Sri Kaleshwar at the Divine Lineage Healing Center

November 20, 2005

Laytonville, California 95454 USA




Sri Kaleshwar: Brahma, how are you?

Brahma (Carl Neyman): I am good, Swamiji. I’m doing well.

Sri Kaleshwar: Why did everybody come here?

Mauricette: To be with you. To receive whatever you want to give. I am here to learn whatever you need me to learn right now.

Sri Kaleshwar: That is the right answer. First of all, after many years I am here again in America. A couple of months back I watched on the television the floods in America. I felt it was the time for me to visit, to see that country. That’s number one. Number two, actually, I am not a good traveler but I’ve been traveling a lot these last two, three years. Many times, I did programs in Germany, London, again many programs  . So far, I visited Europe 18 times. And in the past 30 days, I traveled to Japan, back to India, London, then again to Germany, San Francisco, Denver, and back again to San Francisco to come here to Laytonville. A few friends they want me to visit, 'Ok, I'm coming to Denver.' Again I want to see Laytonville, how this beautiful Church here and this forest (Divine Lineage Healing Center, Laytonville CA), such a quiet calm place. 'Ok, I want to be here too.' Once I entered the flight, the captain is saying its a 4 1/2 hours flight...

Anyhow, we are so blissed [1] and blessed to be in this beautiful forest. Starting today, this nature will really support us very strongly to bring, to awaken in us to the divinity.

Actually, on December 1st to the 5th I was supposed to be in Los Angeles and then on to Hawaii but I said, “Huh uh.” I cancelled them. Of course, many people misunderstood, “Why did he promised? Why did he cancel? It if he’s really divine, if he’s really doing divine work, why did he cancel?” What is your answer?

Mauricette: I guess you needed to cancel it (Laughter)

Sri Kaleshwar:If I'm in your position, I signed up for it, I'm waiting, then its cancelled... how many times have I cancelled my programs, Clint (Nityaananda)?

Clint (Nityaananda): In America?

Sri Kaleshwar: Yes. Since three years?

Clint (Nityaananda): Maybe five or six times.

Sri Kaleshwar: You never know until I am there. I never follow my own time. I follow his (pointing to Shirdi Baba’s picture) time. I’m serious. So it’s teaching people patience, a kind of stithapregnyata [2] stage. You cannot command the divine to work to do whatever you like. You have to work for the Divine, to do whatever it likes. Even if you want to come and talk to me, if my heart is not open, you won’t get results. If I want to talk to you, it doesn’t matter if your heart is closed or open, forget it... I am a fire coal. With notice or without notice, if you touch me you’ll get burned, you’ll feel it. I’m serious.

The concept is, I don’t have any bad intention by putting people under patience. Always I have a good intention to teach them patience to help them know something they’re searching for. After canceling the programs several times, the Reality people will stand there. Instead of teaching 1,000 people, it’s better to teach the right people, even if it’s just one or two. That is most important.

Since six, seven years I didn’t give any programs to anyone in India. Hundreds of thousands of people keep waiting, waiting, waiting. All the villages, towns, keep asking, “What happened to him?” I’m serious. It’s the up and down mentality in the people. But, whenever the people’s hearts are really open and need help, I am there.


Why Negative Illusions Come In Your Life

Today the subject is, 'How to Connect the Divine Channels.' Do you have paper and pen? Before we start, chant Omkaram [3] five times. (Chanting Om five times then the Guru Mantra, Ganesh  Mantra, then Gayatri Mantra. [4])

Welcome, my dear divine souls. Before we start, let me explain how normal illusions really disturb you from to reaching the divine stages. Every person generally has problems, at least a few, like health problems, relationship problems, financial problems, heartbreak... is there anything left? You have little addictions with alcohol and drugs. You have problems with your wife and children. Your wife cheated on you. Your boyfriend cheated on you, you got heartbroken. You’re not making enough money. You feel under stress, depression. You’re living but you don’t know how you are living. Something is dead in you but you are living. You’re running a life tragedy. Problems come only from your actions and your behavior. You’re allowing the illusions to come in you; you’re inviting them to torture you through that. How it is possible that you’re allowing yourself to suck depression, to suck heartbreak, to suck all the pain in you? Clint (Nityaananda)?

Clint (Nityaananda): Well, it’s through the blocks, through the negative emotions.

Sri Kaleshwar: Where are they coming from?

Clint (Nityaananda): From the karmas [5]. And those come from the desires, from kama [6].

Sri Kaleshwar: For example, I don’t have any desire. I’m innocently traveling in the car. My car gets in an accident. I lose my leg. What is that? It’s a block?

Clint (Nityaananda): It is a lack of divine protection circles.

