from the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar 

Shiva's top arrow is His third eye. He uses His third eye at certain times, whenever it’s highly important and necessary. Generally, when does Shiva use that light? For any kind of crazy illusion that is around you, crazy disturbances, ups and downs, a lot of negativity, huge confusion, losing money, losing your peacefulness, your friends are cheating you, your soul is so hurt, people are hurting you intentionally even though you’re trying to be so nice with them. They come with a lot of negative poison and throw it on you. Shiva hooked some of Mother Divine’s energy and put it in His third eye to burn anything and to give distance healing through His third eye consciousness. 

For example, a master is walking, you are there, he has to give you a blessing. He sees you are carrying a lot of karma and he can’t give you a blessing without burning your karma. He has a huge fire in His third eye. He releases the thought and He burns your karma with His third eye. Whatever thought He releases, your whole body’s vibration system changes. After He looks at you its done. He doesn’t need to touch you if he looks at you straightly. He is 1000 times more powerful than your soul. He already connected to the vibrations, chanting and chanting and chanting. Then with his pure open heart, he released his thought, “You’ll be fine, you’ll be ok." He already did huge austerity. Then from his huge austerity power, he only needs to release his thought on you to burn your karma. In the Indian Vedic tradition, it’s called trineytra dhara, because every person has a third eye. It means we are also carrying these same energies as Shiva. Every person has the same third eye capacity as Shiva. The third eye, the spiritual eye, is called the gurusthan. 


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