by Mark (Ramakrishna) Jenkins, BA

Ramakrishna: On the day of his (Sri Kaleshwar’s) samadhi, when I’d been there (at the Penukonda ashram), that night it was just overwhelming. It was like four or five days, I don't know how long. We spent that evening with his body and then I was just done. We had permission to be with him from his parents, but there were things that had to be followed by sunrise. But I was just done. I was fried. I was out. I couldn't feel one way or another about anything.

So I went up on the roof outside of the theater room and I just meditated there and fell asleep there. Then I woke up with a shock and knew exactly when you guys had covered him (Swami) - you (Monika), Nityaananda and Chinello and I think Terry. I just knew. I don't know how I knew, but I knew. I knew it was done.

Fast forward, we were going to have a meeting at nine in the morning or some time the next morning, I think nine or ten or eleven. There was a gathering for the students that were there (at the ashram) that had been scheduled and I slept through it.

Exactly during that time that you guys were meeting, I was in my room asleep. I didn't know until I woke up, but I had this incredible experience, or dream with him. So I want to share that experience.

In the dream he (Swami) was sitting on top of something. It might have been a rock or something like that. He was just sitting on something casually and he was dressed in something like some of those silk cloths that kind of rainbow effects. He was dressed so elegantly and magnificently, like I’d never seen him. He was in maybe a lungi that was tied, but I couldn’t tell if he was wearing pants or a lungi.

I was about like 15 feet away from him (Swami) and there were a couple of people just standing around him. He was just sitting there and he smiled at me and the word glory, that's all I could say. It was the word glory. It was his raiment. His energy was like gold energy. I’m in the dream, and I'm taking measure (of Swami’s golden energy), like 30 feet in either direction.

I'm seeing this. I’m beholding this thing, this glory and it was just glorious and I also knew that he (Swami) had just passed. So when I saw him like that, I was like, “Wow!” Then he smiled at me, which is kind of my queue. So I ran over and I gave him a big hug and I said, “Oh my God, Swami, I was so worried I was not going to see you again.” Something like, “Oh Swami, I’m so happy to see you again.

He (Swami) looked at me and I just stood up and he was different. He was different. Our interaction was different, but it went on for a really long time. It was a very deep conversation, much deeper than my understanding of it. I knew I couldn't have made up those things. It took me a long time to really understand them.

At some point, I stepped on his (Swami’s), his lungi or whatever that was on the ground, and I was kind of engaging with him and getting close and very casual. I wasn't really aware of the circumstance around. I stepped on his lungi and he gave me that look again and then he went like that (looking and gesturing towards a specific direction). Then I looked and it was like a small hill that went down. I don't know how small it was, but then there was this valley which went on for at least a mile and a half or something like that, and it was shaped like that (like an oval). It was big. In the dream I didn't register this, but later it (this valley) seemed to me exactly like Manasarovar. There was this valley of millions and millions and millions of souls. Then, as if in response to something I was saying, he (Swami) said, “I can’t talk. I can't talk now. I have to take care of my soul. My souls are waiting for me here.”

He (Swami) said those two things a couple times and I was not catching it. I was like, ‘Ok.”, still waiting for my answer of what he was going to do. Then he was like, “Later, my soul.” He intimated and I saw this valley of souls - like millions, millions, and millions. It wasn't weeping souls, it was just millions of little souls, very distinct. It was almost like I could see each one. They didn't blur together. They weren’t like bodies. They were like souls with eyes. It's hard to describe. I wish I could paint it, but it was very, very clear.

All of a sudden I realized, “Oh, I'm taking up all this time when I was treating him (Swami) casually.” One of the takeaways was that he had kind of stepped back into, or that was his real state. We'd spent time with him as a human, in the most human of ways as a humanity. And he was that (that glorious golden energy). He had stepped back into that glory - whatever he is - that hyper, highest divine.

I had a few more dreams succeeding with that. The second time I was aware, and again it was that arrayment. It was just glorious. It was amazing. It was beautiful. It was divine. It wasn't overwhelming. It wasn't gaudy. It was just… ah! Then this time I remembered I can't be familiar with him.

After I came out of that experience, I woke up and I saw, “Oh my God, the student meeting is like an hour and a half over.” I didn’t know if you guys were still in there or what (in the meeting). I was in the northwest apartments, and I remember it was a sunny day. By that time it was 12:30pm or almost one. I remember walking through the northeast gates and across the grass. As I was walking across the grass, I just remember seeing that everything was lit with that sparkling, dazzling light, like I'm still in that state, and it reminded me of the souls. Like seeing the millions and millions (like multimillion) of souls that he (Swami) was helping, healing, working with, connected to. I’m not sure how to say this.

I can't remember if I went and told you guys that experience. But I went over there (to the meeting) with a feeling this was kind of for everybody. Like, “Hey, I want to let you guys know I just had a dream of Swami and he is glorious. He's super happy and he is in his divine…”

Nityaananda: You did do that RK. You did exactly that.

Ramakrishna: I did? Ok. Oh, I didn’t know if I told that. Ok great.

Nityaananda: I don't remember the details of what you told and thank you so much for sharing what you did, but I do remember you coming into that meeting late and saying basically, “I just had an experience for everyone. (Monika adds that Ramakrishna shared, “I have a message from Swami).” That was really a beautiful thing.

Ramakrishna: And I'm very clear it was happening while you guys were in the meeting.

Ramakrishna: You know what I mean?

Monika: Yeah. That was such a beautiful sharing and it really gives such a window on the reality of who Swami is. He came as that human, that very relatable fun human being, but he also said, “If I would show you who I was, then you would no longer be able to relate to me.”

