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by Zac Thompson

Each year we celebrate the holiday season by helping families in need that surround our county. Mendocino county has an extremely high poverty level, mainly in families with young children. Celebrate with us as we collaborate an entire Christmas dinner for each family to take with them and prepare. Turkey, eggs, butter, stuffing, green beans and cookies for the kids are just a few of the items we provide. We also donate a plastic storage tub for continued use. The families we touch and lives that are changed by this event has caused it to grow each year. Last year we assisted over 75 families across three different cities, over 150 adults and more than 300 children, most requiring delivery, as they have no means of transportation. Donate to this wonderful cause and join us in cheer by continuing to uplift those that need by spreading love, and support.


I Want to Donate a Christmas Basket!

Give the gift of Christmas dinner and provide an entire family with happiness. Christmas Baskets range in price from $66.00 - $87.00 depending on the size of the family. Please consider donating an entire Christmas basket today!


'Tis the Season of Giving and Recieving

The Healthy Start News, December 2016


Zac Thompson

has been a part of the Divine Lineage Healing Center since 2005, taking part in numerous charitable activities in the local community, helping manage the temple grounds and providing program support. Zac is a dedicated full-time father and Bowenwork healing practitioner. As a healer, Zac integrates Sai Shakti healing techniques from the ancient knowledge into his practice. Passionate about both healing and charity work, as Charitable Activities Special Projects Manager he also helps oversee many of the Divine Lineage’s charitable activities including: Supporting Families in Need during the Holidays, and the Center’s year-round programs supporting local food banks and homeless feeding programs in Mendocino County, CA.


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