Sri Kaleshwar: Exactly. If certain things are happening in your life without your notice it means you don’t have enough protection circles. Your guardian angel, your divine energy, whatever you call it that’s protecting you, is getting lower. For example, you’re a healthy man, a successful person, but still you got in an accident and lost your legs. Just ten minutes before you were super happy and okay in life. Suddenly it went like that and you fell off the cliff. How to protect against that from happening? Same thing with heartbreak, whenever you’re receiving a heartbreak you don’t know before that it’s going to happen, and health problems, too. Today you’re super healthy, tomorrow you attract some cancer. Your kidneys are failing. Your liver is getting damaged. All of a sudden, a tumor starts in your brain. Two days back you were okay. Now it started. What is that? There are three reasons for these things happening: 

  1. You do not have enough protection circles.
  2. You don’t know how to purify your soul.
  3. You’re not receiving, not feeding, the soul the right energy. Whenever you’re not feeding the soul the right energy, it really makes you feel terrible. Then you’re begging for God’s help.


Keeping Your Soul Healthy

If your soul is healthy and if you’re active and okay, you won’t think about God. Whenever you ignore your soul, the inner consciousness of the Divine in you, when you’re not taking care of it in a proper way, then you’re really in trouble. God is not making you to do all this stuff. whenever you’re in the happy moments you need to thank the divine. whenever you’re in the tragedy moments, you also need to thank God. Whenever you are super wealthy, thank God. Whenever you are super broke, thank God. Every morning when you’re waking up thank him. Before going to sleep thank him. When you’re starting your meal, thank him. Today he offered something beautiful.

One week back you didn’t know you were coming here. It happened. It means you need to enjoy this climate. Already the decision was made. Your heart was open; some magnetic power pulled you here. Then you are here. Still you don’t know about the next hour. You don’t know about the next day. It is completely in the hands of...?

Students: God.

Sri Kaleshwar: Doesn’t it make sense? It’s in God’s hands. How to protect your soul, your body and your heart in a beautiful divine way? For millions of years that has been a big challenging subject. It’s big research still happening. So far, I hope I’ve had a little success with that. I want to give some channels. Once you enter into the channels, even if you don’t want the protection, it will automatically start protecting you, making you hook, inviting a kind of divine virus in you. The divine virus won’t go away. I am serious. I got the Baba Virus. There is no anti-virus.

Before I came here, I begged him, I surrendered, “No, I can’t work. I am not going and I’m not giving a talk. It’s impossible.” I said, “Baba please...” But if I stopped this work, within the next two hours he’d give another work, with interest added. So just simply accept his virus and doing that. He gives the results, believe me. He has given amazing results. During these 32 years of my life how he really used me to make everything happen. In the world today, it’s impossible for a single person to create and build such a great divine center like what’s in Penukonda, India, just like that. I’m serious. That’s why everybody gave the name ‘Divine Mystery Fort’ to the Penukonda center. Sometimes as I am walking into the ashram, where almost 250 staff are working, when I stand in front of the gate, looking at the mountain and the temple, this Sai Palace, many times I have a question mark, “How did it really happen?”

Just seven, eight years back, I was living there in a beautiful hut with a wild forest surrounding it. I was happy with that. Still that hut is there. After a while, whenever I slept in the hut, 30 to 40 people wanted to sleep around me and meditate. It became so tight. Okay, I want to build something for Baba and for the people, too. Then they can be happy there and then I can be in my hut. That was the first concept. The  reason was to just push the people into the temple to go and meditate there. I started. I did the prayers, “Baba, I have a thought. Maybe I can put you in a small temple.” I broke the coconut. I started. Look at the virus how much I really invited the virus. It’s grown, grown, grown, grown. It’s now like five-star hotel. Is it true, Clint (Nityaananda)?

Clint (Nityaananda): Absolutely, Swami.

Sri Kaleshwar: Before when I wanted to talk on the phone, there was just a huge wire strung for some kilometers and the monkeys would be swinging on them and the boys had to keep running, taking the ladder and fixing the wire.

Now the ashram is open to all western students. Especially the spoiled California ashram students! I hope they enjoy it. Then they created. “Okay, Swami, we will help.” Then they brought a satellite phone for me to reach the students around the world. The government was also pretty open. Now it’s like a little high-tech facility. 


Fall in Love with the Divine

The point is, once you surrender, even if you don’t want something but you really need it, he knows that and he gives that to you. If you need something, and your heart doesn’t want it, still he’ll give it. That is Baba.

Number two, at the same time if you want something only 50/50, not with a 100% open heart, like feeling, “Well, I want to see Mother Divine, it’s okay whether Mother Divine accepts me or not.” That’s not fair. You have to come with a determined mind, determined heart, that you want to see it, do or die. You need to fall in love with the Divine––really fall in love. Your soul has to really badly want to connect to it. That’s a kind of soul aching. You know soul aching? You want to communicate. You need to learn some channels. Such type of strong feeling you need to create. Not create; you need to raise them up. You understand?