Nityaananda: Mhmmm

Monika: To get that (understand that) he gave you that experience and that's beautiful. Thank you. That was really, really beautiful. And I have to say, so many times when people describe their experiences with Swami in dreams and visions, they always described his clothes! He always come in the most…

Nityaananda: He has! There is something with clothes!

Monika: He always comes in some dazzling something!

Nityaananda: Mhmmm. He’ll come and change in clothes too. Change in parakaya clothes too.

Monika: That’s true.

Nityaananda: That was a Vishvaswarupa experience too, in a way. You (Ramakrishna) were experiencing more. You were seeing his soul and relation. Yeah. It's a beautiful blessing that you shared with us. Thank you.

Monika: Thank you Ramakrishna.

Nityaananda: That’s our master.

Ramakrishna: I had three things with that dream. The second time, it was the same thing. He (Swami) was in the same position. I realized that was a loka (divine realm). Yes, that was the other thing. That was the take away. I realized that much later, much, much later. I can't remember when, maybe it was like yesterday, that’s his (Swami’s) loka. But the second time I showed up I was kind of stiff and proper and all that stuff. Then, of course, he made some joke on me and I called him. You know what I mean? Then he was like, “Hey man.” But the first time I was too familiar. The next time I was two stiff.

I don't want to be heavy handed in describing the greatness of Swami because I think it can push people away and I think people can see that like ‘everybody talks about their guru as the greatest’ kind of thing to the extent that you want to make up stories and stuff about him (the guru) or whatever. And he wasn't about that. He was about following the knowledge and connecting to the divine whatever it is. But if we're in this lineage, and we are in this lineage, practicing this knowledge, it also really helps to know that.

I mean, how much more top of a soul can you talk about? How do you talk about someone who is equal to Jesus and Baba and Mother (Divine) and Mary and Shiva and Vishnu and the saptarishis. I mean, we are just somehow that lucky, to embrace that and to trust that.

I love that video (one of the Swami video in the 2018 Precious Moments With the Master online course). One of the first things he's saying is just so… if you can just hear that message (I’m not sure the pretense of it). If you are not getting success in your process or whatever (I mean you guys were talking about blocks today), have faith on your master, have faith on your process, that what you're doing is works and then have faith in yourself as a recipe for success. Wow.

You can have total faith on Swami, on Baba. I mean total faith, to the point that it's hard to imagine their greatness and what they taught, what he taught. Knowing that he's that great, that he didn't waste time. Every mantra he gave. One time he talked about the Sky mantra, as one of the greatest mantras ever. One of the most powerful Shiva mantras is just the Sky prayer which you learn right off the bat in the Five Elements Process. Everything that he taught is top of the mountain.

The last part is, sometimes it takes a lot of work and faith in ourselves. But anyway, I just really wanted to step up and say I'm standing for the greatness of that soul in a new way and let the cards fall where they may, but he was and he is mighty. Mighty great. Jai Guru.

Monika: One of the things about doing a process like this is that we can openly share in our bhakti and devotion. Sometimes it is like what you are say, Ramakrishna, it scares people. People don’t have to share in this same way. They can just do a process. They can get something.

Nityaananda: But, you know, you didn't see Baba shy about his beliefs and feelings for his master or for God in any circumstance. And really in that scenario, that's a soulmate thing. We live in a society in the west especially where it's not understood. There is a lot of difficulty with the Guru concept and that’s a block actually. Whatever part of that is internalized in us like, “Oh, I'll be embarrassed what people think.” I mean, we can use moderation. We don't need to have a billboard, trying to recruit. It’s not about converting, but it's also about standing. Like you said, I'm standing. Swami used that term so many times, “I wonder really, who's going to stand with me when it gets tough, when whatever comes, when the waves come.” And it is about standing. That standing is a soulmate mechanism.

Again, we come back to that opening quote. He (Swami) said, you put your flag in the ground and you stand. It's not even a question. It's not a question no matter what. So it comes back around full circle. We don't need to shout his name or whatever that is from the rooftops. I think the guru mechanism, whatever the lineage, if it's really a lineage, it's truly connected to that enlightenment, to that full God Consciousness. There are many different lineages in the world with their own ways. Being true to whatever your lineage is, is the way to be, is the way to win. Right now we're in this young early movement with this knowledge, propelled by the palm leaf knowledge that Swami gave to the world. We’re in the first wave of practitioners and that's coming. Really that's our job. Let his (Swami’s) greatness be proven by our lives and our actions in the successes and the trials. Whatever it is the Guru Parampara is doing is creating a new age.

Monika: And really, that's what he (Swami) wanted, have faith in yourself. That was his really big message, “Forget about me even. Really come to see what's inside of you.” And of course you can't forget because when you have that connection, you can’t. But he wanted people to rely on themselves, to be self reliant and discover it themselves. Be independent.

Nityaananda: He said that. That came up in so many of the clips.

Monika: Exactly, he never stopped saying that. He said, “I don't want to create slaves, you know? I want to create equalism.”

Nityaananda: Right. That’s right. The end of slavism.


Mark (Ramakrishna) Jenkins

is the co-owner and spiritual director of the Paramashiva Healing Center in Austin, TX.

In 1987 Ramakrishna entered the spiritual and healing path when his step-father Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements) took him as an apprentice at the age of 17. Ten years later he moved to India to live and study with Sri Kaleswhwar. Through sharing what he has learned Ramakrishna's ambition is the same as Sri Kaleshwar's: To spread this knowledge to help the world and to create spiritual masters, not students.

Ramakrishna currently offers beginning and advanced courses via private lessons, online and local classes. He also also leads power journeys to India several times a year and hosts a weekly satsang every Sunday that is free and open to all to attend. More information on the classes, power journeys, healing services and vaastu consultations can be found at

The Paramashiva Healing Center is located in the Texas Hill Country.


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