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In 2006, in Laytonville, California at the Divine Lineage Healing Center, Sri Kaleshwar did a yogic process called prana pratishta installing his soul energy into the Dattatreya statue. He promised that his soul would be in the Dattatreya statue for thousands of years, and continue blessing and giving darshan long after his mahasamadhi. He said Dattatreya was operating the creation energies of Mother Divine’s womb chakra on this Center’s ground, a Shiva/ Shakti power spot. 

On March 15th, 2012, in Penukonda, India, Sri Kaleshwar left his body and took mahasamadhi.

Three days later, at the Healing Center in Laytonville, the Dattatreya statue began to cry at precisely the same time that Sri Kaleshwar’s body was being buried in the earth of the Dwarkamai in Penukonda. Those gathered at the Dattatreya Temple had come for a holy bath (abishek) to connect to Sri Kaleshwar who had taken mahasamadhi three days earlier. After the holy bath, as every­one sat to meditate, tears started to flow from the statue’s eyes, then from other parts of the statue. Tears continued to flow as everyone watched in awe and silence. 

Sri Kaleshwar’s Samadhi, March 19, 2012 Penukonda, India


Kirsten Thompson describes her experience then, “This was a miracle. We could feel that energy. We really took it as a proof of Swami reaching out and telling us, ‘I am with you. I am still with you. Can you feel me? I am there. I am always with you.’” Swami’s soul presence poured into the room and every heart was filled with huge love. Those who witnessed this miracle at the Dattatreya Temple did not know until weeks later that it was the exact time that Sri Kaleshwar’s body was being covered with earth. 


Datta Statue Cries, March 18, 2012 Lay­tonville, CA USA


Since then the Dattatreya statue has continued to demonstrate the reality of divine siddhic energy channels, miraculously 'bleeding' water intermitantly several times since 2015 during and/or after New or Full Moon holy baths (abisheks) and other sacred ceremonies.


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