by Zac Thompson


This year we came together on December 22nd, to hold our annual Christmas Basket Creation for those families in need here in Mendocino County. As poverty levels over the country soar and the divide between middle, lower and below classes surmises to Grand Canyon status, the responsibility to uphold the human race falls upon our shoulders; those of us that have the ability to help, should. If you can afford a banana, there is someone around you who can't. If we can afford a coffee, there is someone around who is cold, and can't. Reach out. Help out.

This year we assisted over 68 families, over 280 people, with 60% of those people being children, majority of them under the age of 13. These families live in 400% poverty or worse, in conditions that were witnessed first hand by the us at DLHC. The Christmas Basket (actually a re-usable Sterilite storage bin) is comprised of everything needed for a wonderful Christmas dinner and then some. It includes but is not limited to: Choice of Turkey or Chickens or Vege Lasagna, stuffing mix, Cranberry Sauce, 5 or 10 lb bag potatoes, onions, green beans, corn, boxes of hot chocolate and cookies (Oreos this year), apples and oranges for the entire family, butter, yams, and many others.

We are very pleased to be able to help and assist these families in need. There is no greater reward than the smile on the faces of many, when something is given whole-heartedly, without the desire or thought of receiving in return. Those that are down, need a hand up, those of us with hands, should grab on and bring us all to a better world.


“Let us love and serve each other and be happy” - Shirdi Sai Baba



Laytonville Group Packs Christmas Baskets for Families

Mendocino County Observer, December 26, 2015




Zac Thompson

has been a part of the Divine Lineage Healing Center since 2005, taking part in numerous charitable activities in the local community, helping manage the temple grounds and providing program support. Zac is a dedicated full-time father and Bowenwork healing practitioner. As a healer, Zac integrates Sai Shakti healing techniques from the ancient knowledge into his practice. Passionate about both healing and charity work, as Charitable Activities Special Projects Manager he also helps oversee many of the Divine Lineage’s charitable activities including: Supporting Families in Need during the Holidays, and the Center’s year-round programs supporting local food banks and homeless feeding programs in Mendocino County, CA.


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