For example, when you see an attractive girl, any special person, you can’t help it, you want to know their name and phone number. Then all the time that person is coming in your dreams. You can’t help it. Like that, you need to make a 100% commitment with the Divine that you’ll be there. Once your soul is really strongly committed, it’s done. Then you can leave it alone. It will happen. Absolutely, it will happen. You cannot escape it. God cannot escape from you.


A Guide is Needed to Reach Your Destiny

Many people think, “Swami, I meditated for 30 years. I did some healings. I got some channels but I didn’t have any real experiences. Still I’m doing it in my life. I believe in God, I know God, I trust Him but I just don’t know.” It means you don’t have the right angle, right guidance, right way, right formula to reach Him. Do you understand? If you want to reach to some place crossing the desert, if you don’t have the perfect directions, forever and ever you are in the desert. If you don’t have the perfect guidelines, for ten years, or 1,000 years, or even 10,000 years, you’ll be forever in the desert. You need a perfect map. You need to know what you’re doing and somebody really needs to guide you until you reach your destiny. if there is no guidance, you’re lost. that is the major problem happening right now in spirituality.

I’m not opposed to any religion. Jesus told all his students they will become more than him. That’s a powerful statement. All his students will become...more than him. To reach that stage––what he demonstrated with his soul ability and soul capacity––is a big step. So for the past 2,000 years until to now why are people not able to receive that same energy to reach that stage? Where are the people who can really demonstrate certain things like Jesus did? I’m not criticizing but whoever is doing that now, or whoever has done certain things in the past, the world treats that person as a kind of black magician saying, “Only God is allowed to do certain things, not people.” When Jesus was alive, they treated him as a kind of black magician. They also treated Shirdi Baba as a black magician.

Today, students are receiving a lot of misunderstanding from the environment, the society, it happens to anyone who is really teaching some great things. But if you receive that gossip, those unnecessary comments, then you’ll spoil your mind, you’ll get disturbed, and you’ll lose it. Between you and the master, you don’t know what the master will give to you. And you don’t know when you’re going to receive. Once you receive it, you’ll start to experience it. Sorry to say it this way, it’s like a wife and husband, making beautiful love. The fragrance they’re enjoying is completely private. Whatever the master gives the student and whatever the student receives, they’re completely the privacy moments. After the student receives something, then the remaining people will start to talk some nonsense and it’s possible that student will suck that [7]

For example, coming to Laytonville, there is a lot of gossip about this village. Of course its a beautiful forest. Wherever there are positive marks, negative marks will be there. I'm only concentrating on the positive. Super positive is here, its ok.

So, whatever you want to do, do it. You need to make a strong commitment, “I am doing meditation with the Gayatri Mantra 108 times per a day no matter what.” Even if somebody comes, “Why are you doing the Gayatri Mantra? This mantra is more powerful than the Gayatri Mantra. Do this one.” Already the master has guided you to do this prayer at a certain time. It means he is working on your soul. Then instead you’re doing a different mantra and you dropped the one he gave you. You lost it.

Like an egg hatching under the chicken, you won’t really know what it is until it comes out from you. From the beginning, you can’t see the small chicken hidden in that. It’s impossible. A woman can produce ten beautiful souls; she has that capacity, the energy, but she doesn’t know it. But the Nature knows, and the master knows what type of the souls will come out from her.

Now I’m coming to the point. the whole system in Creation is always in you but you don’t know it. It is in you but you dont know that. You can do wonders, but you don’t know that. You are a part of God, but you don’t know that. Even if somebody says it and you know it you have to experience it, too. How to get that experience? Now we’ll go that point.


How To Use Your  Soul

The soul is always a mystery, more than the monkey mind. I’m serious. Every night when you’re sleeping, the soul will walk out from your body for at least a couple of minutes. it’s a standard law. Then again, it enters. Whenever it is walking out it creates some beautiful dream, some illusion drama in your third eye when you’re sleeping and enjoying that dream. After you wake up you remember the dream. You liked it. But, after 30 days you don’t remember it. You only remembered the last night’s dream. The remaining days you don’t know what’s happening.

When you fall asleep, you don’t know what is happening to you. Your soul is making you sleep making your mind quiet and calmed down, then it’s taking that whole system in-charge. You need to understand this. It is a big subject. the point here is whenever you receive a dream, when you remember a dream, it’s a standard, your soul has left from your body and entered back again. If you take the length of time of your dream, 30 minutes, 40 minutes, it means that much time it traveled out. But you don’t know where it went.

