by Zac Thompson 

Thank you for your generous donation to our annual Christmas Baskets program. This year was once again a great success with your help. We provided Christmas dinner for 37 families, including 91 children. It was a blessing to see the awe-struck amazement on the faces of people as they reached for their 'basket' on the table: a reusable sterile tub over-flowing with healthy food, goodies, and Christmas cookies!

Many families offered to unload the food into their trunks and return the tub, thinking it was only for transport use. Offering the dinner in a reusable tub, instead of disposable plastic bags or boxes, is a big part of showing our gratitude and taking-care nature for each other and the world.


Thank you again for your contribution to this needed cause. Many children and families went to bed full for days on end because of your support. Your generosity and willingness to help others in need is a light in this world.

with much gratitude,

Zac Thompson


Zac Thompson

has been a part of the Divine Lineage Healing Center since 2005, taking part in numerous charitable activities in the local community, helping manage the temple grounds and providing program support. Zac is a dedicated full-time father and Bowenwork healing practitioner. As a healer, Zac integrates Sai Shakti healing techniques from the ancient knowledge into his practice. Passionate about both healing and charity work, as Charitable Activities Special Projects Manager he also helps oversee many of the Divine Lineage’s charitable activities including: Supporting Families in Need during the Holidays, and the Center’s year-round programs supporting local food banks and homeless feeding programs in Mendocino County, CA.




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