Transcript Excerpt from Chandra Nadi by Sri Kaleshwar

My dear divine souls, two things are very important in your life: handling your soul in a beautiful way even though it’s a wild horse. Making it controlled through your consciousness. Consciousness is a rider. Soul is the horse that once you handle it through the consciousness, your soul, you need to become the highest, strongest divine spirit on this planet and handle it. Handle it, and the Mother Nature, in a beautiful way. That is the greatness of the Chandra Nadi Process. 

Today the Maya Datta, your Swami Guruparampara’s energies are flowing through Nityaananda and Monika giving the shaktipat, using the shakti bijaksharas, and giving you strongest, highest energy level of the consciousness stage. Already I sent the Chandra Nadi yantra. I recommend to you guys tomorrow, draw that yantra. 

Who did this process of the Chandra Nadi, they’re pretty good strongest benefit, strongest healer, and stop any negative forces and abilities of asta-siddhis. After the Chandra Nadi Process is complete, you’re making your soul controlled through the consciousness. Once your soul’s consciousness is controlled, then another stroke is how to handle the avadhut energy and how to understand the avadhut. Ava means unconditional. Dhut means pure love. Unconditional pure love, even though they’re behaving funny. Like Shirdi Baba is purely avadhut. But he created and he demonstrated the highest performance in the Nature. It doesn’t matter what form of the Mother keeps hitting. He turned as a Maya Datta and he stopped Her and he recreated it like Vishvamitra Maharshi who got injured by his kama chakra. All his austerities power was lost, all his energy chakras got empty through his kama chakra. His thousand years’ energy power he lost in the last climax moment in his diksha process. The Maya hitted and he lost it. Then he was not able to receive the real stitha pregnata ananda. Then he got frustrated, then again he restarted his process. He produced these two processes in the planet: Surya/Chandra Nadi process. Who really did this they have pretty good control of all their sat-chakras. That’s why he created this. He’s the person who created the Gayatri mantra and the Shakti Gayatri mantra. The Gayatri mantra is not an ordinary mantra. And the Shakti Gayatri mantra also is not ordinary mantra. It’s a kind of another level, layer of the energy pin numbers, Gayatri and Shakti Gayatri.

So, my divine souls, the Maya Datta and the Shakti Datta energies all the places are around you there, and receive the energy process even though your Swami physically is not there. My consciousness level is hitting each individual soul in a beautiful way. 




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