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By Robin Strayhorn, BA


I'm very happy to be a part of this process ('Miracle of Sai' remote meditation program) with everyone as I have been reading the Sri Sai Satcharita for many years. I love hearing & discussing Baba's stories and have noticed just how much he's active in my own life. Below I'm posting a Baba story I experienced the first year I heard of him.

Within my first year of discovering Swamiji Kaleshwar in 2006, I attended a social event at a friend’s house. While there, I met a woman who showed up to do psychic readings for people. I spoke with her briefly although I didn’t get a reading from her. The very next day, I was walking in Chinatown in downtown Los Angeles and happened to run into that same woman. We ended up talking for a bit and I decided to invite her to my artist loft, which was close enough for us to walk to. As I was showing her some artwork, she noticed my photographs of Swami Kaleshwar and Shirdi Sai Baba on a table near the window and seemed very excited to see Baba. She then began to tell me of how she had recently traveled to India and while visiting one city, she ended up getting lost and had no idea how to get back to her hotel. It was dark out and she was alone at the time, feeling very vulnerable as a single woman walking down streets in a somewhat desolated area of town. She even said she was crying, inwardly asking for help. She soon noticed an older man with a beard approaching her, kindly leading her to a main street and directing her to where she needed to go. She was extremely thankful that he had helped her out -- and in such a timely manner, though he soon disappeared. The next day while shopping at a store, she saw a picture of the same man who had helped her the previous evening. She excitedly asked the store owner who he was, hoping to find him to thank him again. The shop owner told her that she had been visited by Shirdi Sai Baba and that he was no longer in physical form. She was quite amazed by this, just as I was amazed by her story.

When she shared this with me I was very new to Swami & Baba and had never heard a story like that before. I hadn’t yet been introduced to the Sri Sai Satcharitra so there was a lot to discover about Baba. In hindsight, I can see how Baba was using that woman to arouse my interest in finding out more about him. I thought of how strange it was that I met this woman one day at someone’s home (where I almost canceled my attendance) and then ran into her again the very next day in a city as large as Los Angeles. Somehow I knew it wasn’t by chance, and of course now I know that Baba was starting to make me more aware of his presence in my life. This is also a great testament of how Baba needs no one to promote him. He just appears to whomever he wants, leaves an impression, and then uses that person to later pull in someone else. He’s so infinitely creative!


Another Baba Story:

A couple of years ago in mid-2014, I was a few hours outside of Los Angeles and my predicament was such that I had to catch a train back to LA, but didn’t have enough money to make it home. I had a ticket for the longer segment of the journey but not enough to make it all the way back. I was a bit worried and at the last moment before leaving, a friend gave me an old pouch of pennies. Somehow it worked out to where I had just enough funds to buy a ticket for the last train home and had a considerable amount of pennies left. Because I was thankful to Baba for helping me out at the last minute (like he often does), I inwardly made a vow that I’d give the extra pennies away to someone else in need.  

Once I made it to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles, I purchased my final ticket to catch a train that would drop me very close to my house. I soon headed for the Metro train and quickly found a seat. Surprisingly, as soon as I sat down, I looked up and saw an elderly man slightly bent over holding a hat in his hand, walking directly towards me. There were quite a few people on the train but he singled me out and came right up to me with his hat in hand and presented it to me as if it were a bowl. I immediately knew that I was to hand over the pouch of pennies to him. So I gave him the bag of pennies and he walked away without soliciting money from anyone else. In fact he got off the train at the very next stop. 

The train was underground at this point and traveled at a pretty fast speed. A few stops later, it was time for me to exit the train so I got up and walked out to the platform, which was bustling with people. Suddenly there was a bit of commotion behind me and I heard someone say “don’t mind him, he’s crazy”. When I turned around, I was totally shocked to see that the person who was being referred to as crazy, was the same man who I had recently given money to. I was so shocked and confused because I knew that this man had exited the train several stops ago and there was no way he could have made it to that platform. It even felt like he was purposely being disruptive so I would turn around and see that it was him. 

I soon recognized this as a Baba leela and I thought wow, he really made me keep my word and he showed me that there was no need for my initial worries - he demonstrated that he was taking care of me. It also made me think of how in Chp. 33 of Sri Sai Satcharita, Baba promised that he would get fulfilled whatever words a devotee might have uttered. He didn’t waste any time in getting my words fulfilled that day. But most of all, I was so touched that Baba showed up as that man and did it in such a humorous way.


Robin Strayhorn

is a Sai Shakti healer and teacher who studied at Sri Kaleshwar’s Soul University in India during 2007 & 2008. She traveled back and forth to India continuing her studies of the ancient knowledge though 2012. She is a certified teacher of the ancient healing formulas taught by Sri Kaleshwar.  

Robin received a bachelor degree in Political Science/International Relations from University of California, Los Angeles and taught in the Los Angeles Unified School District for 7 years. Additionally, she pursued a career as a professional artist in the public and private realm.

As a Sai Shakti healer in Los Angeles, Robin shares the ancient knowledge with others, gives in person and distance healings, and Divine Baby Blessings to pregnant mothers. For those in the Los Angeles area interested in receiving healings or divine baby blessings. You can contact Robin at

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