Whenever the soul is going out from our body there are three charactors: the Brahma Consciousness, the third eye, and the heart. The soul tells the Brahma Consciousness [8] it’s leaving. Once it leaves then you start to experience dreams in your Brahma Consciousness and third eye. The soul commands the Brahma Consciousness to the heart, “Take care of this body. I am coming back.” Then it leaves. Once it leaves then you start to see dreams. Sometimes the Brahma Consciousness doesn’t accept it, “No, I don’t want to watch. You stay here.” There is a fight running between them (soul and Brahma Consciousness). I’m not joking. It is a very serious subject. One day science will accept exactly what I am saying. The soul commands the Brahma Consciousness and if the Brahma Consciousness is not accepting it, “No, there is no permission for you to go. You stay here. I’m locking you in.” Then the soul convinces the Brahma Consciousness, “Hey no, come on. You were thinking on something today, isn’t it? Somebody you were really wondering on?” The soul is tuning in, playing there, putting an illusion in a beautiful dream to the Brahma Consciousness, “You watch the dream,” then it’s leaving. when you have a dream, it means there is a fight happening between your soul and your Brahma Consciousness.

After the soul comes back, the Brahma Consciousness drops to the heart, “Hey, this happened last night. I did my job. I watched him (soul). He left. He gave this beautiful dream. I am dropping it to you.” You receive it in your heart. After your heart gets it then automatically it’s passing it on to your mind. Then you start to feel, “Uh oh, last night Swami came, last night Shirdi Baba came. I was with a beautiful friend, I was driving in the car, something happened and I visited some beautiful place.”

Either you’re having good dreams or bad dreams. Some people have bad dreams all the time. It means their Brahma Consciousness is super fighting with their soul. It’s punching all the time. That’s why the soul is giving back some super strange bad dreams. Sometimes people go psychiatric in their normal life, behaving, even walking, a little funny. It means the Brahma Consciousness is giving such a hard time to the soul. The soul is giving back a punch to the mind, to the Brahma Consciousness, then the person’s behavior is a little unstable. 

The only solution to fix that is to make the Brahma Consciousness very strong. Once the Brahma Consciousness is very strong, you’re okay. You need to keep the soul in the body as much as you can. Once it keeps jumping and running like a fish, big problems start. You’re receiving the illusions. The soul always wants to go away from you. That is the standard law. It wants to go. It’s only staying through the Brahma Consciousness, your heart, the guru’s sankalpam [9], and your third-eye gurustan [10] locking it in, not letting it go away.

Right now in your Western culture, people think a dead person coming back to life is a big miracle. But in the ancient cultures it already happened. In India, several thousand year-old people are still living in the Himalayas. They have pretty good commanding with their Brahma Consciousness. They’re taking the soul and using it in a beautiful positive way. You just don’t know how to use the soul in a beautiful proper way, let me put that way. That’s why you have all these funny problems and huge cloudiness in your life. You can’t see through. You cannot see anything. You’re stuck.

The bottom line is you don’t know how to use your soul. You’re a piece of God. If you don’t know how to use it, it doesn’t matter in which form you are, as a human, as an animal, as a tree, as a fish, as a bird, whatever it is. Everything is linked with divine souls.

So how to use the soul? That is through purification opening the doors. I want to give the channels. I'll give the two prayers... write it down....

(video cuts)

... the soul is like that. Sometimes when a person is in the ashram, I give a healing when a person is sleeping. I tell them, “Come and sleep in the Jesus Temple.” They think, “Why I should come and sleep in Jesus Temple? I have a beautiful air-conditioned room?” No, really, my students, these guys, are really  spoiled. I say, “No, come and sleep in Jesus Temple. They all come, make their beds very comfortably. It’s beautiful. Everybody’s sleeping. Of course, they won’t sleep that easily. They’re opening their eyes and watching what I’m really doing,“ Is he talking to anybody? Okay, he’s near Jesus making the candles.” Like a monkey, they’re wondering what is really happening. I really want to connect to their souls. When they’re sleeping, pull the soul, do the process, and send the soul back in a beautiful way. But sometimes when I’m around the people won’t be sleepy. The soul won’t take that challenge. That is the point.

So, I put some illusions. I leave and go to my downstairs my fire pit. Then they start taking the sleep. They’re in the beautiful sleep; somebody’s in a deep trance. Good. Once I enter, if I stand near a person, it makes them feel a huge shock, “Oohh,” then they wake up. In your life, did you ever experience when you’re sleeping if somebody comes near you it makes you wake up? Do you know what is that? It means that your soul at that time is doing pradakshina [11] around your body and is ready to take off. Whenever a strong soul comes, it wants to make your soul wake up, your soul rushes to enter back into your body. This is a very new concept. For many days if the soul’s landing back in the body is rough, if it keeps rushing and pushing very badly in your body, then your life goes a little up and down. You need to fix the soul’s landing in your body very smoothly. So, you watch. It’s just starting. Does that make sense to you, Ramakrishna (Mark Jenkins)?

