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We need your love and support! Help us to create a stable financial floor under the Center’s operations by making a monthly recurring donation of any amount.

Swami Kaleshwar wanted his students to support the Divine Lineage Healing Center. He said, “That’s everybody’s... job - to protect that place in a beautiful way”. For Swami’s full comments please watch the video below.

Sri Kaleshwar sent a video message from in the Baba Mandir in Penukonda, India, to us at the Divine Lineage Healing Center, Laytonville, CA. This was before the Maheshwari (Divine Mother) Initiation.


Even a small monthly recurring donation will help. It is of huge importance to Swami and all of us that the ancient knowledge and his teachings keep flowing into the world. Your support means a lot to the mission and to all the people living and working at the Center. Join with your loving monthly recurring donation and make the difference! 

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With love and gratitude,
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 Two of many testimonials of people benefiting from the work of the Center:  

"The past few years I have been spending more and more time at the Divine Lineage center learning more about the knowledge and participating in powerful high energy processes. I keep getting pulled back because of how these channels and their purity of the teachings are affecting me and everyone around me. There have been so many beautiful experiences that I have personally had myself. I have nothing but high praise and much gratitude for all the loving souls there who are doing their divine work and holding the energy in such a positive and caring way." - Donor Testimonial

"I don't think words could convey how important Divine Assistants International has been to my life, my personal and spiritual growth. I have been participating with Divine Lineage Healing Center for about 4 years now and my life has changed so much. I have grown and healed in ways I never thought possible. I found God. I am a healer and I have learned healing techniques which I use daily to help others. It is a beautiful organization." - Healer Testimonial  


Free Download!

In honor of Guru Purnima, we are providing here a free downloadable PDF of Sri Kaleshwar’s teachings, The Guru Parampara and You.

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