from the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar

Expecting everything to be a perfect huge success in your life, who carries this block, there’s no chance.  Even if someone keeps on helping you, how long, how far can a person help you unless you program yourself?  You have to program yourself.  To wash certain blocks, you’re the best master for yourself.

The master is talking to one beautiful woman.  If you get jealousy, ‘Why is Swami talking to so and so all the time.  Why is he not talking to me? I keep on trying to talk to Swami, but he never even looks at me.’  Having jealousy on her or having jealously on anyone, that’s a huge block.  You have to simply surrender, ‘Ok it’s not time for me.  Maybe something is making a wall.  Whenever he’s ready, fine.’ You have to openly accept that, not even taking it personally or feeling it. Clint (Nityaananda), does it make sense to you?  Are you still also carrying the jealousy?

Nityaananda: Yes, I’m carrying it.  It’s small but it’s still there if I grow it in my mind, if I pay attention to those thoughts – sure.  But it has to do with what you said.  I don’t know where these thoughts come from.  I’m so happy when they’re completely gone.  But until that moment, when they come, it’s a matter of discipline, mental discipline.  What do I believe in more – love or fear?  It’s really that question.  

Swami: So?

Nityaananda: I’m choosing love.

Swami: Once you’re totally following the love, ‘Ok, whatever it is, it is, wonderful,’ then it really helps, it really, really helps your process to take off.  




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