Ramakrishna (Mark Jenkins): That does make sense, Swamiji.

Sri Kaleshwar: How many times did you get shocked awake?

Ramakrishna (Mark Jenkins): Oh, many times. If you walk into the temple, I wake up.

Sri Kaleshwar: Why is that?

Ramakrishna (Mark Jenkins): I have no idea. Even if I don’t hear you, I don’t know, I just sit up and then turn around and there you are, “Okay.”

Sri Kaleshwar: It is the soul magnetism running. Iron and soul are there. Iron to magnet. Magnet to magnet. You’ll understand when you do your soul purification process.


Soul Purification Process Mantra

Om Brahma 

aatma Brahma 

Breem Breem Breem mama



aavaaham aavaaham aavaaham


‘Ma’ [12] means you. Again ‘Ma’ comes. ‘Mama’ means, next ‘Ma’ means whoever it is that you do not know. ‘Atma’ means your soul. Paramatma means Divine soul. You don’t know what Divine soul. The bijakshras [13] are ‘breem breem breem’. Bijakshras are really soul words. Soul words? Energy words, let’s put it that way. And, you’re inviting the Paramaatma. The trick here is to make a divine soul come and sit in you whenever your soul leaves your body. These are all new concepts for you.

It doesn’t make any sense in the beginning. But then every night you’ll really enjoy the divine bliss, sleep is going super smoothly for 30 days, from one full moon to the next full moon, an amazing difference will come in your lives, your life activities––good fortune, good karma. 

The main points here are the depth of spirituality:

  1. How much you’ll really enjoying your sleep.
  2. You have to know that you’re sleeping.
  3. You have to recognize what you’re really doing when you’re sleeping.


Process Information, Questions & Anwers

Sri Kaleshwar: You need to start the mantra every night after sunset, 6:30pm, 7pm or later, and finish before 4:30am, 5am. Do it a minimum of 108 times (one mala [14]), maximum to whatever you want. Then watch how much the purification is happening in you.

You’re chanting this prayer, this channel, for 101 days to make your soul strong. You’re inviting Divine souls in you to bless you with whatever they want. After 101 days, your healing capacity will rise up pretty good. You can do healing and can help many people suffering with depression and a lot of blocks.

After you finish chanting for the 101 days, I want to make you prove this prayer mantra and this energy. We will create something, like a beautiful cross, or a beautiful statue, or make a beautiful form out of the rock, sculpting it with your own hands. Your Swami will come and we will all just sit and chant. I will channel those energy channels. You can then see whatever I am going to pull. That Divine soul has to come in that statue or in the cross. It needs to prove the energy to us, make it bleed. It means that Divine soul is there, making it bleed [15] while you’re observing it.

Student: Could you say it again? It sounds quite important.

Sri Kaleshwar: It is important, not quite. It is important. For example, there is a Ganesh statue. And, after you do the 101 days, we’ll sit and make a fire puja [16]. We’ll make some beautiful Shiva Lingam [17] made of rock. From that rock, some beautiful fragrance needs to bleed. How is it really possible? It is possible. Today I have a process with the Atma Lingam group. Is it still happening, Clint (Nityaananda)?

Clint (Nityaananda): Ah, yes, Guruji. Yes, that’s right.

Sri Kaleshwar: How many people?

Clint (Nityaananda): Twenty-four or twenty-five.

Sri Kaleshwar:Twenty-five people. How many years back did I give the process to them? 

Clint (Nityaananda): Two and a half years.

Sri Kaleshwar: Two-and-a-half years back I gave the process to them. I promised. I left, 'again, I’ll be here.' I told them to utilize the time. What were they supposed to do, Clint?

Clint (Nityaananda): To have a Shiva Lingam manifest from the sand. Sand turning into a Shiva Lingam and then that Shiva Lingam will bleed or something will come out from that Shiva Lingam.

Sri Kaleshwar: It will bleed the amrutam [18]––honey nectar. Today we are going to do that process with 25 people. It has nothing to do with me. Just I am an instrument. (NOTE: The miracle process that took place at teh DLHC with Sri Kaleshwar the night after this public talk is recounted here)

Student: Do we need to make this thing ourselves? You said get it and then you said make it. When do we make it?

