Excerpt from the Universal Womb Chakra Process by Sri Kaleshwar

You might have tons of your own headaches: Natural problems, family problems, financial difficulties. You have to do hard work. You have to lead your life. Without doing hard work, you can’t survive. You have your house rent, health insurance, car, gas, food—all your normal life expenses. You need prosperity.

Once you have the basic comforts I blessed today, then what more do you need in your life? What’s happening is whenever you have enough comfort, then you’re going for the addictions. You’re not going to God. You ignore Him. Does it make sense? If I blessed you with good health, good money, good house, good wife, good children, happy life, will you really think about God? That’s why He’s always playing with us.

Personally, He has given me everything. He’s given the bungalows, cars, assistants, farmhouses, name, fame, money, jewelry, good health. But why am I doing the hard work? I never care about my own selfishness. Never.

Every day, (in the) early morning when I wake up I look at my face, and I look in my eyes and ask a question, ‘Am I treating people well or not? Am I ignoring people or really caring for them? How loving and friendly am I around people? Is my egoism going up or staying the same or getting less?’

If it’s going up, immediately I make it come down. Then I go and stand in front of Baba. “Hey, no games. No games. Don’t give the egoism. Who am I to receive all the things? You’ve given it. I know one day you’ll take it out. If my egoism is going up, thinking, ‘I’m doing everything, I’m making money, it’s my car, my bungalow, my kingdom’—the disasters are starting there. I don’t have anything here on Earth, except your true love. You’re my father, my mother, my friend, my relative, my samastha—my everything. That’s enough. Be with me. Just be with me. I don’t want anything. Whatever you’re giving me, I’m happy. Whatever you’re taking away from me, I’m happy. Be with me! Please shower and bless me with the high love. That’s enough.”

Once you have that attachment—that love—that is the true love. You can feel it. You’re seeing it. He’s really helping, protecting, and taking care of you. You know about you. You can feel it. That’s what you want.

In your normal life, that stage of falling in love only happens when you surrender. Whenever the money is coming in your life, it won’t tell you. It automatically comes. Whenever the money is going from you, it never tells you. It automatically goes away. You have good health. Whenever the health is going out from you, it won’t tell you. It starts going away. That’s just His lila. That, we need to be a little conscious on and to be super careful with our blocks.



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