Beyond belief you can know the nature and workings of the energies of creation and God/Divine Mother.  This knowing allows you to move beyond Bhakti to a Shakti engagement in Spirituality.  By engaging the processes of observation, reflection and experimentation you can move through the stages of the illusion. With your knowing of the divine truth and energies you can co create a better world.

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Grief is an inescapable human experience. Just like death.  

I’m of the mind that we have the emotional experience of grief because it allows for so much to be able to happen. It is…it can be, that transformative portal. But not when we handle it too much…We have to give it space. I’ve seen that move in lots of different ways.  

IF we just allow for that energy to enter and we hold a vibration of stillness in its presence then really beautiful things can happen and individuals can have a truly transformative experience…We’ve all heard these stories of individuals who have near-death experiences and they left their bodies or had some experience of their bodies from outside themselves…

Everything in their life changes from that point on…we don’t have to have a near-death experience to be privy to that. We do not. Every time death moves into our circle we have that opportunity. We can have the same experience without being clinically dead…we can touch that and the grieving can touch that.

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I am fond of saying that that the old expression “seeing is believing” should be understood differently from the spiritual perspective as “believing is seeing.”  Definitely, our beliefs guide our perceptions and how and what we can see.  When we believe in God, we can see the evidence of God is everywhere.  

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