Sri Kaleshwar: After you finish the 101 days of the process I will give a call, “Hey, I am here.” Anytime I can call, “I am here, please come.” We will make a one or two day camping. One day you will see and punch it. Come everybody. We’ll choose somebody to cut the wood or whatever it is. Then you’ll experience that. For certain things you need to make sure in your heart it is open. Open your heart. You understand? Can you chant one time? (All students chant mantra outloud together)

Sri Kaleshwar: Good. There are still amazing divine souls––maharshis, gurus, saptapurushas, diviatmas [19] –– in the Nature still. They don’t want to go back to their next life. They’re really just enjoying in the Cosmic. You might think once you’re done with this life and you die you don’t have a next life. To some people yes, it’s true. But, some people are still hanging in the Nature. And, some people are hanging as a kind of spirit. I’m serious. You’re 40, 50, 60 years-old and you think that is the reality. 

Brahma Consciousness is always your well wisher; a security guard to your soul. When you are in the physical body opening certain channels you can communicate with some divine souls. Then when you leave from your body, it makes it easier for you to balance. When you are in the body you feel totally comfortable understanding Nature’s up and downs. Do you understand?

Student: I’m sorry, maybe I should take some elementary courses but what do you mean when you say the Brahma Consciousness? What does that mean?

Sri Kaleshwar: It’s a good question.

Student: Do you mean like an angel?

Sri Kaleshwar: No, it’s not angel. It’s a security guard that’s in you all the time.

Sri Kaleshwar: No to your soul... its not an angel. Its a security guard that is all the time with you.  

Student: If your Brahma Consciousness is weak, does that make you more susceptible to the dark side and evil things?

Sri Kaleshwar: Yes, yes...

Lisa Rabbit: So when the Brahma Consciousness is fighting with our soul, then we’re having bad dreams? 

Sri Kaleshwar: Your receiving bad dreams? All the time receiving the bad dreams means...

Lisa: Ok, so it means that I’m not taking good enough care of my Brahma Consciousness?

Sri Kaleshwar: Yes. Once when your are chanting this prayer, within one hour you reached... just 60 minutes. Today we are starting fire puja, then its really standard (purification started). After fire puja im going to fix (Brahma Consciousness) to everybody, give shaktipat [20] and make it.

Lora Stone: What is the relationship of soul and Brahma Consciousness, does it travel with the soul each life? The soul is one thing moving from life to life, is the Brahma Consciousness separate each lifetime?

Sri Kaleshwar: Let me put it this way. Some people have really great good karma, some people’s karma is normal, some super normal, some people have super tragedy, and some people are super happy. For example, in this lifetime, my Brahma Consciousness is very strong and I have good control on my soul. So far, I created super willpower, soul power. I did the job. Then next time I come, I’m choosing the most powerful Brahma Consciousness. Choosing one style, create your own Brahma Consciousness. That’s another stage. It’s like a cocoon. Then it really wants to come out. It cannot, it stays in it. Done. The whole system of our body is like that.

The psychiatric doctors think all the time that’s it’s some hormone defect. I understand. I accept that. But they need to see some angle of meditation, some prayers, and check that, too. But one day they’ll come to that point, too. Especially, on Full Moon timings, sorry for women it’s a little bumpy. Does it make sense, Clint (Nityaananda)? You’re doctor. Be honest.

Clint (Nityaananda): Yes, it’s true, Guruji. Yes.

Sri Kaleshwar: During Full Moon and New Moon timings, they go a little high energetically.

Mutyam (Elena Christova): If you don’t have dreams or you don’t remember them, what does that mean about your Brahma Consciousness?

Sri Kaleshwar: It is just very quiet. It is very quiet. Its going out and its doing its own journey.

Student: How does the Brahma Consciousness interact with the illusions?

Sri Kaleshwar: The soul is bringing the illusions.

Student: After you do the 101 days, would we ever need to do the 101 days again in the future or do we just do it one time only?

Sri Kaleshwar: You can keep continuing it. Minimum is 101 days. 

Student: I am still confused. Do we make our own statue? I didn’t understand that.

Sri Kaleshwar: For example, we are all gathered here today. They brought some sand. What type of sand is it?

Ramakrishna (Mark Jenkins): River sand from the bottom of a river.

Sri Kaleshwar: Explain about the Dwarkamai Shiva Lingam and what is this one is.

