly, just like the sun.  

The mist was in the air, but the moon was shining so clearly.  The moon was the center of two concentric circles, naturally forming the Divine Mother’s yantra.  The moon was more golden then white in color, and the edges of the rings had a little color to them too, like a small slice of the spectrum of a rainbow. I was in complete awe. It felt supernatural. 

My heart melted at the same time my body was vibrating so strongly. I connected with the energy for about 30-40 seconds.  The Shirdi Baba Stotrām came into my consciousness.  One of Baba’s divine characteristics is coming as the moon: #83 Your grace is nectar that shines from the moon (ōṃ amṚutāṃśavē namaḥ), and also remembered Nityanandaji had just shared in the most recent Virtual Ashram satsang about Baba giving Sri Kaleshwar darshan in the moonlight.  

This wasn’t a Yoga Nidra soul-travel experience, but it was a divine experience on Shravana Purnima! After taking a few more seconds of connecting, my mind started sending thoughts about needing to keep walking, not to be late setting up abishek.  I said a small prayer and started to walk away.  After maybe five steps, I turned around and took a few pictures to help me remember this experience later. 

It  felt so beautiful walking into the Baba Temple next.  I took a few moments to thank Baba, talking with him in my heart before the live broadcast started.  It was a beautiful experience for me, and was feeling so grateful. After Baba’s Morning Worship was over, with the basket of abishek supplies back in hand, I was stopped in my tracks again - this time by the sun!   The sun looked just like the moon!   In Shirdi Baba’s Stotrām, the very next name describes Baba as the sun: #84, Your light is the splendor of the sun (ōṃ bhāskara prabhāya namaḥ).  This felt supernatural too; a Shravana Shiva-Shakti darshan through the moon and the sun! 

Jai Shiva! Jai Baba! Jai Ma!  These blessings and the connecting-of-the-dots of the ancient knowledge are still digesting in me, and am so grateful to our Guru Parmampara, to the Divine Mother for them, and to be able to share this experience (with pictures!) with you. 

Devi Marie

was born and raised in Colorado. She met Swami through his photo in 2010 and was immediately hooked with his divine presence! Devi is a certified Hatha Yoga and Mediation Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist and Sai Shakti Healer. She was an active board member, seva volunteer, and Co-Teacher of Kaleshwar’s teachings for the last 10 years at Shiva Sai Mandir Denver. Devi recently relocated to live at the Divine Mother Center where she works to serve Swami and the Ancient Mission everyday.

Laxmi (Kim Naujock, Ed.D.) 

Laxmi began studying the ancient knowledge in 2001. She met Sri Kaleshwar in 2002 in Penukonda, India and traveled back and forth to India to study in residence at his ashram for the next 10 years. She attended and graduated from the Soul University in Penukonda in 2010.  Laxmi is a full time resident and student at the Center. Before moving to the Center, she co-led a satellite Sai Shakti healing center in Knoxville, Tennessee for eight years.

Laxmi brings professional experience to her work for the Divine Mother Center in non-profit and volunteer management, program development and team learning. Laxmi served in capacities as development director, program officer, consultant, interim director, and, while in graduate school, she co-founded a clean energy technology development start-up. 

Laxmi is the program manager for Peace Fires, Sacred Fire Ceremonies for World Peace, and her work at the Center also focuses on the Sustainable Prototype Community of Tomorrow, program administration, social media, and member of Baba’s Bhajan Band. Laxmi studied Telugu for two summers at the University of Wisconsin, Madison as part of the Center’s focus on making the ancient knowledge accessible to the West. She loves to feed the birds, walk in Nature, and is grateful to help people receive soul nourishment and healing to awaken to their full potential.


  1. Thank you for your sharing! The pictures are so amazing 🙏🏽 🌝/🌞🙏🏽

  2. Laxmi - What an awesome Shravana Purnima you had! Thank you for sharing it, & your light, in words & photos.

  3. Thank you for your sharing! The pictures are so amazing 🙏🏽 🌝/🌞🙏🏽

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