Ramakrishna (Mark Jenkins): In Swami’s ashram (Penukonda, India), there is Dwarkamai, a small, very powerful, meditation place. A few years back some students got some sand and filtered it, and left it inside the Dwarkamai. I think it was about 101 days. And then two students, one of them is here, went inside with Swami and created a Shiva Lingam from that sand. The sand was from a river, brown sand, from that sand the Shiva Lingam turned like an emerald. Then it started to bleed amrutam. It kept bleeding amrutam so much it went across the floor, and we col-lected it and shared with everyone. Still on certain Full Moon timings and special processes it bleeds by itself. Swami calls it a Jyoti Lingam. Jyoti means light. It’s one type of lingam. There’s only one Shiva Lingam like that in the planet right now. That is same process he’s offering to us here in Laytonville.  (NOTE: The miracle process that took place at teh DLHC with Sri Kaleshwar the night after this public talk is recounted here)

Sri Kaleshwar: One group, 25 people, of course they did a lot of hard work.. So the point here is youre chanting this prayer for 101 days, making your soul strong. Youre inviting the divine souls in you, whatever they want to bless you. After 101 days, your healing capacity will raise, you can do healings, and you can help many people with depression and a lot of blocks. You can give shaktipat. 

It’s your duty to pull Swami making me to come here after the 101 days. We can stay in a pleasant peaceful area to make the process done. This is the first level; one of your strong processes. You need to have a strong groupism [21] together, communicating with each other, and receiving the messages I am giving from India. You really need to be like a soul family, through thick and thin, having a strong, good friendship bond.

On some Guru Days, I used to give messages [22]. I communicated some teachings. Just go through these messages. Whenever I am coming here, you’ll receive a message. Communicate the message to your friends, organizing yourselves to gather together. I’m saying, whoever you call a difficult character, I am very difficult, very hard character. Same time, once if you make me come here, I’m something different. Do you know what I am saying?

Student: No.

Sri Kaleshwar: Clint (Nityaananda), they want to hear about my character.

Clint (Nityaananda): Well, you’re the most generous and giving person I have ever met. And you’re also extremely sharp. On the points that are important, there is no compromise and there is no mercy there.

Sri Kaleshwar: It’s important. You need to do something great. 

The second prayer you can share with any of your friends. You can give it to your friends and your family members for any type of problem they are carrying. Let them chant the prayer.


Mantra to Bring Peace and Heal Problems

om mama, om mama, om mama

aatma sukhi bhava 

sukhi bhava sukhi bhava 

aatma shaanti shaanti shaanti 

aavaaham aavaaham aavaaham


Sri Kaleshwar: Clear? This one anybody can chant in your car, or when you’re on the flight. You can hand it out to some of your friends. If they’re having any problem, just you bless them with this prayer.

Student: Any time of day, we can do this one?

Sri Kaleshwar: Yes, this one you can do anytime, anywhere, any place. Try to chant it as much as you can, pleasantly. These are really, really, really top prayers. You can experience them. Use them as much as you have peaceful time.

Student: I understand that you’re saying that the Brahma Consciousness is the protector for the soul when it is leaving the body. Is the first prayer to contain the soul in the body or is it to protect the soul while it is outside the body?

Sri Kaleshwar: You will experience after 101 days. I don’t want to give any illusions here. Let me do my job with your soul. Let you do your job to your soul. After 101 days, what the Divine soul will do to all our souls, that’s what we’ll see. Your duty is to pull me if you’re really interested after 101 days to watch the fun. Then we’ll go to the next stage. 

So, you have 15 minutes break now. Then we are going to near fire pit and sit very quietly and relaxed. Then you’re taking your prayer, gently chanting it aloud, all together with one rhythm. And, somebody should keep putting ghee and offering it in the fire, with some flowers and some fruits. Just keep watching the fire the whole time with your two eyes. Once you set that, you have no permission to close your eyes even if it’s super smoky, this and that. You can stand or you can sit, you can keep walking, but you have to keep watching the fire. 

Brahma (Carl Neyman): So we’re doing the first prayer?

Sri Kaleshwar: First prayer. Then after it’s all done, everybody needs to do pradakshina around the fire five times. And, make a pledge––that is the most important thing.

The pledge means you’re doing some service. My desire, what I want from you guys, every week you should go to some hospital, or orphans’ home, or old-age home to spend one hour time with them. If you have a hundred dollars in your pocket, spend ten dollars for them. If you don’t have the time to do that then do any kind of service for one hour to anyone who really needs help, or is super sick. From Sunday to Sunday, in one week a minimum of one hour you have to. It is an order. If you want something, I need from you this. If you can’t do service, just you go and put a little money there. And, with the second prayer, you just chant it, bless them, and come back. You understand? Make sure you do this. You never know if one day you’ll get any type of problems, sickness, some tragedy. As a human kind, you need to give love to the human kind. God has blessed you with some great thing. Go and just give that love and spend some time there. Promise?

Students: Promise. 

Sri Kaleshwar: Double promise? 

Students: Yes. 

Sri Kaleshwar: Let’s go. Take a 15-minute break. I’ll see you near the fire pit.


The Pledge

(Sri Kaleshwar instructs Dr. Clint Thompson (Nityaananda) to help the students with their pledge.)

Clint (Nityaananda): They are going to allow me to understand the capacity and real reason the soul came into Creation, in a body, and how to use my soul. So, in return, I’m pledging to do the mantra the way Swami said. I am pledging to do it everyday for 101 days in the right time. I am pledging to do my best. I’m pledging to do service and try to help people more. And, actually do at least one hour of just pure service per week. And, if you’re giving anything, you’re pledging to give this in gratitude to that Divine soul who happens to be in a body with us right now. So, that’s a personal kind of dialogue between each of us and the Divine.

Swami loves to work with the groups. And, I can say for sure, there are many people here who have been in a lot of processes with Swami and groups. And, we’ve seen ups and we’ve seen downs and we’ve seen successes. So, I hope those of you who are new to the group process in spirituality, can give us poetic license, we’re really going to be doing our best to help the groupism from the beginning in whatever way we can. We have satsang [23] here every week on Sunday in this temple. We do public fire pujas every full moon in Laytonville. These are both open to the public. If you are able to come, these are two opportunities a demonstration of groupism because nobody in this group will succeed by themselves. So, I’ll stop talking. So let’s go over the mantra very quickly and then we’ll start. 

At the Fire Puja

(Fire puja started with chanting the Guru Mantra, Ganesh Mantra, and Gayatri Mantra three times each. Everyone chanted the mantra about 30 minutes while looking into the fire as Sri Kaleshwar gave shaktipat to each person. At the close of the fire puja, Sri Kaleshwar chanted.)

shanti shanti shantihi 

loka samasta sukheeno bhavantu 

loka samasta sukheeno bhavantu 

loka samasta sukheeno bhavantu 

om shanti shanti shantihi


Sri Kaleshwar: Close your eyes for two minutes. Think deeply of your wish––what you want in your life.


shanti shanti shantihi 

loka samasta sukheeno Bhavantu 

loka samasta sukheeno Bhavantu 

loka samasta sukheeno Bhavantu 

om shanti shanti shantihi


(Sri Kaleshwar breaks a coconut.) 


Sri Kaleshwar: With your two hands, touch the ground. Then try to do pradakshina five times around the fire. I’ll see you after 101 days. 

Students: Thank you, Swami. 

Sri Kaleshwar: Thank you.


1  Being in the bliss; being blessed with bliss.
2  A developed state of awareness where all things, either good or bad, are perceived and experienced as equal; a state of spiritual equanimity.
3  “Om”, the seed word, like a skeleton symbol, from which every energy arises; a greeting word used at the beginning of mantras. Chanting these mantras in the beginning of a teaching or endeavor brings divine energy and success to our effort. 
4  The Guru Mantra calls on the help of the master; the Ganesh Mantra calls on Ganesh to remove obstacles and bring protection; the Gayatri Mantra prays for the blessings and grace of Mother Divine. 
5   The good and the bad consequences of our actions.
6   Sexual and desire energy.
7   Pull it into them.
8   Our best well-wisher, the guardian of our soul; the aspect of our awareness that mediates between the mind and the soul; ultimately gives full command of the mind and strong force to your soul. It directs energy to the soul then implements right action through willpower; developed through your meditation power and by receiving transmissions of spiritual energy from your master.
9   Willpower; divine intention. 
10 Literally the seat of the guru; the third eye, the doorway to the soul.
11 A spiritual practice of circumambulating a holy spot, or statue, to receive its blessings and energy.
12 Sri Kaleshwar is giving the meaning of some of parts of the mantra. 
13 Seed, source; a syllable of a mantra containing the essence of the deity to which it belongs. 
14 Rosary; a string of 108 prayer beads (plus one guru bead) made of auspicious seeds such as rudraksha or lotus, used for counting in japa, mantra repetition, then becoming a personal power object charged with the cosmic energy of your sadhana.
15 Ooze a liquid created through a divine energy process. 
16 A religious ceremony: an offering to God, either mentally or physically with fire, water, incense, fruits, flowers, etc.
17 An oval shaped stone that is worshipped as a representation of Shiva, the Divine Father’s, form. Its shape represents Shiva’s infinite consciousness, you cannot tell where it begins or where it ends. 
18 Divine nectar, a liquid created through a miraculous process which contains the highest healing energy.
19 Powerful divine souls
20 Transmission of shakti, or divine spiritual energy, from one soul to another, through the grace of the Guru Parampara, like one candle lighting another.
21 Group unity.
22 Sri Kaleshwar would periodically send messages to students and seekers around the world during his lifetime. They contained spiritual teachings as well as deeper insights into world events and sometimes predictions about future occurrences. These messages contained practical and encouraging spiritual advice to help us in our daily lives.
23 In the company of the truth; a gathering, community, where people come together to experience the listen to and research on the truth.

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